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  3. View File Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1967-1969 Sound Demo: Submitter KseNon_435 Submitted 01/18/2021 Category Car customization  
  4. I did see this on YouTube running on the Oculus DK 1 with Vorpx apparently. but the footage is from 2016. So i was hoping there would have been some progress since then.
  5. Howdy Y'all! I've been playing around with this mod for a bit and I absolutely adore it! In particular to the sky boxes, those are in it's own freakin' league in all honesty, however there has been one nasty issue that's been happening to me more often than not and I want to see if anyone else is experiencing it as well. In random scattered locations, if you try to "fast travel" to an area or zoom out to see the map in certain locations, as you zoom in or out the game will crash abruptly. There's a few houses that are in these "dead zones" around the map and even the Ford Dealer in t
  6. Yesterday
  7. Welcome to this Community, mate. Good question, this yours... this would be a nice add, I guess. Maybe the devs. here should have something to unveil about. With best regards.
  8. Glad to learn this, mate. If so, please don't forget to give their devs. your appreciation... sure they deserved it. With best regards.
  9. I'm currently trying to make it independent of the TDU2 version. But there is no certainty that it will work. Anyway, don't expect too much and wait for the next version to be released.
  10. Last week
  11. Guest

    TDU2VPE Release

    benim sahip olduğum sürüm v086 build 7 ben bu programı kullanamazmıyım? v34 build 16 sahip değilim
  12. Hey all, guys, do you now anything about mod "TDU2 Ibiza Textures for TDU1 - Environment", it has been deledet. Maybe you have this mod?
  13. Does that mean that the External Color settings don't work? The current version has bugs that may be related. I in the process of getting rid of the bugs, so please wait for the next version release. Please give me a little more information about what, how and what goes wrong. Also, please tell me the model name of the vehicle that does not work.
  14. Guest

    TDU2VPE Release

    neden v34 harici çalışmıyor
  15. Guest

    TDU2VPE Release

    neden v34 harici çalışmıyo
  16. Idk why mine does not work... it does not removing or adding anything and i have Latest TDU2 Version V34 Build 16
  17. Hi Guys, I hope everyone is well. Firstly my apologies if I have posted in the wrong place, it is my first time posting. I wanted to know if anyone knows of Any VR mods or patches for TDU 2? Thanks A
  18. @Djey Could you possibly create a map for this game for me using TDUMT or world editor?
  19. Or at least can someone tell us where is the longest straight with the least amount of bumps and curves? i really wish to create some drag races and test cars against ai drivers but bots always slow down even in the easiest turns.
  20. I installed the car packages where I needed to. but for something I don't understand, Ibiza Island is a western Italian car showroom, what are you looking for in a Renault Clio v6 car ??
  21. Hi. I would be really grateful if someone could make me a completely strait open road map for TDU, because I really want to test out the top speed of cars and have fun without turns or walls getting in the way. If someone could either create me a map, or mod the TDU map and take out the off-road and obstacles it would be most appreciated. Many thanks
  22. I had the fog issue with Patch 1.12, although I was using a copy of TDU I downloaded from a site called Steam Unlocked which was proberly the issue. I'm now playing with the properly installed version that comes from Thunder's youtube video and the fog issue hasn't been a thing since. Can report a new issue though, the one ebenmes mentioned where the game hangs up after finishing a race and all you can do is pause the game, and with the Fiat too nevertheless. Really enjoying this mod so far otherwise, you done this game proud.
  23. 1 - TDU only allows you to buy the prize cars once. If you sell it, or want to get 2 of them, you can't buy it again. Multiple prize cars allow you to buy them again. But it glitches a few menus in the gameplay, so i recommend you to use it after you complete the game. 2 - update the game to patch 1.12, it has a reworked weather system that won't give you fog weather everytime you start the game. TDU time cycle is slower than most games.
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