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Djey : TDU Modding Tools II [Release]

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Good news if it sounds easy for you :)


Just pushed latest beta onto unstable-branch

(master was not so stable btw, so I re-commited older files from a previous release).


Reposiitory has 2 tags now, corresponding to very latest relases on each branch.




Good luck!

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Hello everybody!


I have a problem ...


I would like to customize a gauge, but Mini BNK Manager can not repack the gauge correctly.


I have the latest version of the TDU Modding Tool II (version and use the included Mini BNK Manager.


I start the Mini BNK Manager, select the gauge to be edited (from the path: ...\Test Drive Unlimited 2\Euro\Bnk\frontend\hires\gauges\name of Gauge.bnk), click Load and then Unpack all.


Even if I do not make changes at the unpacked gauge, and then click on Repack and override the existing .bnk, TDU2 crashes when loading the vehicle in the game.


The Mini BNK Manager gives the message "Repack Succeeded"!


I do not know what to do. Actually, I do everything right. I have tried it synonymous with compatibility mode Windows 7 and start as Admin, but both does not help. I am using the latest version of Windows 10 X64 Bit - Anniversary Update.


Can someone help me? I would like to change the .ini in the gauge so, that the needle indicates the correct rpm and speed.


Thanks in advance! And sorry for my english, google has translated. :):)


// With best regards (from Germany)


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