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Ryzza5's PC

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So I've built gaming PC's for myself in 2007, 2008, and 2012. The 2012 build started off with an nVidia GTX680, then in 2015 a Titan X Maxwell (900 series). I have always regretted listening to advice to get a $100 cheaper Intel i5 CPU over the i7 I had earmarked as it was slower at rendering videos than my previous Intel Q9550 Extreme. At some point in the past I switched PSU to reduce noise - I think now the Corsair H80i (set to Low) CPU cooler is the loudest thing in my PC at idle. I wonder how the fluid is after 5 years.


I do a lot more than just game (but when I do I want max FPS for VR and 1440p Ultra). I also want to get as close to silent as possible without custom watercooling. Not shopping seriously just yet, especially looking at the total price so far (I also need to change my desk, and am not sure if I will build the PC directly into the desk or get a case).




I'm sure I 'only' spent around $3500 on my 2008 build and closer to $2000 on the 2012 build (retaining some parts). Must be inflation.


The ultrawide is for work purposes, to make it easier to design software interfaces, so obviously should be tax deductible somewhat (besides the 100Hz GSync specs, obviously). Seeing Rocket League opponents sneak up from the elongated sides may also be helpful, along with the higher than 60Hz refresh rate.



The idea also is to see how much prices drop from over the next few months, and to see if Intel has an epic response to Ryzen.

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no, doesn't make sense, inflation rate in australia is around 1.5%, by your calculation it is around 14% per year. If you ask my opinion getting the most high end stuff is never feasible or efficient with technology. The fact that all of the items on that list will be outdated in a year doesn't make it worth spending the kind of money you would spend on a 2nd hand car. There's always a sweet spot, it's called the pareto principle. Also I wouldn't buy amd.

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Sorry the inflation thing was a joke.


I don't really want to go AMD either, although the main tangible benefits to Intel are Optane and Thunderbolt, neither of which I care for. If Intel release an 1800 killer in the next few months then I'll be all over it. The CPU would probably cost more but I wouldn't have to spend extra on 3200MHz RAM as it probably won't impact game performance like it does for Ryzen.


The storage costs are both unnecessary but I like the idea of a fresh start (with the exception of carrying over my 1TB SSD) and ditching 4x noisy WD Black 2TB drives with one quieter 8TB WD Red. It only spins at 5400 RPM but would be more for archival of recorded video from motorbike rides, etc. For the extra silence I think I can afford a 1MBps slower speed. The alternative is to get 4 of them to upgrade my QNAP NAS, but that is (a) a pain in the neck to move files around again and (b) much more expensive.


I was hoping a new version of that monitor would be out by now so that I could choose between a price drop (if anyone stocks them) or any new features. I have a basic LG ultrawide at work which greatly aids productivity. I do of course agree that the price is bonkers, but at the same time it's just as expensive to start cheaper and upgrade sooner. My only exception to that rule is graphics cards which I'm always going to upgrade every 2-3 years and cannot be future-proofed. The 1080ti is 40-80% faster than my current GPU and as quieter than my reference card. That's a surprisingly massive jump for just 2 years progress - too bad Intel can't manage the same with their CPU's.


My bottleneck right now is the CPU, which requires a whole new system. I'd rather sell or repurpose the entire new system than save a relatively small amount to keep things like PSU and storage. If I really want to reduce the initial cost I can postpone the PSU, GPU and storage upgrade.

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Wait so now you reckon I need an i7? :eyebrow:


CPU's with >4 cores have historically performed worse than i7 CPU's because no-one developed for them, because hardly any gamers owned them, because they were far too expensive, because only Intel made decent ones. I see enough gamers getting 6-8 cores thanks to Ryzen which will incentivise developers to update their engines to make better use of them. One game/benchmark released a patch that saw Ryzen performance jump up 30% already. Don't forget that both PS4 and Xbox 1 have 8 core processors.


Hopefully Skylake-X delivers the goods and at a competitive price.

Rumor: Intel pulls X299 and Skylake-X release to late June - The Tech Report


If benchmarks of either Ryzen or Intel X show much better rendering times and only minor frame rate losses in games I'll be all over it.

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ok I lied, I've ordered them just now. I've substituted the gskill rams with corsair 3000mhz ones. Also threw in a CM 212 hyper cpu cooler. Since I have the old gtx760 still lying around along with my old hdd and case I have enough parts for 2 pcs, will be handy in LAN parties.

Will be posting em once they arrive.

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The monitor is bigger than I imagined so I've never bothered to go multi-monitor with my old 1080p display (plus the cable isn't long enough to reach the PC beyond the new screen) :lol: Just too far away to look at, couldn't even reach the edge of the 2nd monitor from where I'm sitting.


Anyway the desk is all built and painted (not orange or brown either) - something called Ironstone which has a modern-ish feel to it.




Anyway the main reason for finding this thread was to mention those newly announced Intel Skylake-X HEDT CPU's. The i7 7820X appears to be the sweet spot, somewhat similar to the AMD Ryzen 1800X with 8 cores + 16 threads, but Intel will have a higher IPC rate, will boost out of the box to 4.5GHz, and has 28 PCI lanes instead of AMD's 16. It's a little over $100USD more expensive than the 1800X.


There's only one catch. The X299 platform demands that all motherboards support all CPUs. That means that it is possible to purchase an expensive motherboard that has features intended for higher end CPUs with 44 PCI lanes, which a 28- or 16-lane CPU couldn't take full advantage of. I suspect that my proposed build (only one graphics card and one (or maybe eventually 2) M.2 NVME storage drives won't be bottlenecked, whereas a 44-lane CPU would be for multiple GFX cards and 10gb NICs. In any case, motherboard spec sheets will have to be very detailed to explain this.



It seems that the 8000 CPU's (i.e. 8700K) will also come out later this year. The newly announced 'Kaby Lake X' CPUs are basically just like the 7700K but with no integrated graphics and higher TDP (power draw) which enables slightly better performance (but might have the best single-threaded performance for now).



The only other catch is that I'm spending a fair bit of savings on moving out of the nest so a new HEDT may not remain a priority this year. My Internet connection should hopefully be much faster though.

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Time to revive this thread. And time to build a new PC!


The outgoing PC was built in 2012, with the GPU updated in 2015:


Case: CoolerMaster Silencio 650

Mobo: Asus P8Z77-V-Deluxe

CPU: Intel i7 3750K overclocked at 4.1GHz

Cooler: Corsair H80 AIO liquid cooler

RAM: Gskill RipjawsZ F3-17000 16GB 2133MHz (back when DDR3 was brand new)

GPU (2012): eVGA nVidia GTX 680 4GB 1019MHz O/C edition

GPU (2015): Gigabyte nVidia Titan X (900 series)

SSD: Samsung 1TB 850 EVO SSD

HDD: 4x 2TB WD Black HDDs

Some 1000W PSU (replaced the old noisy 1200W some years ago)


Click to view outgoing specs



New parts:


Case: Fractal Design Define R6 with USB Type C 3.1 Gen 2 front I/O

Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus Master Z390

CPU: Intel i9-9900K

Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62 280mm AIO liquid cooler

RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3000MHz

GPU: Gigabyte nVidia Titan X (old)

M.2: Samsung 970 EVO 2TB NVME

SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB (old)

HDD: 1x WD Black 2TB (old)*

PSU: Same as old build


* I've also purchased 2x 10TB HDDS to upgrade my NAS storage. I plan to move/remove a bunch of old stored files on the old HDDS and cease using them.


All parts are in hand besides the new CPU and M.2 SSD which should be delivered early next week. I'll probably wait for the next series of GPU's before upgrading that. At the moment I'm doing ok driving the 1440p 21:9 screen with the current GPU.

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Yes I do a whole lot of everything but am time-poor as a result. I found some good Black Friday deals so I upgraded a bit more than originally planned. My current PC lasted 6.5 years and I expect this one to do the same. I'd rather do this than spend half as much on a PC but twice as often.


Rich? Nah, I try live a simple life then occasionally feel like splurging occasionally. I'll be able to write some of it off as a tax deduction.

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I found a used 1080ti on eBay, and eBay themselves took another 10% off, so I upgraded to that or almost double the gaming performance for my 3440x1440 screen. Last night I was playing FH4 on all of the Ultra/Extreme settings at ~85 FPS which was very nice.

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