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  4. did you replace the database with the modded one?
  5. Even if my game works again after making modifications, the bots remain slow despite cars that are more efficient than me. In addition, they go straight on heavy braking to negotiate left or right turns.
  6. eagle_2k


  7. My 6-core Ryzen laptop with 1650 GPU keeps having the same issue. I tried all the solutions but it keeps messing up on the map screen. We have to wait for a fix from the developer(s). A permanent fix. I guess an improved installer could fix this issue/these issues by applying the needed patches to specific systems. No matter what, Atari did not leave anything to desire to be lend or borrowed. The attitude with broke game developers is the same as with enriched developers. If I look at the shitty issues a game like GTA5 Online has. I quit playing that game and asked Rockstar to purge my level 400 character. The perspective here is that Rockstar don't give a shit about the players and neither did Atari. Rest in peace! I have other things to do
    True classic comes back... one of the best G group of all time. Nice work done, solid sound quality.
    Very catchy 289ci-V8 rumble! Finally a proper old-gen Mustang sound...well put together. Raw and spirited driving paradise. Thank You! BTW.. Is possible to make a '98-02 Firebird WS6 sound pls? Theres no such mod (heard the best samples from Forza Motorsport 5) and your skills are appreciated! Peace and stay strong.
  8. Last week
    This one 4G63 feels very sharp, good balanced volume brings fun to play experience at its best. Well, for me this one really is an ''Evo's Orchestra''. Hit me in the spot, downshifts always make me smile... got yourselves a FAN4LiFE!
    This one similar to the previous for the Gallardo, except on downshift it has some disagreeable "cuts".
  9. i dont have such issue maybe it is fxini? FX.ini
  10. If anyone is like "damn who is who, I literally have no idea who they are but they seem to have been around forever" then check out my "about me" tab. The TL;DR is that you may know me as Crazed Dodgem and i used to be a mod here 😁

    1. dude, the screenshots look insane for a TDU title. Compared to old titles obviously. I mean in the grand scheme of things it looks like an average video game detail amount, but for TDU this is truly revolutionary. Can't wait, honestly. Let's just hope the game will be worth playing despite being pretty (totally not a The Crew reference, no no)
    2. A little update for y'all since I haven't seen it mentioned here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1249970/view/3192501139825395531 The biggest take home is that TDU: Solar Crown has been delayed until 2023. That obviously sucks, but honestly i've been waiting 15 years for a good sequel to TDU sorry not sorry so an extra year in the oven for a game which has already had a very long development (We first learned about it's development 5 years ago when diablo was still running the show) is totally fine to me. Honestly I'm still surprised we're getting one at all. With that, they've also cancelled Xbox One and PS4 versions, which as someone involved in Game Dev myself is actually good news. The last gen consoles are now severely hamstrung by nearly 10 year old hardware, and removing that constraint means the game can really push the boundaries, with multiple potential benefits such as more players, more traffic, a more detailed world, smarter AI, better physics, better particle effects, more impressive weather effects and no hacky optimisations. I much prefer that to the current trend of giving a last gen game HDR, 60fps and higher res rextures, then calling the job done. In Happier news there's some good updates there too. They've given a number of 550km of roads, which exceeds even the most optimistic predictions of youtubers who analysed HK island in detail, so that's pretty funky. They've also made some nods towards realism, which is pretty hecking cool. I hope they really put that WRC engine to good use, as pure speculation maybe the delay even means that the WRC team themselves will work on it after WRC Generations comes out, on account of them losing the WRC Franchise License to EA/Codemasters. One can dream. Closing out, they've also mentioned a Beta, which probably means "Server load testing a month before release" if the current trend of "Betas" is followed, but it does give a hope of playing a tiny bit earlier than everyone else. There's also some concept art of the clubhouses. I'm glad to see TDU: SC's humans still look like the same animated barbie dolls that they've always looked like in TDU games See y'all next year I guess, hopefully i see some of the other dinosaurs who have showed their faces here again
    3. It's done as you said but since I modified the game code, TDU1 Project Paradise version doesn't launch anymore. Once it starts, a few moments later, it closes for no reason
    4. here i upload a brief video tutorial how to mod the tduexe Screen_Recorder+_20220524081639.mp4
    5. POE currency is when we play the Path of Exile game, if you need to buy equipment or the character you need, you need to use POE currency. Having a lot of POE currency will make it easier for players to level up and win games in the game. More and more players now need a lot of POE currency because it saves them time and makes it easier for them to win games.
    6. View File 65-73' Ford Mustang Sound Mod TDU1 A sound mod for Ford Mustangs typically in between 1965-1973. To install replace the bnk file in Euro/Bnk/Sound/Vehicules (Make sure to back up original file in case of dissatisfaction) Sound by Turn10 Studios Submitter EJS5000 Submitted 05/23/2022 Category Vehicle  
    7. Much thanks that you keep my mod and upload this after all this years.
    8. salut ^^ t'embete pas met l'executable sur steam de la tu pourra modifier le controller via steam c'est ce que je suis entrain de faire en ce moment avec une manette de one X
      Thank you very much again! PS: I am glad you also patched other Gallardos sounds, knowing it is the same range car & using same base engine (from Audi R8), so, that makes senses to patch those. Even the Huracan could be, as the engine is an evolution of it, but sound in real life could be a bit different depends on the exhaust & model.
    9. Version 1.0.0


      A sound mod for Ford Mustangs typically in between 1965-1973. To install replace the bnk file in Euro/Bnk/Sound/Vehicules (Make sure to back up original file in case of dissatisfaction) Sound by Turn10 Studios
    10. We checked with the author of the mod you uploaded and they requested we delete it, which we have done.

        Absolutely amazing mod!! 5/5 plus my seal of approval!! Three thing I would love to ask, just like this: In the mod pack, will there be re-winnable championships/ is there a current estimate on the amount of cars there could be on the full release of the mod pack?/ would there be championships for B2/B1/C2/C1 at some point? Thanks so much!! You guys and the modding community all are legends!
      1. Nissan: nissan r33 nismo s-tune - nissan skyline r32 gts-t - Silvia s13 - another s13 - Silvia S14 zenki - Silvia S14 Kouki Mitsubishi: Galant vr4 Toyota: toyota altezza 2.0 not 2jz - toyota mrs - toyota chaser tourer 5 - mark 2 JZX110 Honda: civic fk8 - civic fk2 - civic at - civic eg - honda accord - Civic EP - CRX Si-R You should definitely add silvia s14 zenki and kouki especially, they are both very nice mods. Thank you for everything Milli
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