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    Found 19 results

    1. Greetings! Over the past week i've learned myself how to make sound mods for TDU and so will you! Anyway let's start with few basics tools you're gonna need; 1. Sony Vegas 17 (If you don't have legal copy, you can always get a free trial which lasts for 30 days, or you can crack it) 2. TDUMT (Test Drive Unlimited Modding Tools) 3. Samples from Video Games! I RECOMMEND GETTING SAMPLES FROM GAMES SUCH AS GRID, DIRT, GTR2, NFS, FORZA etc.. I'M USING SAMPLES FROM GTR2 FROM SIMBIN! BEFORE YOU DO ANY MODDING, PLEASE DO A BACKUP! Befor
    2. Here are some BOV sounds you can replace with the stock BOV in the TDU Engine sounds For you Guys who dont know what a BOV sound is : its the whistling noise your car makes when you let of the throttle ( normaly only on turbocharged cars ) How to Replace them : !!make a Backup of everything if youre not sure what youre doing!! -Download the MiniBNKManager for TDU2 -Unpack the Soundfile of your car (Note: this works only with cars who have a BOV ingame e.g: Audi S3, WRX Sti ,VW Golf ) -Go to your work Directory ( the one that is created by the BNKmanager) -find
    3. I know: It's german. Just wanna show ya, that i make the first tutorial of that! :D I am really proud of it. And i hope it will get many many klicks:D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnPQ-LlpR6M The Same in HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0IgvagEDww
    4. ------------------------------------------- WR2 Multiplayer Tutorial World Racing 2 is playable online, even if Official Servers are shutted down. So, what you mainly need to play it online? 1) Tunngle: http://www.tunngle.net/ 2) Stock "MP Lounge 2" game application Download Tunngle from the official site, make sure it's the last updated version. Then, make an account (it's free). When you have created your own account, on Tunngle, search for a room, in the left corner. Search for "World Racing 2", then join in. After you joined the room, make sure your frie
    5. Hello guys, i got some requests and now present a simple how -to - tutorial. Requirement a hexeditor - I prefer HXD or 010 editor, but use whatever you want. I recommend using hexeditor with 16 byte wide. In example, we using 380GTS Interrior file - Euro\Bnk\vehicules\interiors\308_gts_i.bnk Just open with hexeditor, search string "2DMMATA". Here is start 2DM file - the base structure of 2DM files here. The windshield material commonly used name something 'Glass***' material block. That's all. :duck: I included result, download link below.
    6. Hello everybody, first let me tell you that i love this forum, been lurking since i bought tdu2 like 4 months ago, but now i want to make a sound mod for the koenigsegg, so i have really good samples, and i use as a template/structure for the mod the 458 italia mod by Jorgemodek because i can't manage to edit XMB. So my problem is, i can change "off" sounds and they sound good, but whenever i put a "on" sound in the game it becomes very quiet (really not audible) and full of treble, really dirty, i've tried pcm adpcm 44 48khz etc doesn't seem to change something, tried to set the pitch to the
    7. I have searched a lot for a tutorial to convert forza 3 cars to Tdu2, but i couldn't find anything, so can anyone post a link to video or something, any help is appreciated.
    8. Here is the solution: Get any hex editor from the internet. Copy your online profile before that because what you are about to do could go wrong. Now you start hex editor. Go to tools , then choose file comparison. The program now needs you to confirm the 14 days trial version in some cases. In my case it was for free so i did it. Window comes up with 2 file directories to be selected. The one at the top is your source, playersave 1 file in your online profile, the one below is the destination/aim playersave 1 file in a newly created offline profile, you can call it the same name l
    9. So recently I decided to play TDU 1 again, but was unpleasantly surprised by camera panning in the corners when using cockpit view. I must say I used hood cam back in the day. Searching for camhack resulted in nothing, I was disappointed until I noticed inactive option in controls menu called TrackIR. Enough of the lyrics, here is the way to disable annoying camera movement. To emulate TrackIR you can use program called "GlovePIE". Get it here: http://glovepie.org/glovepie_download.php (I used "GlovePIE 0.43 with Emotiv support" since 0.45 did not work). Extract it, launch GlovePIE.exe and r
    10. Could somebody make a tutorial for License-Plates or is anywhere one?
    11. Right, lets learn some of the basics in PS. I use Photoshop CS3 Extended (the latest, biggest and best :D) in Windows Vista. Even so, most versions are similar, and you should be able to follow the tutorials okay if you use a different version or OS. Anyhows, enough of my rambling, lets get this show on the road... Before we get our way into images, lets get used to Photoshop. So open it up, and look at what you've got. http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x12/randomus_robbius/th_psshot1.jpg 1: Menu Bar. This contains a lot of useful stuff, you'll use it a lot. Make s
    12. Cheers to Warren over at RaceD for this tutorial, It's practically watertight. If you have problems, please don't hesitate to PM me or post a question on the RBR help thread. Installation of RSRBR 2012 Please also read the full Rallyesim Tutorial (translated) linked: Here I have installed this mod many times on different systems (Win XP, Vista, Win 7), and I always follow these basic steps. 1. Install RBR. Windows Vista and Win 7 Users Please note: You need to take some additional precautions when installing RBR. There is a link (translated) to the
    13. I decided to make this tutorial since installing a car is very simple thing once you do it by yourself. People have asked many times from me how to do it. Remember, modding your game might affect to multiplayer functionality. 1. Download SparkIV » This works with v1.0.0.4 2. Use WinRAR software to extract package » Homepage 3. Extract SparkIV directory anywhere you want 4. Open SparkIV 5. Press Browse 6. Scroll down the list and then choose Models » cdimages » Vehicles.img 7. Choose the car you want Sites: » www.gta4mods.com » www.gtainside.com » www.gta-expert.c
    14. Hey guys! I want to learn soundmodding can someone help me? Can someone give me a good tutorial for it or can tell me how I can mod sounds?:confused: I hope someone can help me! greetings
    15. Hi, i tried it once but i failed when i wanted to get the edited files into 1 bnk file again.(help would be awsome :thumbsup:) but it also would be great for anyone else seeing how to do this :). GhostRider
    16. ive searched after this very long but i found nothing. would be nice if u can send a link to a tutorial or smth else :) GhostRider
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