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Bug fix, Download categorizing rework and skins

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!A major bug fix patch has been updated across the whole site, this fixes bugs like Gallery image added using "My Media" function not properly pop up enhanced viewing window


!Download system categorizing rework

before, we had main category as a place holder, sub category used for upload within the main


take subtitle category for example, since the main is place holder, the upload button is grey out, this sometimes is confusing

and sub categories for each language like Japanese, English makes it hard to navigate


So I completely removed all sub-categories, and allow members to upload directly to the main

instead of sub-cats, I added a drop down field to allow members to choose which language (in this example)

this field is also shown on file listing page as well as the file page itself


-Three skins have been dropped support due to unpopularity

Those who are using those skins will automatically switch back to our default skin


+New added dark style skin: Animate

this skin is also available for all our bloggers to use

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