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Cruiseanostra Crewzing

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Highspeed Drifter Rally-Raid (Top 20 Crew-Run with Aci, Dog & Tenchi)



The footage itself is pretty bad, since it was taken from the livestream. I still didn't figure out how to get a better quality on the livestreams. Most likely Youtube and Shadowplay don't like to work with each other very well.

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The Crew 2 Vehicle Drop November 2018


Audi RS3 LMS Ultra (Customization, Sound and Racecheck)

(Sound is a little bit async in the first part, but i don't know why. Noticed that after upload myself. I have to check out what the reason is.)


Aeroboat SV12 (first look and Racecheck)

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"A close encounters of the funny kind" or the question "Are we really driving that accurat to be considered bots?"



Last night spinned a round in the digital United States as usual, when we met again a couple of players who started to ram us. But the explanation, why they did that, is really funny at the end. :D (Read the chat at the end. I also commented some scenes in between.)

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