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  2. Have you enabled bigbnk in the launcher? Some cars have what we call "overdrive gear". They're meant to save fuel, instead of going fast. It's common in modern vehicles that have 7 and 8 gears, and usually american cars. A real Corvette Z06 hits 200mph in 5th, as soon as you shift to 6th, it will lose speed. About tuning, changing the 0-60 time in TDUF, at the tuning part won't make any difference, but give you a placebo effect. Those values are not related to actual tuning and are there just to fill the "Data" sheetboard of the game. What would really increase the vehicle acceleration in tuning is the Aftermarket Packs, where you increase the % of the vehicle physics data. So, if a car has an acceleration value of 80, and the aftermarket pack says the acceleration is 4, it will increase 4% of 80. regardless of the value set in 0-60.
  3. Is that a working reverse camera? Pretty nice work
  4. Read the FAQ in the first post. TDU shows wrong speeds because of how its engine calculating it.
  5. I'm not sure if this relates to Platinum or is a base TDU game issue, but i've been noticing strange results after tuning some of my cars. For example my C-class Porsche Cayman 718 S (found in the Porsche shop in the North of the island iirc) has a reported default top speed of 246 and after tuning that becomes 276 but i just can't seem to get it to hit even 200! 6th gear slowly advances the speed from around 180, but even after searching out some long straights in the west of the island it stuggles to hit 200 either default or after being tuned? I have this issue on a few cars also (not all) where the reported speeds don't match the in-game speed the vehicle hits. Is this a case of some kind of mod issue in relation to gear ratio's perhaps being set up wrong to take into account the tuning? I did a little experiment and took my humble Alpha Brera apart in TDUF and adjusted the level 3 tuning characteristics to give it a bit more acceleration (5.5 instead of 6.0 in 0-60) and top end (it tops out at 191 instead of 184 now) and in game, with enough straight road i can reach those new limits. So why do some cars not seem to be able to do so? Anyone else notice this?
  6. Yesterday
  7. For TDU2 there was never a patch 1.68b, this was for TDU. And for TDU it isn't needed anymore because of new patch "Platinum" by Milli.
  8. where do i get the Patch 1.68b for tdu2...????
  9. Yeah, right. Tdumt 1.16.3 supports cameras modified with tduf (database gui or text cli). Not tested with cameras.bin editor though. Tduf database gui has same features as cameras.bin editor if this does not work.
  10. For some reason, all the cars are invisible for me, including the rentals
  11. TDU Platinum Custom cars are default cars / empty slots if you want to add more cars via mods.
  12. Milli told me that TDUMT 1.16.2 does not support new cameras. What I need TDUMT 1.16.3. It's right?
  13. It was the new camera that I created. We used the TDUF text interface to create a duplicate and Cameras.bin Editor for editing. An error occurs when loading VehicleManager in TDUMT 1.16.2
  14. Hi! Others might have asked, but what are TDU Platinum Custom cars? Thx!
  15. https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series Vehicle replaced: CLK 63 AMG Converted by: StarGT https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt Camera: Not need to change Credits: Forza Horizon4 Features: - HQ model - detailed interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims - own tires - own calipers https://sharemods.com/cpzbwwl0d0dz/2012_Mercedes-Benz_C63_AMG_TDU2_by_StarGT.rar.html https://sharemods.com/cpzbwwl0d0dz/2012_Mercedes-Benz_C63_AMG_TDU2_by_StarGT.rar.html
  16. Hi, which steps did you follow to add a new individual camera? And which tool? Using TDUF does not seem to corrupt cameras.bin file. The error may pop when declaring a new camera but not creating required views for it...
  17. Last week
  18. So I am new in TDU2 modding and I would want to knew how to add my own car models into the game as I don,t know so much about using Zmodeler etc. I was trying to add Spyker C8 Preliator but it's so difficult. Is there a tutorial anywhere? Or can even someone make a mod for Spyker C8 Preliator? It's in Asphalt 8 and easy to get...
  19. Hi Djey. I had an unpleasant situation. I need your help with TDUMT. Please help me. I created a new individual camera for the machine by editing the Camera.bin file from the DataBase folder. The fact is that now when I enter TDUMT in the Vehicle Manager section, I get an error ** 15.11.2019 20:50:56 ERROR *** Exception > Unable to load requested vehicle data. -- parent exception -- *** EndOfStreamException > Чтение после конца потока невозможно. в System.IO.__Error.EndOfFile() в System.IO.BinaryReader.FillBuffer(Int32 numBytes) в System.IO.BinaryReader.ReadUInt32() в TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.binaries.Cameras._ReadData() в TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.binaries.Cameras..ctor(String camFileName) в TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.TduFile.GetFile(String fileName) в TDUModdingTools.gui.wizards.vehiclemanager.VehicleManagerForm._LoadVehicleData(String slotRef) I really look forward to your help. Thank you in advance)
  20. Thanks, since the downloaded one wont work
  21. If I bought a TDU pc disk would this mod work with it?
  22. @kristiannn Thanks, looks awesome I have a maybe weird question, but I always found Pink and Purple sunsets weird. Is it possible to replace them? According to your previous post if I want to do this I must edit the WeatherDesc.ini and make sure that if a part of they has multiple parts (SUNRISE and SUNRISE2 for example) all parts must be in the file otherwise the clouds are disappearing. So if I understand this correctly If I want to disable the purple and/or pink sunsets I must replace PINKSUNSET, PINKSUNSET2 and PURPLESUNSET, PURPLESUNSET2 to FINALSUNSET and FINALSUNSET2? Does this work? Also If I don't want the night time can I comment out those lines or should I replace the night lines with the day one? Or is this not possible at all?
  23. @Milli Or this one? https://hf-garage.ru/files/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/ford/2017_ford_focus_rs_mk_iii/14-1-0-2156
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