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  1. do yourself a favor and go check the number of topics in modding forum, you expect us to check every single links and move them ask for contribution, tag appropriately so we know where to move back, contact author request permission or working out take down notice, coordinate reupload, update post / db for each file and move them back? be the do-er not the talker, you can start a spreadsheet and track all broken links, coordinate file shares, and share them here
  2. that's big assumption you have there, believe me, I am aware lot of dead link issue, and I have tried to revive lot of old mods. Yet simply lack of time, required files or being able to reach out to the author etc if anyone has the files, and have time willing to help revive old mods, feel free to reach out to me
  3. join the official tduck discord
  4. tip: hover over your post time and copy the link like this for direct link to the comment https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/35843-released-test-drive-unlimited-platinum/?do=findComment&comment=610331
  5. if you looking to cruise with ppl, join our official discord server we have ppl organizing cruise almost everyday
  6. 3000s series cards stock gonna take sometime to catch up, sold out everywhere
  7. I can help out with some SQL server
  8. Continuing on from our previously announced site changes and merger with TDU World, we have more updates to TurboDuck.net to announce: Layout Change Overhaul of the default light theme The Dark theme is currently unavailable while we work on compatibility issues with the latest site update, along with a new light / dark switcher toggle work in progress. Please stay tuned and wear your sunglasses while using the site if needed. The forum home page now lists threads from all areas in a single Fluid list so that members can easily see all forum activity.
  9. forgot to let you know the issue have been resolved
  10. this is your first warning for cursing I have went ahead and removed your link, what you said is disrespect to the developer you have the right to choose to download or not download it, and they have right to choose however they want to distribute their work or even charge money for it you're not entitled to demand how they going to deliver a product to you for free, if you don't like it, build it yourself
  11. AMD is really trending now, but perhaps he already has an Intel CPU?
  12. find a disc version of the game online, virtual mount it
  13. Welp, someone needs to fill out the lalala part lol She said she's not familiar with those area
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