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In regard to recent 502 errors

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Some of you have noticed the site becomes unreachable with 502 error for short period of time recently


At first I thought it was amount of traffic hitting pass above allocated resources which in some cases can be a good thing, after upping those settings, it helped for a short period of time and problem comes back


The issue is when the site is having 502, my other sites that are running on the same server is completely running fine


Quick glance at the server stat monitoring I noticed some spikes on bandwidth during those time


My guess is we are experiencing spam attack that triggered by having a lot of files that we host (for example high number of requests to the screenshot thread at once )


Potential fixes are placing some restriction (I don't like to restrict users) on resources allowed to upload and better spam filter (which will be added when we move to new system )

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Having a little bit of experience in web design and networking, What do you think about 1) banning the crawlers and the bots so that they will not scan those uploaded files? 2) Deleting the screenshot thread and adding a social image gallery manager? People would use the gallery section for uploading their contents. I guess this way the screenshots would actually be more visible to the community, too.

Talking about website enhancement, I recommend connecting this website to super-active social media platforms for young car lovers like CarThrottle for making more people come here. Perhaps these could be helpful tips for TDuck. :)

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1) you can't ban bots and crawlers unless you don't want to show up on google search, also they don't pull downloaded files there is literally minimal impact

2) we are talking about bandwidth size, regardless what web application you use, as long as consumption doesn't change, bandwidth usage will remain the same


like I said before, I do have plan to change the system


source: am web application engineer

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