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  2. Seems like a problem with the mod files. Start again with a clean TDU install and, after, a clean install of the mod, caring of following all the instruction perfectly.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi milli (and everyone that can help me) i really like this mod but i'm having a big issue that it seems no one has it and i can't play this mod The thing is that some cars in rental and dealers won't appear visually so i can't buy it. Also as they don't appear in dealers they won't appear in races neither so i can't start them forcing me to close the game. I can't play this mod and i can't find a solution for this (run as administrator, big.bnk activated) none of the options that were said worked for me. This bug really ruins the experience and it's really sad. Thanks in advance [i'm new to this mod (not the game)]
  5. tank so much for link xd i love this audi but i hate some of the stock sounds from tdu2
  6. nope... i gave all permissions for all users and i dont use anti-virus software
  7. Perhaps something with missing admin rights? Started as administrator? Or perhaps a anti-virus-software block?
  8. im using win 10 too, same java version and same directory but nothing change...
  9. hello and thanks for your good patch. im from iran and when im connection to game 90% of players laggy for me without reason why.my internet speed is good.
  10. With me (Windows 10, 64-bit) it look like this:
  11. I uploaded the mod for you
  12. I have already deleted the sound file on the HDD. There is no prospect of resurrection. I'm sorry.
  13. i have java 8; 32 and 64 bit latest version and also uncheked "read only" tdu directory but i cant use this program anyway. everytime i get the "source database file doesnt exist" error. what should i do? already tried gui_noadmin and cli_noadmin and i gave all permissions for all users on security
  14. Last week
  15. Anyone knows something about creators? I need a contact to them because I have some ideas that I wanted to add to the game and mod...
  16. I post to you here again because i cannot write you a private mail. It says my inbox is full, i am at 240 % of what is allowed at the moment, because i kept very old messages. I don't know what to delete, so i write here. The mod is ready. I hope you like it.
  17. %install-hdd%\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\DataBase\
  18. ok thanks a lot,i downloaded it,which folder i have to chooce for the database?
  19. The Performance Editor is tricky and outdated. You shouldn't use it. Replace your database file with your backup, that should work. In future just use Djeys TDUF Toolset
  20. Hey guys im new to the forum so i dont know if this is the right thread but anyways so today i installed tdu with the patch 1.66 mega pack and the platinum version.everything works fine i even installed a sound mod for the supra,but when i try to edit on perfomance editor and save the changes,then my game crash when im trying to launch it so i cant understand what exactly i am doing wrong,i checked on youtube and google in case i would find any guide or something but nth that helps. can someone tell me how this program works plz?
  21. Have you ever finished it? where can i download
  22. i have a problem, in the middle of this event, game crash!
  23. Hi,


    I'm Maciuk (from this old whether mod). I have some concepts, that I wanted to implement to TDU.

    I have some questions If You could find some time I was very grateful.



  24. Buen trabajo en el modelado a grandes rasgos, lo único es el sonido y la camara que extrañamente da errores aun cambiada ¿elaborar el sonido? así lo remplazo y seria perfecto ya, si lo ves y responde se lo agradezco
  25. Thank you Milli and all the modders that were involved in this project :) I'm very new to TDU, i first played it last year(!) after picking up a DVD disc of it second hand and had a blast with it for many months. Turbodock forums were a great resource for my getting it running well etc. So thanks for the whole forums here too; TDU is a rare classic game that still holds up pretty well vs the more current competition (like the Horizon series etc), and the efforts from the community here to keep it alive and well is awesome :) Overall i had little issue getting TDU Platinum working fine (just single player as i rarely play online mp games) and love all the new content i can already see is here (i've been playing for a few hours since yesterday when i installed the mod), all those cars! It's great. I have a couple of questions i have not found an answer to (in the mods files etc) yet. 1. Is this mod (Platinum) the pinnacle of a number of TDU mods, like does it include them also? I'm thinking of the Community Mod and Project Paradise in particular (sorry if i get any names wrong, trying to understand the history and info of the mods is hard to work out as a newbie around here!). The reason i'm after this info is i'm not sure if i need to add either of those two mods to Platinum or not, or even other mods? So is Platinum all i need, say if i want to get working fuel gauges (and mechanics) etc? Do i need other things for example if i wanted to get a day/night cycle (is that even possible? I think i have seen it mentioned somewhere around here?). Also is there a complete list (other than the one at the top of this thread) that gives more info on the mod and what it includes (in terms of other mods) and what it does and how it's parts function etc? For example it seems i needed to add -fuel as an extension to the shortcut extension exe for the game in order to get a 'working' fuel mechanic in game (as opposed to a fuel gauge that does not change). I got that info from the Project Paradise thread, but if i understand correctly that is also part of Platinum? I'm still not sure if that results in a working fuel mechanic just yet (i probably need to drive more miles, and then find a petrol station?). 2. What is the best process to report bugs still present? Are there some that are 'off limits' and not needed to be reported here (like maybe the position co-ord bug on the new car models for carrying passengers etc)? If i find time i might try my hand at fixing some bugs if i can (i've modded many games from Morrowind to NMS to CivIV etc) but i don't want to ruffle any feathers here during that process! :) Anyway thanks for an awesome mod effort (everyone!) and if you can point me to where i can get more detailed info on this project i'd be very grateful.
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