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  2. The solution is to use the 4gb executable, provided in the update patch, inside the folder Extra.
  3. this mod crashes on my friend s pc on windows 10,its because of that d3d9.dll file,when its out of the folder,it works,but when its in,it has black screen for 3 seconds and then crashes to desktop,anybody can provide a fixed project paradise d3d9.dll for windows 10 so we can play online?
  4. Is that so? the only car that i currently have is a Fiat Coupe Pininfarina, could it be that the car may be broken on its own? UPDATE: So the issue may persist until a couple of minutes and make the game return back to normal but it's extremely rare from my previous attempts, in this case: the game returned back to normal but ONCE again, the issue if i should call it issue returned again after a couple of minutes; but this time only limiting itself to slowing down the game to 10 FPS To be honest, this is getting real annoying, if you find any fixes, please let me know as soon as possible.
  5. Me and a friend are having same experience with some mods by Miha2795 like Porsche 911 Speedster or Nissan GT-R (R34) for example. Someone told it would help (perhaps, for some time) to "hide the wheel" in game launcher, but not for me.
  6. Hello there, can i ask for some solutions, i'm having this nasty issue that makes the game crash after playing for a while, the symptoms with it are that it slows down to merely 5 FPS, the traffic cars get glitched out, the map starts erasing on its own (roads all over the place, voids and texture glitches) and like i said, entering a race or a building will make the game crash, kinda problematic if i were to play the endurance races with that issue, does anybody know a solution? running on the latest update
  7. Yesterday
  8. i see,anyway,is there a windows 10 fix for project paradise online,because when it launches game,it crashes to desktop,its for my friend since hes an windows 10 user,its d3d9.dll file related
  9. So i was browsing through my mods library and suddenly came across a mod that i dont see in this forum Its a Pagani Zonda Cinque tuned (looks nice actually) Replaces: Pagani Zonda Cinque or any other zonda for that matter Converted: SKK Enjoy fellas https://www.mediafire.com/file/uuuj4g8v90f5x2q/Pagani_Zonda_Cinque_-_86CB.rar/file
  10. some mods, such as mine, turn on all the lights by pressing high beam. Very ghetto solution, but just put a coin between L and O (concidering high beam is on L in your game) to keep the lights on.
  11. Platinum doesn't come with it on its own, but you can download it separately here:
  12. Last week
  13. sorry for doublepost,but does this mod also have day/night cycle?
  14. I had that happen to me pre-Platinum; I was never able to get rid of it. But, one thing I didn't try was to sell it from the house, in the trade menu. Try that and lmk if it works. If not, then you gotta revert to a backup save, or start a new game/profile.
  15. you must use TDUPE 2.5 (For Bikes) that is part of the Platinum download
  16. is there any way to get rid of this car? whenever i want to sell it my game crashes. Also it somehow managed to get into my garage.
  17. yeah, I know, that's what I looked for, but again, the list it shows is the official one, the list of cars the game had when it was released. No custom 1
  18. is there going to be opel brand cars in this mod or hummer in future?
  19. On the list you must go to the car you have replaced, say Custom 1, and then import the Ferrari F8 Performance pack to that spot. On the list it will still say Custom 1 but when you load that car and then click the name editor tab, it will show Ferrari F8
  20. That tool doesn't work, it shows me the official list of cars
  21. alright much thanks for the support i guess they left those 10 spaces for us to add our custom favorite cars among the 800s and up for us haha
  22. I guess not, but Milli has to say. Ingame are last 10 free slots for custom modding available, so you can include upto 10 mods by yourself.
  23. will they be added in future patches or something?
  24. is there an amg c63 black series or the s65 coupe(the 2 door version)
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