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4 files

  1. Free

    YuGiOh Boss Into Waifu

    for details see


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  2. Free

    YuGiOh cards

    tutorial on how to code auto downloader yourself
    updated 06/28/2022
    cards are saved in spell_trap / monsters folders
    and under that file name format is `card name_race_type_level_attribute`


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  3. Free

    4GB Patcher for older games that require more than 2GB of RAM and crash to desktop

    Use this tool if you have Windows 64-bit (x64) and wish to patch your older 32-bit (x86) game executables (*.exe files).
    This is particularly useful for large and/or modified games that you feel are randomly crashing due to a lack of system memory (RAM).  This has proven to be particularly useful for the Test Drive Unlimited games.
    Original credit:  https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371



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  4. Free

    Promoting TurboDuck in your Videos

    Included in this download pack are two short videos that you may use to promote the TurboDuck gaming community.  You can do this by placing this video near the beginning or end of any videos you upload to YouTube or similar websites.  Don't forget to include a link to https://turboduck.net somewhere in your video description or pinned comment.
    Please ensure that any content you create that uses either of these promotional video clips does not break any of the rules that exist on this forum.


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