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Aaaaah! It's Friday the 13th, what happened to you?

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Oh no, it's a Friday and the date is the 13th, that can only mean one thing!! It's Friday the 13th!! :nailbiting:


For most of us this is just another day but for others this is a day to be feared and cautious of. Anything bad that happens is because of what day it is. Anything good that happens, must mean something bad is going to happen because of it. And anything that doesn't happen, was bad because it didn't.


So, let's join in our collective misery of this day and post about what saddening and unfortunate events or scenarios befell us on it.


Alternatively, share the mundane and the normal that occurred instead, if that was your experience. :)

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I'm not superstitious at all, but today has been a complete and utter nightmare at work. Started off OK, but 1PM until about 4:30PM was just rediculously busy and I was pretty much on my own. I don't think I could breathe for 20 seconds before I had another phone call coming in giving me another problem before I got chance to resolve the other 20 I already had. I don't normally do it, but in the end I just decided I had to let the phone ring and get on with stuff at around 3:30PM.


Quite honestly if there are any complaints on Monday I don't care. The place is incorrectly staffed at the best of times and the manager's way of dealing with it is just to take the day off. If I'm called up on it I'll be giving the managers what-for and to be honest I'm prepared to walk out and not go back, I've been looking for a chance to leave anyway.

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