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  3. I have been looking for a used truck in Irvine, California, which is easy on the pocket. I have purchased a used truck earlier From carindigo.com, but I am confused, should I sell this truck and buy the 2021 Ford F 250, which is coming soon? I have no issues with my current F 150 truck but I really like the new one.

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  7. i have your VK page your mods are awesome. but i downloaded this and my car is just white color. in autopack there is a lot of car skins with .dds format and i don't know how to use them...
  8. It might also be you have installed something wrong. Check the first post and closely follow the guides. I've never seen that view in my game, there are always details on the horizon and near-distance. Your screenshot is missing textures.
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  10. same problem with me in 2020 after updating the WIN 10. The program cant start because xinput1_3.dll file is missing. how to fix that.
  11. can anyone tell me how to insatll the mod step by step m new here
  12. tentatively in (if full i will drop out), I feel like this kinda event you can just use main forum and calendar (for better exposure) all cops players should be in voice chat to coordinate blocking
  13. How are the experiments going? I also just bought it myself in my game ... And I rode a little ... I took the machine config from here - https://www.supercars.net/blog/2001-ruf-911-rturbo/ Correctly. So it should be with them! The best virus protection is a smart gasket between the monitor and the chair! As well as the most important part in a car - the gasket between the steering wheel and the seat! Although, this is not so often the case ...
  14. Ok thanks for letting me know! i also actually finally got it working by just telling windows protection to ignore it XD
  15. good job! 加油(ง •̀_•́)ง等着大家在火奴鲁鲁重逢的那一天!
  16. @flipywap , most likely antiviruses swear at the "CAMERA_HACK.exe" program file! Well, of course, as soon as these pseudo-antiviruses see a program that can intercept a signal from a game, they immediately call it a virus! Antiviruses don't have enough intelligence for more! Don't worry, there are no viruses there!
  17. ok so im trying to download this and google chrome keeps on saying its a virus, but i know its not cause this tool is used for ingame stuff, seems pretty strange...
  18. I've attached it to the original post.
  19. Please use the RSVP tools if you can make it. First in, first served. If all 8 places are filled, say hi on the #tdu channel of our Discord just before the event is due to begin, just in case someone doesn't turn up.
  20. There seemed to be more interest from the US compared to the UK this time, so I've rescheduled the event to what is hopefully a more convenient time. I've also added it to a calendar which will allow members to see their own timezone and also RSVP directly. You can also subscribe to the event to be reminded before it begins.
  21. Game Test Drive Unlimited 1 'Platinum' Event One player runs and tries to reach the destination, along a loosely-defined route up the east coast. The other players chase and try to stop the suspect. If one suspect fails, another takes his place. Preparation Before attempting to join on Sunday, please make sure: The game and Platinum mod are installed, patched, and launch correctly. You are able to sign in to your online profile. You have purchased a car that suits the theme and performance group described below. You have download and in
  22. I cannot join sadly, but I have shared it in the TDU Zone Discord. Have fun everyone!
  23. i am sooo hyped for this mod, it will bring back all the fun
  24. Here, try ... I added Enzo there ... In the test base, import these settings into the appropriate machines. ImportExport.rar Here, I shot another short video about the car's steering.
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