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  3. Hi everyone. i'm having a problem. Application error 0xc000007b. how to fix this? pls SEND HELPPP
  4. Salut, la prochaine fois en anglais stp, tu peux utiliser un traducteur. Pour ta question le multi sur TDU2 n'est plus actif, les serveurs ont été arrêtés par Atari. Un projet communautaire visant a remettre un serveur est en cours, mais je n'ai pas le statut du projet... --- No, no multi for TDU2 yet... A communautary project is on its way though. Not much information for now.
  5. Yesterday
  6. bonjour a tous je débarque sur TDU2 PC est ce qu 'un multi existe car je ne sais pas ou chercher un jeu que je kiff depuis le jour de sa sortie sur ps3 est que j'ai acheter vu que j'ai maintenant un pc merci d'avance pour vos réponses et bonne routz a tous
  7. Too bad, was interested how it looked Any other interesting TDU mods you have to upload to TDuck? 95% of all download links are dead.
  8. Oh no V8 the collector doesn't have a mod, the world is gonna end
  9. If you have a doubt, always check with @MagicV8 first. Dude has an impressive collection of TDU mods.
  10. Is someone still in possession of this mod? The download link is broken. I would like to upload it to the downloads section of TDuck.
  11. Gallardos went wheel shopping and they have different sounds. Tried to remove the earbleeding loud sounds they had.
  12. No cars replaced in that DLC? And can you send me the invite link to your Discord? Thanks.
  13. Version v0.9.5


    heLLo! You got your dream car and you're driving on the island with a breathtaking sceneries. Driving on Oahu should be all about making you feel special. But wait... washed out, low quality textures somehow manage to ruin that whole paradise experience? Or you are just plain bored with TDU after spending countless hours driving from one end of the island to another? No more! Expect a complete overhaul of TDU world... Island Paradise will breathe a new life into (y)our TDU! Find out why we call it the ultimate environment mod for TDU! Starting from v0.9, due to the community feedback, IP is going to be ''divided'' into two separate installations - Full Edition and Lite Edition. While Lite Edition ''only'' got environment overhaul that should satisfy most of the crowd out there and give them countless hours of fun, Full Edition aims a bit higher. In short, added features like TDU2 GPS map, new GPS hud, IP TDU menu, IP car plate... will give this 4 year old game breath of fresh air. General overhaul will most likely keep you entertained long enough till the real deal, TDU2 come out in few months. And that's not all, as we continue to go toward v1.0, Full Edition will get even more features! So stay tuned! Island Paradise v0.9.5 Introduction [1080p] by GWTBialy Feel free to share/modify as you wish. I'm only asking you to credit me as original author. Thanks! Don't forget to read included info file for more informations. For up2date news about our projects, check out our blog @ http://llpowah.blog.com/ You can contact/add me on Xfire: onlyillusion158 iLLusion Release history 12.12.2010. - v0.9.5 14.11.2010. - v0.9.4 30.10.2010. - v0.9.3 12.10.2010. - v0.9.2 10.10.2010. - v0.9.1 29.09.2010. - v0.9 31.08.2010. - v0.8.9 21.08.2010. - v0.8.8 17.08.2010. - v0.8.7 15.08.2010. - v0.8.6 10.08.2010. - v0.8.5 02.08.2010. - v0.8a 28.07.2010. - v0.8 12.06.2010. - v0.6 15.05.2010. - v0.1 Huuuge thanks goes to: - Djey for his AWESOME tools and his help, - patch for guidelines on how to make scripts for autoinstaller, - edwin for Ensete Ventricosum "Maurelii", Bismarckia Nobilis,Tropical birds, butterflies and newspapers, his help with making Groups for autoinstaller and additional help with the mod, - TurboLag for Reflection Enhancer v0.9, - inteLLigence and iLLegal for their help with bug testing, - killalldude, edwin, patch, Rubie38, ScoobSTi, wagnerpsc, powerslave, Mr. Bean, jorge, Kevin1994, Crimson-7, IDProfile, gkwiatkowski817 for the help with testing, - TheDuck38,Ozzmcom,Viltsua,[email protected],Narwhal,Malakai for their help with some early testing, - and ofcourse to the TDU community for their continuous support!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Small package of amendments to the TDU from 45 different types of roads! The archive contains 45 roads for the island,for the reason of saving space, I did not pack them in CommonWorld for it weighs too much ,I think most of washes to use TDUMT! Author : Eugene (JackNewl)
  15. Well, new cars, "new races", new music, overhauled cars, like Astons have new rims, new sounds... It is more down to detail polishing. As i said in Discord, it feels like a DLC. Lol
  16. That's really neat, Milli! Can you tell us a little bit about the improvements you managed to put in?
  17. The game will still be playable but will be de-listed from the Microsoft Store. Physical copies of the game may be available but do not include much in the way of DLC.
  18. Just a small showcase of what expect from TDU Platinum v2.0.
  19. Guys, progress is happening, at slow pace, since i have even less free time, but TDU Platinum v2.0 (a.k.a former update 1.13 that grew enough to be called v2.0) is happening.
  20. Last week
  21. Some mods require bigbnk feature to be activated. Check it's been selected in project paradise launcher. Or start game with -bigbnk switch if you don't use launcher.
  22. Have problem at dealerships I can see 8 of 10 cars, and the other cars are invisiblei can see all the car specifications, but the car doesn't appear. When buy invisible car game crash. So i try reinstall game and mod with and without patch every time same happen,same error on my other PC when install game and mod, and same with 4gb executable files.
  23. There aren't any public islands off Australia that are full with rich people and supercars. TDU likes to go after that lifestyle as well as just the island.
  24. I think it was cool. No jokes. I think if TDU3 feature ALL the islands (not only Oahu) and make an more vivid and detailed map, then it won't be a problem. TDU:SC Director said that it's an island and it's tropicalistic. So? I think Okinawa and Kyushu would work with the TDU Vibe. They are real richlands with tropicalistic flora, mainly composed by elite-class people. Maybe French Riviera is an great place for TDU:SC. Specially if you consider that it's being developed in France. Altough they don't seem tropicalistic. And i think there are some islands in England that could work too. Altough they also don't seem tropicalistic. Europe is overdone indeed. Altough i gotta admit, i want The Crew 3 in Europe. From Portugal to Russia preferably. But doesn't Australia have small and mid-sized islands that are their territory? IMO Australia deserves more attention in games in general. Well, the only things i want in TDU3 are: *An serious handling and gameplay. *Real Cops, that pursue you when you're over 150KM/h. *And perhaps an "Hot Pursuit" gamemode, for when you want to race outside SC.
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