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Found 25 results

  1. Due to so many requests I would like to present the easiest way to add support for miscellaneous wheels and gamepads. You will need: TXT editor tdudec http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers/tdudec.zip bat scripts for tdudec http://www.mediafire.com/download/umq6q3oi3vmifkk/tdudec_bat.7z USBDeview http://nirsoft.net/utils/usbdeview.zip Then: Extract tdudec.exe and scripts into main game directory Run USBDeview, double click on your device Write down ProductID and VendorID Close USBDeview Backup orginal DevicesPC.cpr Drag file DevicesPC.cpr over DecryptCpr.bat (new file DevicesPC.cpr.txt will be created) Open DevicesPC.cpr.txt in text editor. It should look like this: [settings] //------------------- Help Controls FUGLYX360PADDETECTION 0 HIDDefaultConfig "289045E-0-0-00-504944564944" "Microsoft XBOX Pad" "DeviceXBOXPad.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "28E045E-0-0-00-504944564944" "Microsoft X360 Pad" "DeviceX360Pad.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C299046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB" "DeviceLogitechG25.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C29A046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech Driving Force GT USB" "DeviceDrivingForceGT.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C298046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech Driving Force Pro USB" "DeviceDrivingForcePro.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C295046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech Momo Force USB" "DeviceMomoForce.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C29B046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB" "DeviceLogitechG27.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C216046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech Dual Action USB" "DeviceLogitechDualActionUSB.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "B653044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster RGT FFB Clutch" "DeviceThrustmasterRGT_FFB_Clutch.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "B65A044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster F430 FFB" "DeviceThrustmasterF430_FFB.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "B311044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3" "DeviceThrustmasterDualAnalog3.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "1970EB7-0-0-00-504944564944" "Porsche Wheel" "DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "30920E8F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Subsonic Racin'Pro" "DeviceSubsonicRacinPro.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "B65E044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel" "DeviceThrustmasterT500RS.xmb" UseSteerControl = 1 DefaultSeatPosition = -0.2 -0.4 // FrontBack UpDown min -1 Max +1 CameraDeadZone = 0.3 //0.3 FFB_Factor 1.0 FFB_SlipAngle 1 0.1 0.6 FFB_SlipAngle 2 0.3 1.0 FFB_SpeedFactor 1 5 0.0 FFB_SpeedFactor 2 10 0.8 FFB_SpeedFactor 3 100 1.0 FFB_LoadFromAccel -1.0 0.0 0.75 FFB_LoadFactor 1.0 0.9 0.8 [Control_Driving] // FlashList => controls_pc_driving AddAction "CAR_ACCEL" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "UP" AddAction "CAR_BRAKE" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "DOWN" AddAction "CAR_LEFT" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "LEFT" AddAction "CAR_RIGHT" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "RIGHT" AddAction "CAR_HBRAKE" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "LSHIFT" AddAction "CAR_CLUTCH" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "LCTRL" AddAction "BIKE_LIE_DOWN" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "A" AddAction "BIKE_SEAT_UP" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "Q" AddAction "CAR_GUP" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "SPACE" AddAction "CAR_GDOWN" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "LALT" AddAction "CAR_GREV" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G1ST" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G2ND" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G3RD" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G4TH" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G5TH" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G6TH" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G7TH" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_CAMERA" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "C" AddAction "CAR_BACKVIEW" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "V" AddAction "CAR_LIGHT" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "ENTER" AddAction "CAR_HORN" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "H" AddAction "CAR_WINDOWS" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "W" AddAction "CAR_RIGHT_BLINKER" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_0" AddAction "CAR_LEFT_BLINKER" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "RCTRL" AddAction "BACK_ON_TRACK" 0 "B" "Keyboard" "0" "B" AddAction "REMOVE_GPS_TARGET" 0 "H" "Keyboard" "0" "G" [Control_Walkmode_Avatar] // FlashList => controls_pc_walkmode // 1st/3rd person controls AddAction "AVT_MOVE_LEFT" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "LEFT" AddAction "AVT_MOVE_RIGHT" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "RIGHT" AddAction "AVT_MOVE_FORWARD" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "UP" AddAction "AVT_MOVE_BACKWARD" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "DOWN" AddAction "AVT_RISE_ZOOM_IN" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "PAGE_UP" AddAction "AVT_LEAN_ZOOM_OUT" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "PAGE_DOWN" AddAction "CHAT" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "T" AddAction "AVT_EMOTES" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "INS" AddAction "AVT_LOOK_LEFT" 1 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "AVT_LOOK_RIGHT" 1 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "AVT_LOOK_UP" 1 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "AVT_LOOK_DOWN" 1 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "AVT_SWITCH_VIEW" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "END" AddAction "MAP" 1 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "M" AddAction "RADIO_CHANNEL" 1 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "1" AddAction "RADIO_VOL_LESS" 1 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "2" AddAction "RADIO_VOL_MORE" 1 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "3" AddAction "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES1" 1 "F" "Keyboard" "0" "INS" AddAction "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES2" 1 "F" "Keyboard" "0" "HOME" AddAction "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES3" 1 "F" "Keyboard" "0" "SUP" AddAction "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES4" 1 "F" "Keyboard" "0" "END" [Menu] // ingame menus controls AddAction "MENU_LEFT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "LEFT" AddAction "MENU_RIGHT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "RIGHT" AddAction "MENU_UP" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "UP" AddAction "MENU_DOWN" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "DOWN" AddAction "ACCESSORIES_LEFT" 2 "G" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_4" AddAction "ACCESSORIES_RIGHT" 2 "G" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_6" AddAction "ACCESSORIES_UP" 2 "G" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_8" AddAction "ACCESSORIES_DOWN" 2 "G" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_2" AddAction "MENU_VALIDATE" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "ENTER" AddAction "MENU_BACK" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "BACKSPACE" AddAction "MENU_PAUSE" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "ESC" AddAction "MENU_OPTION_1" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "X" AddAction "MENU_OPTION_2" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "Y" AddAction "MENU_HELP" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "H" AddAction "MENU_SORT_INVERT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "END" AddAction "MENU_SORT_LEFT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "SUP" AddAction "MENU_SORT_RIGHT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "PAGE_DOWN" // on-map controls AddAction "MAP_LEFT" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "LEFT" AddAction "MAP_RIGHT" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "RIGHT" AddAction "MAP_UP" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "UP" AddAction "MAP_DOWN" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "DOWN" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_LEFT" 2 "E" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_RIGHT" 2 "E" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_UP" 2 "E" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_DOWN" 2 "E" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_ZOOMIN" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_MINUS" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_ZOOMOUT" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_PLUS" // stereo // ensure hotkeys for this : will avoid the vast majority of rants about bindings AddAction "TOGGLE_STEREO" 2 "S" "Keyboard" "0" "LSHIFT" AddActionAnd "TOGGLE_STEREO" "Keyboard" "0" "F1" AddAction "DISTORSION_DOWN" 2 "S" "Keyboard" "0" "LSHIFT" AddActionAnd "DISTORSION_DOWN" "Keyboard" "0" "F2" AddAction "DISTORSION_UP" 2 "S" "Keyboard" "0" "LSHIFT" AddActionAnd "DISTORSION_UP" "Keyboard" "0" "F3" // groups inter-exclusions // stereoscopic vision keys musn't be used for anything else //ActionsExclusions "SA SB SC SD" END After this line HIDDefaultConfig "B65E044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel" "DeviceThrustmasterT500RS.xmb" add HIDDefaultConfig "[YourProductID][YourVendorID]-0-0-00-504944564944" "Your Device name in TDU2" "YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb" where [YourProductID] is a PID of your device, [YourVendorID] is a VID of your device and YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb is a config file TDU2 will be using for your device. It might be existing xmb file, or new (if new you will need to copy and rename existing config anyway) For example, if you have Fanatec CSW your ProductID is 38E and VendorID is 0EB7. You should add this line to the file: HIDDefaultConfig "38E0EB7-0-0-00-504944564944" "Fanatec CSW" "DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb" Save your file then drag DevicesPC.cpr.txt over EncryptCpr.bat. Replace DevicesPC.cpr with new DevicesPC.cpr.txt.cpr Hardest part is done. Now you need to find a config file that will fit. For example if you have Fanatec wheel the wise choice would be to use Fanatec 911 config. To do this copy DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb and rename to DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb. If you have other device procedure is similar but different xmb might work better and you rename it to YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb instead of DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb :). Be aware that config xmb you use for your device was not created for it. That means you might need to bind buttons by yourself but FFB should work. Please if you successfully added new device post your device ProductID, VendorID and the xmb you have chosen to use. I will be updating this post with new devices and might add them to UnoficialPatch. Fanatec CSW (with Fanatec911TurboS config): HIDDefaultConfig "38E0EB7-0-0-00-504944564944" "Fanatec CSW" "DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb"
  2. this way of doing the wheel resizing is really tricky : maybe there is a different way, who knows ? or please somebody to give me more details about this tricky way of wheel resizing, to give me a general and more simple explanation
  3. The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia I had ordered was delivered today and I was excited to finally play some driving games properly as my previous wheel broke down a while ago. My favorite driving game, for the reason of being a fan of Top Gear UK, is Test Drive Unlimited. The very last thing I expected to be problematic about the wheel is the compatibility as it was claimed that it has full Xbox360 and PC support. Turns out that the xbox compatibility is creating a PC compatibility problem. When I go to the control settings menu in the game and I attempt to assign anything to the wheel absolutely nothing happens. The game appears not to even acknowledge that a controller is present. I read about the problem and it turns out Test Drive Unlimited is notorious for having compatibility problems with some xbox-compatible controllers. The reason for that, I figure, is that those devices generate Xinput rather than DirectInput, which is what a standard controller generates. I tried, then, to convert one into the other with the use of the x360ce emulator, which is, as far as I can figure out, supposed to do just that. I put the executable in the game folder, I run it as administrator, I click ok to the two question boxes that ask for permission to make a file, and then the program opens up and... immediately crashes completely. Tried two different versions, same result. I also tried the Pinnacle Game Profiler and Xpadder. These programs just take the input of your controller and assign it to a key of your keyboard so that for example when in-game the throttle is assigned to "w", I can still use my controller to... control it. However, while it works lovely for all the buttons, it does not recreate the analogue axes of the wheel and the pedals and so those act like digital buttons (either full or nothing), which defeats the purpose of having a wheel in the first place. In addition to that, I installed the Microsoft Xbox360 accessories driver, and then also the XBCD driver, but they didn't do anything. I've been tinkering and bodging this thing all day and it's driving me mad as I bought a fairly pricey piece of equipment that turned out to be incompatible with the very game I wanted to play with it the most. Please somebody tell me there's a workaround or a fix. :( btw. it should be noted that the wheel works just fine with every other game I tested it with so it's not to blame.
  4. Hi there, I have a problem with TDU2 and steering wheel (next only SW) Sidewinder force feedback. This SW is a little bit old but with the game Dirt 3 is compataible. But with the TDU2 there is problem. When I am playing TDU2 without SW everything is okey. At the time I connect the SW to the PC run the game, the game start to hacks. When i try to set the game in the setting (like brake accelerate ..) the game stop and i cant do anything only Alt+F4. Does anybody know what to do with that?
  5. Hi, I bought me a new racing wheel, but it isnt compatible with the game. can someone help me getting it compatible? the wheel is a Speedlink Drift O.Z.
  6. I've been looking all over for days and I still can't find a Logitech G25 (with everything) for $160 or less. Excluding Ebay bids. Can anyone help? As you can see, there is absolutely no reason to tell me to look for G27's. They're only more expensive, and quite frankly, look like they have little difference aside from more buttons on the G27 and a selector for sequential gear on the G25.
  7. Hi ! Here's my configuration for wheel and here's video with problem. At some point when I turn the wheel just go hard to left/right. I played ETS2 before but when I re-installed I got this problem. Does anybody has idea how to fix it? :confused: -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
  8. A little while ago I've made a great discovery that gives the game a better feel when playing with a wheel on the XBOX 360, I use the Official M$ 360 Force Feedback Wheel so I don't knowif it will work with Fanatec or others, Step 1: launch the game Step 2: Bring up the XBOX Guide Step 3: Wait until you hear the Atari intro to then bring down the XBOX Guide Step 4: Turn your wheel, if it returns to center quickly it will have worked Note this does not give you Proper Force Feedback, it's fooling the game into thinking your still using the XBOX Guide when the game is ready to be played, so there won't be very much vibration I hope you enjoy my little discovery!
  9. I've declared my beloved g25 dead today on 22:42, even though I've spent all evening trying to fix the ff gear I couldn't work out what was the problem exactly. Well anyway, I need a new wheel so suggestions?, discuss.
  10. Hello, i just bought TDU 2. My wheel (Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Clutch Racing Wheel) works in every game and also in TDU 2. But when I start the game my wheel calibrates wrong, it turns left for circa 45°. It isn't funny to play the game with this problem. Does anybody has an idea or a solution? Thanks. iRexotiCx
  11. HI! I have problem with steering in TDU 2. When I turning the steering wheel to the left or right, game senses the turn after 90 degrees. I uninstalled the game, I changed the sensitivity settings, but nothing helps. Please help.
  12. Sup guys. So I just got an Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 3-in-1 Rumble Force. Tested it out with a few games (Shift 2, TDU 1,DiRT 3, ETS) and it works just fine. But for some reason when I try to get TDU 2 to detect it it just doesn't. There's a video on yt of a guy playing TDU 2 with the exact same wheel as me. Any guesses on why it isn't working? [h=3][/h]
  13. Hi guys, I wanted to share with you a pedal addon for RennSport Wheel Stand. It was created for me (by my friend and myself) as I own RennSport Wheel Stand, because I wanted to have a different angle for the pedals, and to be able to mount them in reverse. It's compatible with CSP pedals, and G25/27 pedals. Whole construction weights around 2kg, and is rock solid. It can be used also without wheel stand. It's made from stainless steel. Primarily it was designed to be made from aluminium but production cost for one piece was very high. Every part of the Pedal addon was cut with laser, so that there wouldn't be any mistakes, and everything would fit perfectly. -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Picture above was rendered in Google sketchup Feel free to leave your comments :-)
  14. As you know my initial impressions of FH using the wheel weren't good at all, but I've kept at it and have found out the following that make a number of improvements: 1. Turn on the console by pressing the power button on the console, not by using the Guide button on the wheel. 2. Once your console has booted, make sure Sen is set to 900, then hold the Guide button to connect. 3. Start the game. Once you have control of the car, first press all of the pedals to 100% and then steer to full lock in each direction to calibrate the device. Purely by chance when I had started the game today I just lent on the accelerator pedal the tiniest amount and it was hitting red-line. After I maxed the pedal and then pressed it a tiny bit again it was behaving fine. 4. Don't change the Control set layout or swap buttons as this automatically changes your clutch pedal to the handbrake, even if the screen doesn't reflect this. 5. In advanced Controls, set the Brake (Deceleration) Inside Deadzone to 30. The brakes come on way too early and this is a small improvement (still early but similar to my Golf and allows for some modulation). 6. Don't use Simulation steering, just use Normal. 7. CSR Elite wheel settings are SEN (900), FF (60), SHO (100), DRI (Off), ABS (65), LIN (0), DEA (0), SPr (0), DPR (2), ACL (Off) 8. Wheel continues to die on me in game but I've discovered that in FH the fan isn't coming on when the wheel gets hot (I have it set to come on auto instead of constantly being on and annoying). Have changed it to constant now and will see how we go. Hope this helps others
  15. I like Lamborghini, Gallardo black wheels is very ugly I found in the game, who can be changed to black silver wheel hub? Thank you so much! Changed the color, thank you. http://car.autohome.com.cn/photo/3898/1/171993.html You MOD master we give a favor to change colors. Changed after the file to my mailbox, thank you very much!! [email protected] ;)
  16. I have a question to other modders, or any person who knows the answer ;). Is it possible to change size of tires and rims to make them compatible with the vehicle mod for TDU2 I'm currently converting? Here is the pic how it looks like: [ATTACH]17245[/ATTACH] Wheels are definitely too big :/. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. For a first attempt with no tutorial it turned out rather well. Now I need to figure out how to make it chrome. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f87/Stew2000/TDU2/TestDrive22011-12-2815-54-30-77.jpg
  18. Hi all, i got a question: I bought a ferrari f430 thrustmaster racing wheel, to play with it in tdu2. Now, i want to know, if tdu2 supports that? Thanks
  19. Right. I have this new steering wheel. It's a Thrustmaster RGT Clutch Edition. Clutch Edition. Apart from Race 07 seems to think it's a second brake pedal. How can I sort this out?:confused:
  20. Hello I bought G27. TDU workings very nice at 900 degrees , force feedback too (v1.45) , megapack working fine , except few texture problems (required 1.66) But my big problem is pedal sensivity ... i tried all (combined,separate,change range,sensivity) but the pedals works very bad. Here are sensitivity graphs: -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Do you have any tips/solutions to fix that ? Thanks Joseph
  21. Made by me. converted by me. This was mostly just a test. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f87/Stew2000/TDU2/TestDrive22012-01-0519-59-57-56.jpg Download V1.0: http://cl.ly/0F2d1H3l3G0M310F1n36/TDU2_Roush_Wheel_v1.7z Download V1.1: http://cl.ly/3X1J0Z3W001m2p0l032c/TDU2_Roush_Wheel_v11.7z (Changed ambient)
  22. Hey everyone, I'm looking to get the Ferrari GT Exp. Wheel. I've read places that it works and that it doesn't, I need a clear answer, does it? Also I read that settings need to be changed to make it work. If that is true, instructions on what settings need to be changed are much appreciated. Thank you all for your help!!!
  23. Hello, I have been playing TDU for quite driving with very little FFB. I played another game (NFS undercover) that had proper G25 support and the wheel was amazing! In TDU i just can not find the right settings! Its not the setup or anything that confuses me with the Logitech G25 for TDU. Its the delay of the wheel. For example, if I put my car in reverse and then move the wheel to the left and hit accelerate and let it roll by itself, usually it would roll back to the centre you would think. However, My g25 keeps going to the a bit like this right....delay....go to the left....delay....go to the right........ect. Same with normal driving if i turn left....delay...move to the centre. Which by then i have usually crashes (especially drifting) THE WORST thing about the Force Feedback is if i am driving straight the wheel drives itself left-to-right really violently left-right-left-right-left-right when i am driving straight! Is there somebody with a G25 who also experiences this problem? What setting can you change to rid the delay?
  24. Allo everyone, I'm from Blockland, just got TDU a month ago and I'm completely in love with it. I have a Driving Force GT wheel (Basically the Driving Force Pro designed for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue) that I had bought earlyer for my PS3, I set it up and it works great. Thing is, I'm looking for the absolute most real-life like settings for the wheel, so I can get decent practice before I start training with a real car to get my liscence. Here is my setup, my dad helped me pinpoint it but complained about lack of centering, so I tuned the centering a little to make it nice and smooth like a real car. Also, if you're wondering why Force Feedback is completely disabled, both my dad and I thought it was pointless as a real car's steering wheel doesn't rumble and rip out of your hands when you make a sharp turn. http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/3861/screen1k.png -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- So just asking from the pros here (And someone who has also actually experienced Real driving) is this a good setup? Does anyone have any suggestions? [mod edit:] Please do not post images larger than 800w x 640h, use a thumbnail or a text link instead, thanks!
  25. Logitech Driving Force GT - the official wheel of Gran Turismo 25 Jun Today Logitech announced the launch of Logitech Driving Force GT - the official wheel of Gran Turismo. The wheel connoisseurs amongst you will be excited to hear that the 11 inch Logitech Driving Force GT can turn 900 degrees from lock-to-lock, features a 24-position real-time adjustment dial for on-the-fly control of brake bias, traction and damper settings, and (perhaps most importantly) has a horn. It also has full-size accelerator and brake pedals, sequential stick shift gears and wheel mounted paddles. Read more on the GT fan’s dream wheel in the official press release below. Logitech Unveils Official Wheel of Gran Turismo™ for PLAYSTATION®3 Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel Delivers Powerful Force Feedback, Brake Bias and Traction Control Adjustment Today at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), Logitech (SWX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI), the world’s leading developer of force feedback gaming wheels, announced the Logitech® Driving Force™ GT racing wheel, the official wheel of Gran Turismo™. Featuring powerful force feedback and an innovative 24-position real-time adjustment dial for on-the-fly control of brake bias, traction and damper settings, the Logitech Driving Force GT gives gamers the most accurate and authentic PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) racing experience. “We’re excited to be working with Polyphony Digital again to deliver a wheel that will satisfy the needs of car enthusiasts, like me, around the world,” said Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech’s director of product marketing for gaming. “People who love the striking realism of the Gran Turismo racing series will discover that Logitech’s latest wheel will allow them to experience the cars the way they were meant to be driven. With the Logitech Driving Force GT, you’re not playing games anymore - you’re racing!” Logitech’s latest racing wheel was meticulously designed by Logitech and Polyphony Digital, Inc., the developer of the Gran Turismo series. The companies worked together to add the unique real-time adjustment dial, a first for force feedback wheels, allowing people to fine tune the car’s balance by adjusting the brake bias, traction control and damper settings. Now Gran Turismo drivers can have precise control over the car’s setup to achieve maximum performance. “We have always designed the Gran Turismo series for driving enthusiasts. Realistic graphics, a technologically advanced physics engine and authentic sounds for every car in the game make Gran Turismo 5 Prologue a true driving simulator,” said Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital. “Now, with the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel, drivers can have unparalleled control of their car, extending the realistic racing experience.” Logitech’s newest force feedback wheel simulates understeer, oversteer, and traction loss with frightening accuracy. While the full-size gas and brake pedals deliver precise throttle and brake response, racers can use either the sequential stick shift or the wheel-mounted paddles to race through gears. The wheel also features a large 11-inch wheel with rubber-overmould rim, providing exceptional comfort and control. The Logitech Driving Force GT turns 900 degrees lock-to-lock allowing drivers to navigate hairpin turns with greater accuracy. And with anti-backlash gearing, there is no slack in the steering response, making any race a smooth, realistic experience. In the centre of the 11-inch wheel, the Driving Force GT features an illuminated horn button with the official Gran Turismo logo. Using the authentic sounds of the car being driven, racers can quickly alert other cars when they are approaching fast. Or when playing online, people can simply use the horn to taunt other players as they speed by. The Logitech Driving Force GT wheel is engineered for use with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on PS3, which will be available on Blu-ray Disc™ (BD) and as a download on the PLAYSTATION®Network in North America on April 17 and in Europe on March 28. The Logitech Driving Force GT wheel is also compatible with Gran Turismo™3 and Gran Turismo™4 on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Source - threespeech
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