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  4. Hello, I used to play this game waay back in the day and recently I have felt the urge to come back to it. However, I don't have the original copy of the game. Could you please tell me how/where can I download the original game? Thank you!
  5. I cant Access the Lexus And Ferrari Dealers Whenever i set a route it reroutes me to some random place
  6. Last week
    Ac Cobra the brakes are weak and stayed! I mean, need to fix it
  7. Im using tdupe&tdumt&tduut configuration for adding cars. Maybe my problem with tduf is fixed at next update. I also tried on another computer, still didnt work. Most likely there is an issue with the game version, or it could be a java related issue.Thank you for your help
  8. Sorry I've no clue. My last guess was you're using TDU Gold which is different from original dvd and was likely to cause issues. You may otherwise try with the command line tools to unpack database manually.
  9. There are some missing DLC cars on my game like the Cadillac Cien, Murciélago Roadster, Saturn Curve, etc. Can anyone help me with this issue? (srry bad english)
  10. This folder is empty, there is nothing inside C:\Users\LANETB~1\AppData\Local\Temp\libUnlimited-databaseBank5836824573108046309 Im using a standart tdu dvd but now im downloading a cracked tdu gold, I guess there's nowhere to buy tdu anymore so i hope the cracked one works EDIT: The gold version didn't work either dude. Im very confused.. what could be the problem
  11. I can't open the dfiles 1.8 link for some reason, can someone help me in this
  12. According to logs the issue appears after unpacking database, e.g if you check file at location: C:\Users\LANETB~1\AppData\Local\Temp\libUnlimited-databaseBank5836824573108046309 It should exist with other files related to database. So something in your game edition makes the tool unable to read the unpacked files. Don't you have a TDU gold by any chance?
  13. Lets try the debug thing. How to enable debug logs. EDIT: Ok, i enabled debug mode. Database editor log is very long. I understood nothing from these text, you must be a very smart man djey. Thank you for helping me
  14. That is not related to windows 10 for sure, and my database is the exact copy of the one provided by TDU platinum. So you can get it from the latest update. Best thing is definitely to enable debug logs in TDUF to know what's going on. Ps: d3d9.dll file is not meant to be in this folder
  15. I even tried installing a new game and doing a clean setup, still gave the same error. Could it be a bug with the Windows 10 version? I have an idea, can you send me your own database folder? It would be perfect if it works. this is my database folder:
  16. That's an unknown issue, never happened before I guess. If there were errors, the DatabaseEditor logs would contain them... To see more logs, that may help: https://github.com/djey47/tduf/wiki/Settings#debugging Something makes your database uncompatible with TDUF and it's hard to tell without any information. Otherwise with using TDUF in command line mode and try extracting database manually: https://github.com/djey47/tduf/wiki/Banks-CLI TDUF FULL package is required to run as command line (from cmd.exe).
    Hi, just started to TDU II, and I see you have so many mods. Can you tell me what does ''stage'' mean and what does the ''seasons'' change? Thx
  17. Good morning to all. So, no advise to solve my weird issue? With best regards.
  18. I wish clubs would come out soon I have 13 mil and I want to get club level 3
  19. Hello milli I want to ask you a question. How did you determine the prices of the cars?
  20. Hello I tried the java versions you mentioned but didn't work. DatabaseEditor Log: VehicleInstaller Log: I can't understand why it's not working, I'm so confused. Tdu Modding Tools is working but Tduf is not working. I also tried with embedded java but its not working too. Also database checking mode is not working too
  21. I have installed Java: jre1.8.0_241 , jre1.8.0_301 and jdk-12.0.2 Try this. What do the TDUF logs (DatabaseEditor.log, VehicleInstaller.log) contain?
  22. View File Ford GT Sound Demo: Submitter KseNon_435 Submitted 09/17/2021 Category Car customization  
  23. Hello, Tdu Modding Tools is working nice. But Tduf is not working (I tried all versions). Im very confused . Hello tduf is on desktop. The game is on Program Files x86, I tried moving it but it still didn't work.
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