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7 files

  1. Free

    Remastered Controls Gran Turismo PSP

    Demo: https://streamable.com/0x3092
    Source: https://github.com/Kethen/RemasteredControls_GTpsp
    Remastered Controls for GTpsp
    override internal steering deadzone for fine steering inject vector throttle and brake values for a better RWD experience Usage
    load prx with game, see https://www.ppsspp.org/docs/reference/plugins/ for ppsspp the hooking code may or may not work with a vita, don't have one to test, refer to how one can load psp prx plugins over there Keybinds
    on ppsspp, throttle is bound to right stick left, brake is bound to right stick down, remap right stick left and down in ppsspp accordingly to your desired throttle and brake control a patched windows ppsspp is provided at the moment to remove hardcoded xinput trigger deadzones, hrydgard/ppsspp#18404 camera rotation on bumper and cockpit view can additionally be enabled on ppsspp by creating ms0:/PSP/GTRemastered_camera_controls.txt binds to left stick up and down when enabled, remap ppsspp left stick up and down to your desired camera control buttons accordingly on vita (when supported), throttle is bound to right stick up, brake is bound to right stick down Compability
    EU v2.00 (UCES01245 2.00) US v2.00 (UCUS98632 2.00) JP v1.01 (UCJS10100 1.01) ASIA v1.00 (UCAS40265 1.00) FOV and misc CWCheat codes
    Hooking references
    https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/RemasteredControls https://github.com/albe/joysens https://github.com/Freakler/ppsspp-GTARemastered Credits
    https://github.com/kotcrab/ghidra-allegrex for making psp games modding easier https://github.com/pspdev , m33 and pro cfw for psp homebrew development tools https://github.com/hrydgard/ppsspp for an awesome hle psp TODO
    finish real HW hooking when I have a psp again


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  2. Free

    [TDU2] ENBSeries Graphics Mod (WIP)

    Graphics Mod for TDU2

    Thanks to Boris Vorontsov for ENB Series: http://enbdev.com/
    This mod is a WIP, which means, work in progress.
    Installation: Just copy n paste all the files
    If anyone wants to help me with enb series modding for tdu2, just contact me.


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  3. Free

    AI draws YuGiOh Monsters

    for details see


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  4. Free

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Turboduck Enhanced

    This is what happens when i take a small break from TDU.  I adventure myself in other games. 

    Here, i played the PS2 version of GTA San Andreas, and the PC version never felt right. So, first i started to mod the game by bringing the PS2 graphics back, with a mod i found, and from there, things got a bit carried away.  Yes, this is a modified version of GTA San Andreas, but i tried my best to keep the "vanilla" feeling, with an extra touch on some details and vehicles. So, some vehicles got replaced with "lore-friendly" mods and some just got improved and fixed. 

    This version already comes with cleo library and modloader installed for easy modification, car spawner and tuner also already built in.

    To open the car spawner: 

    Zetti's Advanced Car Control Menu: 
    0 - locks/unlocks the car
    9 - lights off
    7 - lights on
    L - turn off engine
    P - turn on engine
    O - open/close all doors
    8 - open/close bonnet
    U, I, J, K, M - open close individual parts of the car
    < - toggle on/off hydraulics
    T - tune the car everywhere

    Just extract the files and play.

    Hope you guys enjoy it.  

    Yes, this is just a pack of different mods, packed together in a single pack, that i built for myself, to enhance the vanilla GTA experience and decided to share. lol 


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  5. Free

    YuGiOh cards

    tutorial on how to code auto downloader yourself
    updated 06/28/2022
    cards are saved in spell_trap / monsters folders
    and under that file name format is `card name_race_type_level_attribute`


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  6. Free

    4GB Patcher for older games that require more than 2GB of RAM and crash to desktop

    Use this tool if you have Windows 64-bit (x64) and wish to patch your older 32-bit (x86) game executables (*.exe files).
    This is particularly useful for large and/or modified games that you feel are randomly crashing due to a lack of system memory (RAM).  This has proven to be particularly useful for the Test Drive Unlimited games.
    Original credit:  https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371



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  7. Free

    Promoting TurboDuck in your Videos

    Included in this download pack are two short videos that you may use to promote the TurboDuck gaming community.  You can do this by placing this video near the beginning or end of any videos you upload to YouTube or similar websites.  Don't forget to include a link to https://turboduck.net somewhere in your video description or pinned comment.
    Please ensure that any content you create that uses either of these promotional video clips does not break any of the rules that exist on this forum.


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