Dear all members,   After few months of preparation I am thrilled to present you the new design / system   Merger of three website (turboduck forum / turboduck blog / eudemon anime community), if you have account with any of the site it will be automatically merged All old links from either site are permanently automatically redirected to new URL, you do not have to do anything  You might find some new features already have content in them, that is because one of the sites already had them, feel free to start using and make it yours, after all, it is built for the community.   There are lot of New Features been added that I can't possible go over in one thread, below is quick touch of few of the major ones: Blogs - allow you to create person or collaborative blog with multiple people Downloads - allow direct upload and download on turboduck, Mods section will be migrated there, this adds additional feature like file versioning, subscribe to change, support topic Gallery - allow you to create own or community albums, for media sharing Wiki - general database entries, currently lyrics and blog articles will be migrated to there Store - allow purchase of VIP member group which grants additional resources and cool stats (as a way to support us) Activity - everything that's happening in one place, you can set your own feed to track content you like Clubs - allow you to create or join clubs of people with same interest (that's not covered in forum)   Excited for the new system? share your experience For bug reports and known issues please visit  - problem report   There will be consolidation going on for some of the duplicate categories. This post is subjected to update, stay toned as more new features roll out in the coming weeks.