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  3. Basically whenever i load into a dealership ind TDU2 while in Hawaii the game immediately crashes and the only way to fix it is deleting the DVXK map fix. help?
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  5. I have the same problem. When I played for the first time last night, it worked perfectly. Now, I get stuck in a loop of receiving the error message below, then being sent back to the "Press the Start button" screen. This happens when I try to load my profile or create a new one, so the game is unplayable unless I create an offline profile. I've deleted my save data from My Documents and my profile on the TDUWorld site, uninstalled/reinstalled the game, and nothing seems to fix it. I have a non-Steam online activation code and the RU version of the game. If anybody knows anythin
  6. 2019 Lamborghini Huracán Performante v.1.03 for TDU2sharemods.com/7c477f5fifa4Converted by StarGTDonated by Yuriy LapkoTires Continental Extreme Contact Sport Plus Replace Huracan from Autopack Camera ID 318 Car ID IK 442
  7. Thx for this info mate i installed the game again this time from the files and its working now no problem speacial thank you milli and everyone in the making of this update mod its effin great
  8. I had to reset my password because I wanted to login on the website and when I went to play the game it won't let my play. When starting the game and hit start it says server in not available. I click ok and it brings me to a profile select page. I click edit on my profile to use my new password (username is already there (greyed out/cannot be changed)) After I type in my new password it still says the server is not available. I just get stuck in that loop.
  9. To ALL people that have this problem. Did you download version 1.0? IF NOT, this is what CAUSE THE PROBLEM you have. You see, all the other version of the mod are only patch to put on version 1.0 to correct stuff Milli forgot to add or to mod things she wasn't happy with in v1.0. IIRC, V1.0 is like ONE GB download. So, again, if you HAVEN'T downloaded v1.0, then the mod CAN'T work 'cuz you're MISSING files that are ONLY in v1.0
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  11. Hi Milli, just wanted to pass on a huge amount of thanks for all the work you've done with this mod. I went down a rabbit hole the other day on YouTube, was absolutely blown away by the additions and second lease of life you've given this game. This was my first ever attempt at modding a PC game, and with the various guides both here and on YouTube I am now reliving one of my favourite childhood experiences in a whole new light. Greetings from Australia!
  12. Hi guys! I have some problems with Steam overlay. I used to convert "offline game bat" to exe and renamed it. Steam is see that I lunch the game, but console appears then Steam stops to "track" it, so when the game launches there no overlay.
  13. The problem is the game itself. I downloaded the game from this link that i included, installed the mod and it worked just fine. I think other versions of the game on the internet is not compatible. I found the link from youtube tutorial for installing the mod. Have fun. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByWCFweyNPBbNjNlcFV0Y2VfQ3c
  14. i am on W8.1 stock game i have is tdu gold 1.66a and its works no problem i have gpu driver installed and i try the both user profile removed and not removed stil same result and before i try platinium i try the ultimate pack to and same results it my be porject paradise package d3d file i have no idea what is the problem
    So nice, nothing much to improve. It is a matter of personal preference, in my case i would like less slow (G,F class) cars and more cars that goes beyond 400km/h mark when tuned, ideally cars for cornering (GTR). Thank you
  15. can this be related to d3d file that is part of project paradise or platinum package? Related to directx (improper version?) or graphic driver not installed/PC rebooted? Check also game with user profile removed and check this tutorial.
  16. Race #4 (Good for April 16-18, 2021, both start and end at 12:00PM UTC Time) “Alone Against the Clock” (E and D Class Time Trial Race, Rank Pro) Rules: - All E and D Class Cars in TDU Platinum can be used in the race, with any Tuning Conversions and Upgrades. - Winning a Gold Cup (First Place) is a requirement in Normal Mode (Continue Game) to be accepted for post submission. - Winning a Gold Cup (First Place) is optional in Hardcore Mode. - Course Cutting is allowed. - Traffic must be turned Off in your Game. (You can do this by renaming/deleting/moving the Traffic folder
  17. until
    Hello everyone, this is the first time we use a Calendar Event feature of the Club to start off the next week's community challenge. The information of the races are to be announced soon, around by the end of this week along with the awards ceremony for the weekly challenge, as the team of challenge organizers and I will discuss about the future's community challenge week. Here are the details to be expected to happen next week's community challenge: - There will be four (4) races that will be announced and will happen throughout the week. - There will be more than a vari
  18. Hello everyone, we are sincerely apologize for giving a very short window time for participants who want to post their times on ended races, we have talked with our team of challenge organizers and we all agree that we should extend the events to last for a week, in this case, we would open the Race #2 until the end of the week. Here are the details down below. Race #2 (Good for April 12-18, 2021, both start and end at 12:00 PM UTC Time) "The Perfect Driving Line" (F Car Class Time Trial Race, Rank Rookie) (Please check the image below for its location.) Rules: - All F Class Cars
  19. Hi, friends and player search features are not back yet in TDU World. To ride with your friend, just sync in a shop then exit to free roam. You'll be together eventually (may need many tries to achieve that).
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