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Modification Posting Rules & Guidelines

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[headline]TDU2 Mod Posting Rules & Guidelines[/headline]

[First:] This section is NOT for making Requests, there is a sub-forum specifically for that, so please if you want to make a request do so there. Make sure to read the [!README FIRST] threads in these also otherwise your thread may be REMOVED!


Hey there,


In order to try and make it easy for visitors, members and the staff to navigate around here and find what they are looking for we have come up with a new means of posting your modifications.


When posting your modification itself: The mod creators' name MUST GO in the thread title, there is 2 reasons for this; 1) If you are well known and someone performs a search for your name then the threads will show up very easily and 2) Those who don't search can also see clearly the creators' name. There is also a 'Prefix' system in place so that visitors can see the status of your mod straight away. We ask that you use this as it should avoid the usual questions such as "Where can I download this?" especially if it's a current WIP (Work in Progress) or you are wanting to gauge reaction. Want to test your mod before releasing it, edit or update your thread to set the Prefix to ßeta and those who wish to test it out and give you proper feedback will do so. Then once all is set and the bugs have been worked out mark it with the REL Prefix..


Example image of the Prefixes in operation shown in image below.



Sorry for all this reading but honestly it will help you and us out in the long run if we do it this way


Now when you post that new thread showing off your newly created or updated modification make sure to add or edit the first post with the new information and/or download instructions. It would be great if you could also have some sort of brief history/changelog about the changes and at the top make sure to mention what is the latest version.




[Click here for Mod Posting Template]


If you wish for NO REQUESTS to be made in your thread then make sure to put the text NO REQUESTS in your first post and we the staff will do our best to edit or delete any offending posts.


The main reasoning behind this structure is that it will make this section much more manageable for us the staff but also much more easy to navigate for you guys and especially the creators as you only have to update the thread you are currently working on instead of having multiple questions and requests being thrown at you when you are trying to concentrate on one thing.




It will take a wee while to get used to but hopefully once you become more familiar it will become a rhythm that just flows.


Cheers guys!!


turboduck Staff

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We have always been amazed at what the modders have achieved and continue to put out there for the community to use, unfortunately as we know as of late some of these amazing creations are only available via sites that are not only a bit dodgy with annoying pop-ups, but can also be downright hazardous to your browser or even computer. Naturally we have blocked these when we are alerted to them but we need to be notified meaning some are experiencing these issues before we can close it down. This is the reason for the very clear warnings to BACKUP and to be wary of sites that links may be pointing to.


We want to go a step further with this though and introduce a download whitelist; this will be a list of sites that will only be allowed for your modification downloads when linking from the turboduck community. To help make this fair we are looking for modders to especially recommend links they are comfortable using.


The Whitelist. (Work in Progress) :cool:


- mediafire.com

- depositfiles.com

- dropbox.com

- rapidshare.com

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Dear TDU Modders,


with the new forums we would like to get back to a clean and neat platform for mods and racing games. In this matter please make sure that forum mods will pursue the mod posting rules even more in future.

Especially the mod hoster links will be controlled with every new thread.


We allow to share external download links from the hosters in our whitelist:

- mediafire.com

- depositfiles.com

- dropbox.com

- rapidshare.com

- mega.nz

- disk.yandex.ru

- google drive

- sharemods.com


Additionally, we are working on our own mod database where you can upload your files at.


With this matter we try to make the forum experience as pleasant as possible for every visitor. Without the fear of going to fishy hosters.



Please concider that the downlaod links in mod threads made after the 6th of January 2019, will have to be strictly from the hosters on the whitelist.


An exception is a transition or shortening link like adf.ly or bit.ly.  Anything further needs to be a hoster from the whitelist.

Any thread after the 6th of January 2019 which is not made with the rules in mind, especially with a file hoster link different than the ones listed above will get the OP a warning. In case the threads of the same OP will still not conform with our guidelines after various warnings, the warnings will result in a temporary ban. So please take this seriously.


Thanks in advance and keep ducking around !:15:

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