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Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

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the Game Yakuza 4...Cant post picture as It has't arrived yet!:cheeky:


Next thing Will be a Anamanaguchi CD!


Befour that It was a Xbox 360 and like 'Mb' I got stuff for the snow, in my case another set of SnowBlades!(My other pair had a funn but sad end, Invloving a a High cliff and Snow! Take a Guess)


Will Post pictures of them when i can!

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These two. Can't remember which is the last I got. Not been able to play either yet due to studying for exams however finished them now so can enjoy gaming again! :D






I thought I would make an effort to be artistic with the shots instead of those dreary ones you see people take on the internet when they get new games. ;)


Also, Homefront has been dispatched. Will put a shot of that up when I get it which might be tomorrow, depending on Game's delivery service.


I hate months like March. So many good games to get that all come out at the same time. :(

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