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The Queen

Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

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Now I can normally attach photos so I can share some of my recent spots :D


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, my favourite and my dream supercar <3



Aston Martin DB11 Volante V8, this color is amazing, I must say, I hjaven't seen such a cool blue shade[ATTACH=full]31643[/ATTACH]


McLaren 650S Coupe, I think it is my first spot of this model



[ATTACH=full]31647[/ATTACH] Dodge Challenger RT '73


Mercedes-AMG GLE 63S Coupe


Nissan GT-R Nismo


McLaren 720S, this photo doesn't reflect how amazing the paint looks in the sun


Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S[ATTACH=full]31653[/ATTACH]

Bentley Continental Supersports[ATTACH=full]31652[/ATTACH]

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Massive Bump! 

I've been and seen a fair bit since I lost posted here. So my highlights from 2018 are...

Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991) - Seen in Aberdeen, 2018


This is one of 2 that I know are local to the Aberdeen area. The other is a red one which regularly gets used at trackdays! 9Still to get a good photo of it!)


Bugatti Veyron WRC - Seen in Aberdeen, 2018


This one rarely comes out! Seen it twice in 3 years! 


McLaren Senna - Seen at Knockhill Racing Circuit, 2018



This one is kinda cheating, since McLaren Glasgow had a stall at Knockhill. Behind it you can see a 600LT as well. 


A favorite spot of mine from last year is this duo...


DBS drop top and pre-facelift Rapid! Owners of both were more than happy to chat and show me about the cars. 


I did spend a good bit of time in Washington & Oregon states of the US last year, this being a personal favorite of mine...


Place down the road from our accommodation when I was over in October! Mix of mostly older, but that Caddy XLR!

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