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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]

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sounds like a big project, so good luck man and to your friends.

i hope you will make most of it, last thing is most important to be honest , and the best one, seriously, it would be bloody awesome to make it


me too :D

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I read this carefully and what I learned from this is that TDU2 and Atari were actually useful,to some point.W/o TDU2 we actually wouldn't know about this.

Than again,w/o TDU2 we would have our servers online and stuff.Sigh...


OT:Good luck with this project mate,sounds epic!

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Sounds very promising, Speeder! :)


Personally, I think TDU needs revised Hawaii. It's very different compared to real Hawaii (check Kapahulu Ave in StreetView, for example). Are you able to add new buildings and roads, or just edit them (elevation, 'copying' old buildings etc.)?


I'm not sure if the 3D library is editable, so for the moment I'll only re-use buildings that are already in game. :D

But it's still impossible to edit these roads, because of the weird organisation of the collision file. :jealous:

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