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Is it possible to decrypt the save files? (PC)

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That has to be one of the most vague answers you could've given. I was expecting i would like to edit money, licenses, road discovery etc.


The goal is to be able to bypass some things and yes, roads is one of those things.

Forums / Modifications and Tools / Mod that removes tuning discovery level requirement? - TDU2 Car Mods and Texmod Tutorial - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forum


That's one thread that i opened about it. I wanna take a look at the save file to see the structure it has.

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Please see the explanation by tdudec itself.


Usage: tdudec.exe <d/e> <input> <output> [type]

by default type is set to 0 for decrypting the savegame/playersave files,

use 1 as type for decrypting other files (like .btrq, .db and so on)

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Sorry for the late answer. I already tried tdudec. But that doesn't work for TDU 2 saves. the file it decrypts still looks like "jibberish" in notepad++..


in fact tdu dec was made for decrypting save files from tdu 1 and also some database stuff. TDU 2 keeped this encryption key and stuff for database and some xml files, but for saved files, devs have changed the encryption so...sorry !

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