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Found 3 results

  1. Version 2.0.3


    What is new? -Added HDR Support -Modified Road Textures -Modified Vegetation -Rearranged Weather Times of day: -Morning -Midday -Afternoon -Evening Installation: Copy the files from FX folder to Euro/Bnk/FX; Copy the .bnk files to Euro/Bnk/Level/Hawai; Backup your files before replacing them. BONUS TWEAKS: Copy/Edit the lines you want (fx.ini) GRASSENABLED = FALSE (disables the grass and increases FPS) SUNENABLED = FALSE (disables the sun) SPAWNDISTANCES = 1 (disables traffic and increases FPS)
  2. This is a newly revised weathercycle for TDU1. First to mention that in the west, the sun goes down, and again rising in the east. Yes, exactly, this of course means that a night mode is included. The streets and buildings are still good to see. It is a 6 day cycle in which every day is individually designed. The color of the sun, the nebula, the clouds, and their reflections on the car, change depending on the time of day and weather conditions. This concerns also the light which shines inside the interior. This means that the amature slightly shimmers in the corresponding color of the sun or of the clouds, it depends, what applies also for street lighting. The sun remains usually white to yellow in the evening, as the clouds appear of that type sunorange, depending on humidity and temperature. benefits: sunset in the West, sunrise in the East, sun color changes depending on the time of day, car interiors and reflecting parts outside shine gently according to the color of the Sun, brilliance and sharpness of the reflections on the carpaint change relative to time ( morning dew on the paint reduces the sharpness for example ), correct colors of weather mirroring in the windows, night with dark blue sky ( roads and buildings are good to see what makes the whole thing driveable ), add : no shadow bug anymore, sunrays, windspeed set lower at all times, so powercables and trees are not swinging too much anymore, this way performance is better too, the size of the sun is a bit bigger in the morning and evening, 6 day cycle with 8 times ( sunrise, morning, early midday, late midday, afternoon, evening, young night, late night ) differently designed , works with and without hdr activated , colour of shining from the road corresponds to the time of day, since 20.12.2012 : you can choose between 4 glowmodes for the hdr mode, ( Starglow, Normalglow, Everyglow, and Noglow ), car colours are not too yellow anymore, no clean white, i call it "romantic white" :-) , all arround adjusted colours ( fog, roads, grass, trees, sky, clouds ) no comiclike ducktales look anymore, sorry for the evenings in hdr, the clouds are too bright, it is like that cause it was when i wanted to release this update on a special cool date like 20.12.2012 . In not before 100 years possible again ! ( fixed in an update 13.04.2013 ) I continue this mod as i know some things don't look as good as wanted, hehe. A nice example of what you can expect is, orange sunrise, sunyellow morning, cyan blue lunch with slightly sunyellow clouds going over in a light blue day with white clouds azure to deep purple with sunnyorange to darkorange clouds before it is night then. I take something back from my words in the readme. You need all data from the download. Otherwise the weather will be too bright. TDU said this month not to be online available anymore. Due to this, I am just saying, i would pay for playing TDU monthly. This edition is dedicated to all who are well disposed towards me, and those who just know that TDU1, from a riding point of view, still has much more to offer than the second part. I hope that this weather will help and be my part of keeping this game alive. The community deserves it to be able to play online at least as a paytoplay version, although sometimes rough on Atari is scolded. Well, enough written. Enjoyreleasebutton ( updated 13.04.2013 ) : http://www.file-upload.net/download-8769186/Wetter-2013.rar.html Prereleasebutton , 4 days and nights, 2 days less, because moon integrated ( 16.06.2014 ) : File-Upload.net - Wetter-2014.rar So, incycled moon finally arrived for TDU 1. Working in high and low resolution. Prerelease, because only working for normal glow yet. Including a slightly adjusted sunmodel, wich is smoother, but bright and powerful. Street looks wet now at rainy day. Previous, by my mod caused, yellowish tone of the street, dirt, grass and trees, at midday, is gone, and they, are lightened up a bit. I adjusted the fx a bit, so reflections on the cars look even more beautiful ... from my point of view they do. For faster showing of all days and nights, open weatherdesc.ini , and set timescale to 213, then save, not safe as, because otherwise editor changes fileformat. Tell me what you, or don't like in it. Lot of fun guys and girls ;-) . Update, internal view weather, only for 4 day version with moon, 30.06.2015 . ( The weather outside is now visible from inside buros, cartraders, houses, and flats also. ) I've yet got to do a special night weather for these places. This is coming in another update. Painters, and garages, are not influented. At first load of this, it worked for the painters, but then not anymore, don't know why yet. So long, here you go. : http://www.file-upload.net/download-10731059/update-wetter-2015.rar.html [ATTACH]20396[/ATTACH] yes the engine is maranello yellow :-) The pictures are at first normal resolution , in order from night + morning to evening + rainy day , inside post nr.: 4 for hd resolution in normal glow. [ATTACH]20397[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20398[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20399[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20400[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20401[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20402[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20403[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20404[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20405[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20406[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20407[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20408[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20409[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20410[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20411[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20412[/ATTACH] picture of the moon (only in 4 day&night version) [ATTACH]20448[/ATTACH] Thank you for 20000 views :-). Very special for me... . As the full version is letting waiting for itself, i decided to release the ''million clicks mod'' ( summergreen addon ) . It is the original plant textures, colour adjusted, and contrast set up to circa 13%. It works independently from the weather, but i included my weatheredition with better settings for sun, grassupbuilding, and saturation, and my reflection amplifier for the ocean. ( should be the same like here ) . final version of it : [ATTACH]27603[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27606[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27605[/ATTACH] rainy day [ATTACH]27604[/ATTACH] Released - DJoyTinnio ''Million Clicks mod'' | turboduck forum This edition is my work, whose copyright remains at Atari and Eden Games. So the exactly same laws apply, which can be found on the original packaging of the game "Test Drive Unlimited" .
  3. View File [TDU 1] HD Realistic Graphics Mod + Textures (Low PC Compatible) What is new? -Added HDR Support -Modified Road Textures -Modified Vegetation -Rearranged Weather Times of day: -Morning -Midday -Afternoon -Evening Installation: Copy the files from FX folder to Euro/Bnk/FX; Copy the .bnk files to Euro/Bnk/Level/Hawai; Backup your files before replacing them. BONUS TWEAKS: Copy/Edit the lines you want (fx.ini) GRASSENABLED = FALSE (disables the grass and increases FPS) SUNENABLED = FALSE (disables the sun) SPAWNDISTANCES = 1 (disables traffic and increases FPS) Submitter stoplookingmypic Submitted 11/15/2021 Category Environment  
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