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TDU2 - Mod Shop

TDU2 mods! New cars, sounds, rims, interior and exterior customisations, environment edits, GUI, Menu and HUD upgrades, plus much more!

  1. Vehicle Mods

    With TDU2 vehicle mods the likes of Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, and many more no longer have to be missing from the game! There may even be some surprises too.
  2. Car Customization Mods

    Add some extra style to the game with these TDU2 customisation mods. With new rims, branded parts, eye-catching liveries, and so much more.

  3. Environment Mods

    The islands in the game are already really good but these TDU2 environment mods can elevate them to an even higher standard in many areas.
  4. Tools / Others Mod

    To add TDU2 mods to the game these tools are required. Find them and the topics explaining how to use them, along with support from other members should help be needed. (please search first)

  5. TDU2 - Support

    Do you need help and answers with your TDU2, like setting up the game, a steering wheel, a gamepad, want to report crashes? This is the place. Make sure to check it out first before you ask, as someone might already had the same issue you're having, and they probably already have a solution.



  • Recent Status Updates

    • cuongzombi1

      who has original mp4_12c file i need it 😞
      · 0 replies
    • stanceyyy  »  Milli

      Hey buddy, whenever I try to download platinum I get an error saying there is no app to download it to? Any ideas? Thanks
      · 0 replies
    • QuickE_Jr  »  Milli

      I download the torrent file but i cant open it. How on earth am i going to install it. I have watched the guys video 9000 times but I don't have the same thing as him.
      · 1 reply
    • Dave2496  »  Milli

      Hey Milli, I installed the game as of yesterday, but I've had issues with the game not launching after playing it first time after pc boot up...
      So now, for me to play it again, I have to reboot my pc so as to launch the game. Can you help me with this, it's getting pretty annoying.
      PS: I'm running on tdupe v. 1.0
      · 0 replies
    • LDG  »  Nick1999

      With your Megapack thing, I recently reinstalled the game and got some cars from my previous save back.
      Some of the others are that maroon/yellow placeholder that looks like an Audi.
      I originally used a key someone bought back in the day.
      How can I obtain the rest of the Megapack's cars?
      · 1 reply
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