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Global Moderators Wanted!

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Looking for GMs to help manage & promote for the site

So I can keep spend/focus my time on site programming, styling, server configuration, script management etc

What you're expected to do: (中文管理员申请需要懂得少许英文)

  1. Enforce forum manual (in this board) and follow moderator manual (in private board once you're accepted)
  2. Keep members engage activities within the site, actively use all of our services to post contents
  3. Promote us whenever you can outside of the site

Becoming a moderator will give you all V.I.P benefits as one of the ways to reward you

To apply, click here to shoot me an PM and answer following questions:

  • How often/long will you be on our site (e.g per week)?
  • In what ways do you think you can help us become better?
  • What duties do you think a moderator have? (list as many as you can, be specific, for example, clean advertising links in profile status and warn/ban member)

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