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  2. very important discovery open tduexe [nocd version=11.976mb] via hexeditor and mod the following lines B7C330 00 00 80 BF CD CC CC BE 00 00 80 BF 00 00 00 00 B7C340 80 BF CD CC CC BE 00 41 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B7C370 CD CC CC BE 00 00 80 BF CD CC CC BE 00 00 00 00
  3. Weird user have to use VPN, i read that protonvpn.com have free service and it is reliable provider (i am using their mail and fan of this company), but i think better is to setup own VPN server because one can open port 8889 and connect more players properly.
  4. Thanks I will try I already run out of ideas tvm Seems like that unblocked my connection or something it works again now thank you man, billion times thank you!
  5. Yesterday
  6. TDU (project paradise) may require you to connect via VPN for online profile creation. Depending on your location. Not needed afterwards.
  7. Hi, i've a problem with Universal Launcher. When i change game folder and run game it asks me the serial number. I don't know how to install and play with mods without the serial number . Can you help me??
  8. Im new here, thanks all the people involved in this game, the truly king of free roam racing for me, since 2006 it has been and now even more I have a this problem I hope someone can share me some light because I don't have any idea and I ve like reinstalled the game and Platinum mod like 7 times by now, the thing is I'm gonna try to be very detailed with my situation to see if can be helped I was playing this like for years, installed several times trough time never have a single problem, then I tried this new other massive mod, didnt worked propperly, cars invisible, soo i went back to platinum, I didnt make a backup because I never got a problem instaling from zero, ok I Install base game, then add platinum, everything ok till I create the online profile, I create it, game starts to load from start again and freezes with the quote "connecting to test drive servers"... The thing is if I make and offline profile, the game works perfectly, only the online profile it's the problem, kind of thought could be my internet but I was playing like yesterday without any problem, thought could be the firewall, but first I give permission when it's asked, then I tried put TDU manually on the list of firewall... I installed the base game from 3 different resources, every time deleting it from the firewall (even disable the firewall) and I don't know what it could be... I'm thinking maybe installing windows again will do the trick but I rather do it as last resources... Please if someone knows what the problem is or anything possible that could help I would be infetively gratefull Ialready saw a few people have the same issue before here but there wasnt any response, like in page 30 or something like that... also to point that the game freezes there and there is no response, dosnt crash and close, just stay freeze there saying "trying to connect test drive servers" and I need to open the task admin to close it...
  9. i have 2 questions : wheres the 1.9 link?? and also, how do i install this? like, in what order each build xd
  10. Last week
  11. Hello! I am new to TDU2 modding and now got everything up and running. However, i do not understand how i can apply the Dense Vegitation. There are many folders inside and some are named like specific locations. I thought this would apply dense vegitation to everywhere. Also why are the folder split up by type of flower? Are only those flowers affected? Can i use all of them at the same time? Thank you for this mod!
  12. Earlier
  13. Long time no news in here. Passing by to tell that work is being made, at slow pace, but it ain't forgotten, it hasn't ended yet. It will take a long time, but i ask you guys to be patient, once again. If you'll all trust me and my work, this may worth the wait, hopefully. lol
  14. It's asking you to activate your game with a valid serial code.
    Amazing but I get ERR:3 in exploration. Not sure why. Also the exploration patch doesn't seem to work. I think the game says it's on QA Patch v034 16 or something.
  15. I can't get the game to run, every time I try to start the game a pop up comes up and says "This software must be authenticated online prior to use. For activation a valid serial number and an active Internet connection is required." I have no idea what I am supposed to do about this, as this has never been an issue with the game before.
    I'm enjoying the mod thus far. Although, I've ran into an issue where I cant get past the Rival race with Miami Harris. Every time I beat her upon restarting the game it asks me to race her again.
  16. i think tduexe from line B27410 to B274C0 has something.at the moment i made all these lines 00000
  17. You have the possibility to add up to 10 custom cars. Milli included this option excatly for those cases. So pick up all the original Saleen files, rename them to Custom_1... files in the concerning folders (vehicles, rims, sound, etc). And with TDUF you can manage the Custom_1... physics at all like export the original physics and import to Custom_1.... car.
  18. I think i wrote this before @Milli: If you ever release an Update for Platinum it would be really nice if you add the original Saleen S7 back again in your project. ^^ The only reason i play 99% Vanilla TDU is because the S7 is my favorite car and i don't like it in Platinum. I need the original sound and the original physics in it. Well, at least its a request....^^
  19. A happy week, these new updates have given greater acceptance by many people, since the improvements of these new tools are quite good and worth using. They are currently called Google Workspace FREE Desamark and they are the best for freelancers or freelancers who work in the virtual field is an excellent advantage to use.
  20. Had this pack installed but a lot of cars was missing and some were seriously broken. Followed the instructions to the letter but still huge problems. Any idea?
  21. Greetings to all of you, every day we can have digital tools that facilitate work, whether in class or office work, with the best access to the internet, storage and everything related to live meetings. They are updates from Google that have given a better management at the time of the people who access these useful tools, they can know much more here Google Workspace promo code Desamark.
  22. I don't know if somebody reported this before, but the Pagani Huayra BC has a Project CARS license plate that looks kind of out of place.
  23. I got a steering wheel (180 degrees) 90 on each side to play tds 1 so the inputs are not like in game i turn it slightly left it doesnt move and if i do more then it goes like more left i was trying so much diffrent settings it didnt help so here are my settings
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