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Found 14 results

  1. Hello. Just interested why no one post news in FB page: turboduck ? Last post May 13...
  2. It's around this time of the year (not really) that we ask for feedback from you guys on how you think we're doing and what if anything (say negative things and you get banned) you think or feel we should do better, do less of or do at all. This year and beyond gaming wise should be a good one what with E3 and the next-gen of consoles coming, but not just that as PC should get a big boost from the more PC centric workings of the PS4 and Nextbox so for a change everyone should win! :cool: So here's your chance to talk to us and express your views, opinions and more importantly your recipes for the best bowl of Cornflakes. We're thick feathered so even saying bad and hurtful things is welcomed as we can't learn the bad stuff if you don't tell us. (you'll still be banned of course :cheeky:) Cheers! turboduck team :bparty:
  3. [headline]Donald Where's Your Doontime?[/headline] Hey there, if you had some difficulty visiting us today (or still are and are not able to view this until now) then please accept our apologies. The issue was caused by an expired domain of ours, that domain was tdu-central.com. An old one that many of you will remember us having before we became turboduck, but a domain that we treasure and keep due to it being an integral part of our history. This domain is not just used for rose-tinted look backs though, nope it's also used as our nameserver domain so when it expired without notification (bloody host!) all the servers around the world updated with this and thus you were unable to connect, as the correct routing was not being provided to your browser in order to reach us. Thankfully though, one of our lazy-eyed (cheers Baldy!) staff notified myself about this, as it appears my ISP is incredibly late in updating their DNS and so I was still able to get on and not realise the issue that was going on! :oook: The domain has since been renewed, the nameservers updated and now we just wait for the info to propagate around the world, in a manner that tells when our visitors want our domain, they go via the correct route and reach us as is normal. Again we are very sorry for any inconvenience and low-duck filled viewings you have experienced today due to this. Thanks for reading this and for being a member of our community! :duck: *QWUACK!!* - turboduck team tl;dr: a domain expired which meant your browser had no idea how to reach us.
  4. [headline]Speshul 12 for only $20[/headline] If you didn't know, we have a Premium Membership, and of course it can't just be named something sensible or anything like that thus we named it Speshul. Speshul is basically our way of providing a way for our most loyal and active members to show not only their generous support for our community but also to give them a more enjoyable experience when they visit. As a Speshul member you gain the pleasure of having no ads, now we never aim to have annoying ad placements anyway so we rate this as a small benefit more than anything crazy amazing man! And of course we can't forget the Shiny Badge of Speshulness that will adorn all your posts and your profile too. Other benefits can be found on the Membership page in your User CP under the 'Become Speshul' link or you can click the link here. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask and thanks firstly for even reading this and should any of you take up this offer let me say that I love you VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRYY MUCH!! :glomp: Massive Cheers. Diablo Note: You do not require a PayPal account to purchase a membership, you only need one if you wish to use the automatically recurring option.
  5. Diablo

    turboduck Y U NO... ?

    As I am working away hard on the next look of the :duck: by myself on my lonesome, trapped in a hell I cannot escape it occurred to me that my mind is turning into spaghetti thinking of how to approach this place in the future in how it's structured and laid out. So I'm going to ask you muppets for your thoughts, suggestions, ideas etc and see what works and what will need to be put away till the year 2019. Main areas of interest: * How would you like to see the dedicated game forums laid out? * How would you like to see the Mod Shop laid out? * Would you like us to expand the Mod Shop to other titles? * Is there anything you would like us to do (within reason) to make your stay more pleasant? * ... We ARE glistening so get those thoughts and crosses in while we're alert!
  6. As a Project CARS Manager, one of my perks is having a livery of my choice in the final game. Since I can't think of any good ones that benefit me, the next obvious choice is to make a tduck livery. I'm not asking anyone to actually make this for me (although if you can that would be great :lol:), but rather the purpose of this thread is just to form a design committee to help form the livery from start to finish. Since none of you can view the thread directly I'll have to copy the brief here - just don't spread this out everywhere ok (nothing super secret, it's just in the Manager forum because that's the logical place for it). The tasks as I see them are: 1. Get Diablo's approval/thoughts - done 2. Pick base car/car type (thinking GT3 or street class... maybe one of the yet-to-be-announced Audi's) 3. Pick base car paint colour(s) - done (yellow body, orange bonnet, green roof) 4. Design logos and choose best one, also the main font type and colour turboduck Diablo to provide larger/alternative PSD files 5. Dream up additional sponsor names/logos and/or use existing SMS ones Graham's Goat Washing Someone to create and submit draft logo I <3 Bacon rear ID plate Members to think of a plausibly legitimate business name (not real) and submit draft logos 6. Logo/text/sponsor placement on car 7. Driver Names 8. Car/Driver number - done '07' I'm open to all suggestions (even if you're not artistic you can think of sponsor names that somewhat reflect our heritage and insanity (I forsee a Goat Washing sponsor for instance). Of course Diablo (site/brand owner) and myself (perk owner) can overrule if we feel we have to but I'm hoping this will be a popular community project. Just remember this livery will appear in the final game for you to select and take awesome screenshots of so get involved. *waits for Diablo* Previous examples: Is the Audi theme a coincidence?Diablo to provide larger/alternative PSD files
  7. I was looking through the mods section for TDU2 and it seems some mods threads that were there just a moment ago have left. Or is it just me? For example, spring environment, fall environment and more rain.
  8. Hey all of you! Right listen, we have a site after so long of not having one (god you guys went on and on) and I am trying to do my best to keep this place, that place, my real place and my living place all moving in a fun continuous motion. However I am only 3 people in 1 man and I need help! I have good folk like Ryzza and TDUFREAK, and when he can manage it, Loz, who help with the posting of News and such but I really do need more of you on-board. So if you feel you could take charge of being the main writer for a set game or series as well as are relatively comfortable writing and using web based CMS systems like WordPress (what we use), Joomla, MovableType, Drupal etc then please get in touch and we will string you up and give you a trial and see if you make the bolognese. I'm useless at writing, I can admit that but I am doing this because a) I have to and b) I want to improve in my writing, punctuation and grammar plus it's fun and gets new people to the community and also gets the highly-serious turboduck name out there. :oook: So give me a shout in here or PM and let me know what you would like to take as your own, if we get a decent contingent of people I can start sending out pigeons to PR contacts and get you guys into doors and fridges maybe that will help with your writing about your said subject. Thanks! games Assetto Corsa DRIVECLUB Auto Club Revolution Forza Motorsport 5 Forza Horizon 2 (News - keep an eye out and post about it until it's announced) The Crew BeamNG.drive Next Car Game Grid franchise Dirt franchise Grand Theft Auto V iRacing rFactor 2 NASCAR game World of Speed etc... car stuff Motorshows Motorsports Events Videos TAXTHERICH Top Gear Chris Harris Industry News etc...
  9. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!!! iGP TurboDuck league Essentially this is a free online F1 type racing management game. The guys at ISR love it and it looks like it could be a bit of fun for a bunch of us since you only need a web browser and some car knowlwdge to play :) I've created the TurboDuck league and the password for you all to join is: ihavenoteeth :p Sign up for free and create a 2-car team and join the league and post here once you're done. Watch the of it to get an idea of how it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nhd9CEUFp4 We go racing every Sunday beginning from the 16th of December so you have one week to sign up and start setting up your team and drivers and cars. You can either watch live timing while racing or you can set up your strategy in advance and hope things go to plan. Races use realtime real life weather so be sure to check the forecasts. CURRENT CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS User ----- Team ----- Driver Ryzza5 - Triple R Racing - Danukus Mockus pascallll - Aglet Engineering - Tim Rosberg Speed - Krios One - Evan Ramirez pyrre - GTM - Ingvill Moen T3hReaper - XtremeSpeed - Jacob Smith MrLololol - Dundees Camel Steaks - Chloe White Camel - The Camels - Petteri Saarinen Apu - Red Donkey - Kristaps Kalis & Jowar Jaiteley Shaftweasel - Clueless Racing - Kismet Bata khevolution - Evolution Motorsport - Pedro de Souza (Retiring soon) ScoobSTi - First Gear Motorsports - Matthew Smith Diablo - The Ghinis - Donata Pirlo Santtu - Hopeless Racing Team - Aleksi Koivu Clarence - Skylark Racing - No driver DarkAvenger - No team - No driver Andreaz1 - No team - No driver Soundwave - No team - No driver DanG323i - No team - No driver Ozzmcom - No team - No driver MadMike - No team - No driver SuperDerp - No team - No driver Sponge - No team - No driver TimBud - No team - No driver + everyone else If you see someone on this list tell them to hurry up and join ;) There's also a B league that's optional (as it would require you to create a second account, team, driver, etc) that has races 4 times per week with 2 cars per team enabled. First race is in one week on Monday 11 Feb, with races also on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Doesn't matter if you can't make all of them since it's the main series on Sunday that counts :)
  10. What is 'Woollarding' I hear some of you's ask? Well its posing with your car bonnet up to put it simple. It's named after the original Top gear Presenter William Woollard and the craze started out on a FB group page for classic British cars, and kind of grew from there. Still wont see it referenced in mainstream motoring as of yet, or the 'yoof' doing it. But a few places have pickec up on it...a quick google of it and you'll see. The original picture is this... Bonnet up, foot on the bumper(or on the front of the car if there's no proper bumper space) and looking at the camera like this is the original, but in general posing with the bonnet up and having a leg up class's. Be creative is you can, people have done it with mid-engined cars, forward lifting bonnets and such! So lets get ours kicked off with me & 'Wolf'.. :img: See how many we can get! :)
  11. If you haven't noticed already, our mascot turboduck (or tduck for short) has had an upgrade! He went out this weekend and got his racing license as well as a turbocharger for a body and has ditched the green hat, though he's deliberating whether to have a green helmet or not. What do you think and should he go for the green helmet or not? :duck: and with the green helmet
  12. Now that you're intrigued I have a really exciting announcement to make, are you ready? Ready yet?...... nope okay..... How about now?.......... yes...... Great! Here goes...... Happy New Year!!!!! :duck: Exciting wasn't it! Anyway us here and there and over there and underneath and around the back and in the middle would like to wish you a merry new year! I'll do the normal and thank myself for visiting, you guys for visiting, the squirrels for being just squirrels (they made me type that) and every other animal in our do not touch zoo. It's been a great year with the launch of turboduck and we thank you for your suspenders. We hope you all have a wonderful 2013 and continue to post and share many a exciting thing with us, in fact I'm going to have a bath after I've posted this, how's that for exciting! So go forth and postify, let's keep the insanity going! Bread roll!!! BSRE! Be Stupid Responsibly Eeee Happy new year to all our forum members. All the best to you and your loved ones for 2013 The turboduck team :duck: And a message from our glorious ruler!! And as is tradition here, the drunken New Year message from our insane admin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5x5YdxAZLA
  13. Welcome to turboduck!! Please note there is a few things I still have to do like tweak what's shown to certain visitors and such as well as update or create some new forum icons but for the most part this is turboduck guys, hope you like it! I'll update this with more text after. :lol: :bparty: