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Found 5 results

  1. happy new year for all members of the turboduck specialy to tdu and tdu2 moders for his amazing works.happy 2014:xmasdrink:
  2. The games up for grabs are::boss: Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box (ORIGIN KEY) Crysis 2: Maximum Edition (ORIGIN KEY) CS GO (STEAM KEY) Max Payne 3 (STEAM KEY) Sleeping Dogs (STEAM KEY) Please read the terms & conditions below: 1. You must Like the BAk99official page. 2. Click onto the giveaway picture & click the share button. 3. Comment on the picture after you have shared it. 4. You must have a valid Steam/Origin account. Only 1 entry per person All information can be monitored by the page admin to ensure the requirements have been meet. Your Steam/Origin account name will be required upon request if your name is pulled from the prize draw. If you are on an iPod or Mobile device you may not be able to share so please try to do so from a PC to enter Competition held worldwide starting from the 31st of December 2013. The five lucky winners shall be announced during a name pick draw on Sunday the 5th of January 2014 via Youtube. Thank you for your time & Good Luck! :bye: Direct Link: http://tinyurl.com/B99NYGA2014 My page & channel links are in the signature below.
  3. [headline]Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will Retire in the Next Year[/headline] Microsoft just announced that its CEO, Steve Ballmer, will retire within the next 12 months. He'll remain in his current position until Microsoft finds his replacement. Ballmer has been with Microsoft since 1980, and has been CEO since 2000. A special committee—which includes chairman Bill Gates—has been formed to find his replacement. Something obvious, but interesting to see laid out explicitly, is that Ballmer and the new CEO will continue to oversee Microsoft's "transformation to a devices and services company," so the new CEO will likely have a background in hardware or services. Earlier this year Ballmer was part of a failed attempt to purchase the Sacramento Kings and relocate them to Seattle, where Microsoft is located. Ballmer briefly served as head of the Xbox division last month, before former Windows executive Julie Larson-Green was named successor. In recent years, Ballmer has been a polarizing figure at Microsoft, with many believing he's responsible for the stagnation of Microsoft, and the culture of Microsoft not being able to get out of its own way long enough to enjoy successes that should be a matter of course. His departure will offer Microsoft a chance to change how its corporate structure works. Ballmer will be the latest key executive to leave the company, following former Xbox chief Don Mattrick and Windows boss Steven Sinofsky. Ballmer sent out an internal email going over his decision, which Microsoft has posted under the title Moving On. It has the expected optimistic beats regarding the company's future, and reflects the cumulative success of Microsoft over Ballmer's tenure at the company, but seems to lack that central, recent success that will keep Microsoft moving forward. Here is the letter in its entirety: http://gizmodo.com/microsoft-ceo-steve-ballmer-will-retire-in-the-next-yea-1187983423
  4. Do any of you guys have New Year resolutions? I never really have any and I haven't had one for a while... But I promise that I'm going to stop use Facebook at the end of the holidays and limit my internet usage as much as possible since it takes up too much of my study time.:( Post away your promises to yourself for the new year.
  5. Hey all, just wanting to wish everyone of our members, lurkers, spammers, scrapers and stalkers a very enjoyable, fun filled and profitable in both good times and money 2012. This is supposedly the last year we'll ever see so just for fun (huh?) play it like that. Try and do something new everyday, try and scare yourself at least once a week and most of all, say hi to someone new every 19 days. Not sure why but it would be quite funny seeing this item marked on Calendars and people attempting it. Make the most of any resolutions you make and if you break any before the end of January then I demand you have a bath in Custard and wash your hair in Jam as a punishment for failing so quickly. *runs bath of custard* Anyway here we are at TDUC, coming up for our 5th year, 5 years eh? Unbelievable and yet still I cannot believe the loyalty (sans stupidity :D) of the regulars and the extremely active. Who knows what the future will bring, he really does, what will the future bring, Who knows as I've already said. but what will come in the days to come, no-one knows but Who knows if you know what I mean. Regardless of all this, a very big massive humongous Best Wishes to you and yours this 2012 and I hope that all your good times in 2011 are your best in 2012. Soppy indeed, but hey I'm allowed as it's the new year and I feel :duck:ing emotional. :bparty: Thanks TDU Central Team
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