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Helmet in car

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Is there any way to use the hats inside the car? because I replace some hats with the helmets (the problem is that you can not wear hats inside the car), tis would be very good to use in circuits with cars like Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss, Ariel Atom, Jaguar Type-D, Audi R15 TDI and the other race cars.




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I found a way to wear a helmet in the car, replacing some haircut by the helmet, it works well but only the player can see other online players not. If there is no other way to wear a helmet in the car, I will improve this and upload it, replacing some haircut (with backup to be able to return to default haircut).




sample video



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Yes i will release soon, I'm improving the textures so that it's more like a racing suit, with car brand logos, for bikes too (Kawasaki, Bmw, Harley and Ducati) and replacing the sportwear logo with others brands.





The only hat that can be used inside the car is the surgical mask, I have a file to unlock all the clothes in the game including the ''surgical mask'' (an EXE file) or else I would have to replace haircuts whit helmet.




It would be nice to add the surgery mask as a hat to buy at the npc clothing store.

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