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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! Can anyone makes or has an GTR R34 either Left Hand Drive (LHD) or Right Hand Drive (RHD) with working functional MFD (Multi Function Display) display? If you don't know what i'm talking about here's the video It would be nice if you make the boost gauge act as an RPM gauge and Torque gauge acts as a speedo. For me or everyone/anyone would look nice if you're in POV and you see the Boost gauge goes up and down as the RPM rises, same story with Torque gauge also Have a good one! Also this videos shows a great represantation of how the display works as in RPM Gauge
  2. http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/forza_horizon/news/forza_horizon_dev_working_on_visually_stunning_racer.html http://www.playground-games.com/
  3. hi, after I unpacked the game and started modding the indicators stopped working.:confused: I dont know how and why but evin when i want to activate them through the accesorry menu and i choose left or right it will make the sound like you have no openable roof, the deny sound.:confused: could someone please help me with this and has someone of you already have this before? greetings, Escape
  4. Casino DLC - Sit'n'Go Private sessions are not working for me or others inviting me. I can't invite/join a session, regardless which cash/table I try with. Any know a way to get that working so I can get those Private Sit'n'Go achievements filled out?
  5. When you change something with different tools, they tend to break on each other for doing something the other can't... So I made a few extra engine specs, including 5-cyl inline and W16 (Audi TT and Veyron). Although TDU Modding Tools is a magnificent tool that can work on nearly anything, it cannot change all the physics, such as BHP and torque. So I was planning on jumping to TDUPE after this, though it didn't seem to like the new engine displacements... Now I'm kinda stuck, because I removed the entries from the enginedatabase in TDUMT. Though PE still won't start. Anything you guys know that can help me out? :confused:
  6. Hello, I thought I'd have a look what car replacement mods had been released for TDU2, found a few I liked and downloaded them. I figured out that in order to install, I'd have to unpack my game. I found a little archive to download for that, followed the unpack command, let it do its thing; and that bit seems to have gone smoothly. Next step, which seemed fairly straightforward, and was the same for all the car mods I had downloaded, was to backup the original .bnk files and replace them with the new ones from each mod, in the various subdirectories of the vehicles folder, such as 'high', 'interiors', 'med' and 'rim'. So, I took the original files I intended on replacing and put them in a backup folder, somewhere completely different, on a different hard drive of my computer even, and then put the files that came with the mods into the game's bnk folders instead. And I did this for each mod, in each directory as it should be. However, when I start the game (through the 1.5 universal launcher, if that's of any relevance), the game works fine, no crashes or anything, but the mods haven't taken effect, and what I find really weird considering that the original car files aren't even on the same hard drive any more, is that the original cars show up, instead of the mod ones. One thing I am wondering; each mod came with files for 'high' and 'med' res, but the original game has files for 'low' res as well, under the 'med' directory. I tried changing the graphics settings a few times in case that had anything to do with it; but the original cars were still there. Also, one of the mods did have a replavement file for the 'low' res version (as well as med and high res) so it's very odd that that one didn't work. Obviously, I must be missing something. Is there some sort of magicmap equivalent for TDU2, or have I missed out some important step here ? I've double checked and yes, none of the original files (for the cars intended to be replaced) are still in the game directory, and the directories do contain all the files for the mod cars. If anyone could enlighten me, I'd sure appreciate it; these mods seem to be working for everybody else, so the problem must be somewhere on my end. - Dan EDIT: sorted it out. Apparently it had something to do with certain files not being in a backup folder.
  7. Eudemon


    From the album: Anime

  8. So, I know the whole policy on pirate talk and that, BUT I'm hoping this is aloud as I'm no longer a pirate. Or something. So, I refused for a while to pay for TDU2, and instead downloaded a pirate copy (I'm sure you understand). But now I've decided to buy it. I got it through steam and when I launch it it chucks out error #01, "An error occurred while downloading files." Any ideas on what may be causing it? I've uninstalled the crap version, deleted user files, all that stuff. Think it may be the registry, but not sure what to check for in there...
  9. Yesterday, I've unpacked the game with the unpacker. But, because I wasn't well informed, I started the game with the normal launcher. After that, it has updated the game to the Explo version. then it started, but I couldn't see any changes, with the mods, so I thought, I have to set the eu and map files into the backup folder. After that, I started it, then somewhere, the game has crashed (by using the Universal Launcher). Before this problem, I did every files, which has been unpacked, into the backup folder, but after that, the game throwed (at the loading screen before atari, so I've only seen the "G" on the black screen) me out all the time untill I did all the files from the backup folder, to the main folder. Now, I'm unpacking it again, but I'm afraid, that this problem would happen again, so therefor, I'm asking you, for your help.
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