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  2. Hi Milli, the error happened with both TDU PE and Modding Tools, but I just tried using TDUF, on a suggestion you made to ABC83 and it seems to be working ok. It is a bit more comlex than using TDU PE and Modding Tools but it is worth it. so again THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH. You ROCK...
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  4. That's weird. I wonder what I'm doing wrong for me to be unable to request an instant challenge.
  5. Hey, did you disable the ability to do instant challenges? I've been trying to do an instant challenge with an AI racer by flashing my headlights at them, but nothing happens.
  6. That might be a thing. Although, i gave up, i was losing my nerves about it, and it's not really a Platinum problem, i can't save the whole mankind. I will just start a new game in my "Milli" online account and keep the Dark one fully complete.
  7. Thats odd. If you can connect normally with your existing profile, then the only thing I can think of is the server blocking your ip from registering too many new accounts.. like some sort of spam filter. Maybe resetting and changing your ip might do something.
  8. hello, how to disable the auto-flip? And off road? to run in the grass or mountain
  9. You won't find a CD-Key here. And you should have it, since it's recommended to use a legal copy of TDU.
  10. Yesterday
  11. By using TDU PE? Try to play the game without other things open, such as Spotify, Chrome... No you can't. That's TDU. Apparently it has an error, because the database exceeded the 1000 car count. I knew about TDUPE having such error with 1000+ modded TDU, but thought it would be fine as long as i don't make TDUPE read 1000 cars. But that seems to not be the case. There is a solution, but it is troublesome. - Open TDUPE, mod it as you like. - Save and close. - Open TDU Modding Tools and extract the CarPhysicsData.db from the DB.bnk - Decrypt it, using TDU UT. - Change the total car count to 1105 - Save and close. - Encrypt it using TDU UT. - Replace the CarPhysicsData.db with the modded one, inside the DB.bnk - Run the game. Or, you could use TDUF, which in my opinion, once you get used to how it looks, it's a much better and efficient tool.
  12. Yo Mili your mod is fantastic but I need mod activation code because I can't play w/o this code
  13. Could you also add this to the Downloads section of this website for others with beefy PC's?
  14. Hi. If i open TDUPE2.77 i can't no longer enter the game. Can anyone tell me why this happen and the way to fix it? The weird thing is that i dont even change any value, just simply open and close TDUPE. It's the third time it happens. Happen aagain, this time i tried to change one value. Close TDUPE and cant launch the game, no error appear. Its not possible use TDUPE?
  15. I don't get any errors, the game just freezes at connecting to TestDrive servers...
  16. damn, thanx!, have a lot of cars!, but, the auto-flip is annoying, how to disable it? and the off road? to run in grass
  17. heyy dudes, is possible run in the grass? i mean, off road mod? or disable grass effect?, a trainer, something?
  18. Thats weird. Are you typing in different emails and passwords? Using a different email for each profile, and retyping the pw on each attempt might do something. When I was trying out different names, when I reticked the gamespy box, I got "The password you entered was invalid." , which was kind of strange because it wasn't abnormal or anything. Anyway, I kept manually retyping the pw on latter attempts and it went through.
  19. So it is really not Platinum related. It's probably my computer, somehow.
  20. I managed to get a new profile working online just now. I tried a few names, got different messages at times: "The password you entered was invalid." "This nickname is already in use with another password." Then I got one through. After the rookie race and going back to the house, it said I could freeroam online.. but no one was showing up on the map. So I restarted and now its working fine.
  21. Hey guys! I just picked up TDU1 and installed this mod after seeing the several posts online (elsewhere and here) about it. I've played TDU2 quite a bit but never had the chance to play the first, and now I can see why it's considered to be so much better. Everything seems to be working from the mod side just fine--but is there any potential fix for what seems to be the memory leak that causes the game to slow down/drop frames to nothing after ~20 minutes of play? I've got 16gb DDR4, i5 4690k, GTX1080, but the game still comes to a crawl. Shortly after that, roads stop loading/textures disappear from upcoming roadside elements. I know it's much more to do with the game/my setup somehow than this actual mod, but does anyone have any advice? Either way, the game's been a blast for the short while I can play it!
  22. Hi Milli,the error happens with vanilla Platinum...
  23. Have you tried on a clean install? You use some kind of modified executable, maybe it creates some issues.
  24. You know, there have been a record amount of people on today.. I saw 165 earlier and 150 just now. Maybe new profiles aren't going through atm. Just a guess.
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