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  1. We have made all future specific tdu forums for auto generated download support only only, support for everything else
  2. Version 1.0.0


    100% CG save data Extract to /Documents
  3. bumping for you hopefully someone else know the answer
  4. in short, it shows your local time you also get an email notification from us if you joined the event
  5. Eudemon

    New laptop

    one time it fell, left side of 360 hinge is moved a bit so opening has some friction, otherwise, pretty good also latest x360 track pad uses precision driver, but the version i have uses synaptic, which is not as good
  6. tentatively in (if full i will drop out), I feel like this kinda event you can just use main forum and calendar (for better exposure) all cops players should be in voice chat to coordinate blocking
  7. i used to like RGB, until i realized .. i dont look at them often
  8. fixed your discord link 6am holly molly, everyone enjoy the event
  9. I have the same fan lol, grant that I am no longer RGB fan anymore
  10. finished saenai movie, and quickly coded this https://imgur.com/a/34QVnPh
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