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Found 3 results

  1. So, gues. Today i finished edition of the trees and grass. Now winter and not many time ago was NEW Year - i dicided painted they in white color. Please, wait. I will add photos and link for downloading. [ATTACH]17115[/ATTACH] Thank`s D`jey for TDUMT2 and Knyazev for TDUMT2 - Texture Tools:) Sorry, my english is not very good Link for dawnloading - version not actuality. white earth coming to tdu2!!! With white trees game was better. And more playable.
  2. heLLo! Nope, winter isn't dead yet in TDU. It's back... bigger, better... and much more epic! From now on, you can enjoy in: - 4 new types of grass texture, - 4 new 2D types of pine tree, - 4 new types of winter weather, - 9 new snowflakes, - skeleton trees on island, and most important thing... - you can turn your HDR on now! Woohoo!!! *happydance* Requirements? - TDU Crazy Winter Edition 1.5B by Opelos_HUN (http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=15313), /Optional/ - Snowy Tires for TDU by EyeKatcher (http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=15801), - iLLusion Snow Tyre Chains v1.1 (http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=15783). ... And nope, pics are not edited in PS. They ARE ingame pics. It's like real paradise... ey? ^^ DOWNLOAD Winter Paradise v2.0 If you have low-spec PC, you may try v1.0 (HDRdisabled) instead. DOWNLOAD Winter Paradise v1.0 Feel free to share/modify as you wish. I'm only asking you to credit me as original author. Thanks! Don't forget to read included info file for more informations. Big thanks goes to Opelos_HUN (http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=14928) for bringing winter time into TDU with his Crazy Winter Mod! Also, I have to thank him for skeleton tree files. Oh, and I can't forgot his 2D Tropical Paradise that, in the end, inspired me to try and make Winter Paradise! I would like to say thanks to Maciuk (http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=16074) too for his fog settings used in WP v2.0. So? What are you waiting for? Go and play now! Enjoy! iLLusion
  3. heLLo! In addition to v1.0 of my Winter Day mod, which have that lovely snowy feeling (http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=15771), here comes a special version that has all that, plus few twists into it, to make things a bit more spicy, and more enjoyable. With Maciuk's permission, I was able to incorporate his awesome fog/night settings into this release. With previous 3 types of weather, we got additional 3 for ultimate winter feeling. Now we can enjoy in driving not only on a beautiful snow day, but under heavy fog (my favorite), light fog, or even at night too! Q&A But, Weather Mod by Maciuk already got all those things? What's so different in this release? Weather Mod by Maciuk is weather tweaking at it's best, but it's not intended for winter driving, unfortunately. It was written for summer/autumn setting, and IMHO, doesn't go very well with Opelos_HUN Crazy Winter mod. That's why I decided to make a custom weather .ini specially for Opelos winter mod. I'm happy with the end result, and I'm hoping you will like it too as well. What's new in v2.0? - height of grass/bushes is 20% smaller, - 3 new additional weather types (powered by Weather Mod by Maciuk), - slower time change, - other minor tweaks. Bugs? - Sorry, no improvement on this level. Bugs are the same as in v1.0. That means main map is still covered in fog. And you even may encounter more of them. That's the small price to pay in order to have weather like this... Requirements? - TDU Crazy Winter Edition 1.5B by Opelos_HUN, - HDR must be off. - Adjust your game brightness settings to low values. Optional - Snowy Tires for TDU by EyeKatcher , - Snowy Tyres Enhaced by felix97, - iLLusion Snow Tyre Chains v1.1 . There's three versions included: One with Night>Morning>Afternoon>Snow Day, second with Morning>Afternoon>Snow Day>Night and third with Snow Day>Night>Morning>Afternoon time cycle. So, what you waiting for? Go and download it! DOWNLOAD on FileFront Enjoy! iLLusion
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