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  3. Sorry if I reappear this late. Nice to see that also someone else experimented with the values. I wanted to change it because I am used to do so in sim racing, and if I wanted to give it a go in using the wheel again in TDU, I wanted to set the correct FOV based on my monitor setup.
  4. thats why people should use paypal business transactions only in cases like this. and never ever agree on any other payment method.
  5. So i ordered a mod for more than a month ago from Johny01 or in VK known as Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] and the person nor hasnt completed the mod nor did they bother writing me back on details of their work or if they had any life problems and couldnt finish on time and ofcourse didnt refund any money. I am making this thread so anyone will know and wont waste time and money with certain people like it happened to me, Have a good day folks.
  6. Hello how to add custom cars without crashed to start game for what to put custom car performace the game not works
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  8. Hi Please could someone assist me with Platinum crashing directly after the menu is displayed? I use an original TDU disk to install and copied over all the Platinum folders. I am using the saved game form the original TDU. I see the screen with the red NSX, thereafter the menu screen is displayed and is supposed to show the character sitting in the last visited house. Instead the screen is completely white but I can leave the house, the animation of the character driving out is not shown and instead the car is placed in an empty field but the background colours ,clouds, the aeroplane are all working fine. The car cannot move and the mini map is just blue showing where the car is with lines showing the road. Please advise as I could play Platinum perfectly previously but now that I reinstalled Windows 10 and TDU, platinum just crashes. The original TDU works fine though. Thank You Umang
  9. Hi, 1. Are you launching from the Project Paradise .exe file? I know it's somewhat of a dumb question, but when I tried TDU Platinum for the first time, launching from any other .exe TDU files usually caused problems for me in my experience. 2. Did you check the GameSpy ID checkbox? You need to do that in order to play online at all. If not, there's a video showing how to convert your offline profile to online. I would link the one I used, but it also includes a hacking exploit that I don't think would be supported by the forums here. Just type on YouTube TDU Unlimited - How to install and play online and you'll find multiple results. 3. Are you playing on the most up-to-date patch? Updating your files from the latest patch may help. 4. If all of that fails, I would say back-up/copy your profile data, and then completely re-install the game fresh, and then apply TDU Platinum's latest patch and try again.
  10. Update: 48 hours later @Milli Ahh, that makes sense. I did see some people saying that RAM might have been a factor for why frames were dropping. Thanks for the clarification! So I went ahead and replaced the 4GB executable files, and honestly since then, no crashes. I've played for about 2 hours straight today, and no crashes to report since then. I think I got TDU Platinum all sorted out at this point. And even if there were any crashes that were to happen in the future, I don't think it would affect me that such, seeing as TDU saves every time you finish an event. To any whom it might concern: If you are having these similar issues I was experiencing earlier, the first thing I would do is set the FPS cap to around 90 FPS or lower, as that seemed to help quite a lot with play-ability and you won't have stupid invisible police cars give you a hard time. You can do that through NVIDIA Control Panel or MSI Afterburner. Also, the 4GB executable file replacement is also a must-do. **If you are playing on a gaming-laptop like me - This is more of an option (you should probably do this when you buy the laptop on day one), and this probably doesn't even do much to help with playing on TDU Platinum, but I really would suggest doing some under-voting if you're seeing temperatures go over high 80s to 90s like me. It'll at least reduce the likelihood of thermal throttling, give you some extra FPS on games, and you might learn a thing or two as well. Thanks @Milli and @MagicV8 for helping me and giving some tips. Hopefully, this is the last update I'll post about having any problems. *crosses fingers*
  11. Use the 4gb executables. It is a must. It will be a standard update for update 1.13. The original TDU.exe had the bottleneck of 1gb of ram usage, but unfortunately, some mods require more, and that's what is causing the fps drop. It is the original tdu.exe limit. With the 4gb executables, that cap is raised to 4gb of ram. And you don't need HD FX tweak at the paradise launcher, that was a feature for normal TDU, for Platinum, you better leave it Off, as i managed to get the same effect, working in the weather, and it even saved some fps on my laptop.
  12. Update: Around 24 hours later - Part 2 Okay, so after I posted, I decided to do a little bit more research before I went to sleep, and I discovered for the invisible police cars, the problem seems to lie that any FPS above 90 would cause the AI cars to either drive erratically and cause police cars to turn invisible. So I updated my graphics driver, went into the NVIDIA Control Panel and turned on the FPS Cap to 90 and now, no more erratic AI or stupid invisible police cars. The only downside I would say is that since I have a laptop with a 144hz screen, there is a noticeable difference from the usual 144 FPS I was accustomed to, but now the game feels a lot more optimized and playable. Also no crashes for the 40 minutes I tested this. As said before, I'll try replacing some files to see if that makes the crashing go away or at least become less frequent. Good night.
  13. @MagicV8 Thanks for the tip. I'll try replacing the files after work tomorrow. Update: Around 24 hours later I've crashed a couple more times, but not on a timely basis like before. It was in random situations. First time was when I tried entering a dealership, and as soon as I pressed the "Confirm" button, it just went complete black screen and I had to restart my laptop. Second time was when I went to look behind me while I was racing (pressing the invert/look back button), the game just froze and crashed... again... had to restart the laptop as I couldn't access Task Manager. Third time was when I was going back to my house/garage and when I pressed the "Confirm" button, again... crash. But I've totaled about 12 hours into the game now, and those are the only crashes I can think of that happened so far. Also... is there a way to fix the invisible police cars? I would say that's my biggest gripe about the game... more than the crashes. I know it's a problem that existed pretty much since day one and after some patches, and I looked around but I haven't been able to find a way to fix it besides just deleted all traffic and police from the game completely.
  14. I can confirm this. Just experienced it today and replicated what is described here 1:1. Though, I closed the game through task manager, rebooted and the race was still counted as completed so at least driving over the finish line registers it so once done, you won't ever have to do it again.
    all great but..... where is the 2step tuning for the cars and how the cars 2step in game?
  15. In the lastet Update of the Millis Platinum patch (v, 1.12) there is a "Extra" folder, within you will find another "4gb Executables" folder. Backup your actual files and replace them with the ones inside that folder. Milli says, this may help. Others say, deactivating the "steering wheel" in the game launcher could help. This does not work with me or my friend. To us it seems, that this game crashes happen with at least some mods by Miha2795. But we haven't tested all mods by him yet.
  16. Update: 3 hrs later - My experience with TDU Platinum So I played through the game a little more, anxiously waiting to see and time when and where the crashes would happen. I also decided to fiddle with my laptop CPU settings a bit, as looking at my CPU temps, they always hit 90 degrees or above, so I thought maybe it could be that my CPU was overheating. After doing a BIOS flash and undervolt to -0.150 mV, I saw that my temps were averaging about high 70s C to mid 80s C (pretty decent improvement). So I started TDU up once again, and then the same thing happened, crash after about 10-20 minutes of playing (FPS drops down to 30 to 20 to 10 to 1 FPS, and then crashes/black screens). I was about ready to just completely give up as I didn't want it to keep crashing and keep reloading the game. As anxious and hopeless as I was to start up the game again, I did so only with the hope that maybe something different would happen out of pure luck. After playing the game for a total of an hour or so, I finally bought a new house and a new car (S15 Silvia ) , and then I continued to race and before I knew it, I realized I played for an hour and a half and I noticed the game hadn't crash a single time since then (knock on wood). So after doing a bit of research, I found out that some people have been reporting that when they use certain cars (like the R32 GTR), their game will crash. So my guess is I was experiencing a similar problem, as after I sold my first car (being a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo), I haven't had a crash since then. To the developer(s) of TDU Platinum, I thank you for creating such an amazing mod for a great nostalgic game. I hope you read this and it will continue to help you improve your mod. When I crashed: Settings: No undervolt Car: FIAT 20V Coupe Project Paradise - V-Sync Enabled, HD FX tweak enabled, Fuel Mode enabled, Big .bnk enabled, (everything else disabled) When I didn't crash: Settings: Undervolt -0.150 mV Car: S15 Silvia, Mazda Savanna GT-X RX-7 (FC), EVO VIII Project Paradise - V-Sync Enabled, SD FX tweak enabled, Fuel mode disabled, Big .bnk enabled, everything else disabled **Note: At the time of this post, I am/was not sober. Trying to find out why TDU Platinum kept crashing stressed me out.
  17. I just got TDU Platinum up and working and I've been enjoying it but every 10 minutes or so, the framerate just drops dramatically to eventually like 1FPS, and then it crashes. I have a gaming laptop with a I7-9750H (6C, 12T) with a RTX 2060 and 16GB RAM, which should be more than ample to run TDU Platinum. Anybody know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? Also note: Before I got Platinum, I had the 1.66A Patch with the Megapack and I didn't experience any FPS issues or stutters.
  18. Hi everyone, I recently downloaded test drive unlimited project paradise and I wanted to know how to add new cars, could someone kindly help me out? Thanks for support
  19. Hello From Algeria Pleass I Want Mod Golf 7 Pleass Help me 

  20. Hi guys, so basically i just installed the patch update and offline nothing happens. Still the same cars and everything. but when i made a new profile and went online, i saw all the new cars and was wondering how do i make my original profile to be online? thanks guys,
  21. Its for download custom car to install n the "bike"dealer in the airport & the highway not buy without car install
  22. My tdu Platinum Online doesn't work, it says the servers are unavailable and when I create my account it loads and closes... What can it be?
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  24. Yes, install the update correctly. You probably haven't put all the files. Re-download the update, and install it.
  25. Thanks, it seems like the car is missing for me in the dealership, since there is a space between the 300 SEL and the BMW 2002. Is there a way to fix this without going backwards to another version?
  26. The 190E is located in German Classics Showroom. To get Evo II, u need to upgrade stock 190E on European Specialist tune shop. Sry for my bad English, hope u understand.
  27. Yes I'm on the most recent version. I just wanna be able to find the 190E Evo II because I've tried nearly every Mercedes in the game to no avail.
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