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    • Tnx a lot.  I still wonder what is the 458 cabrio name in my older Platinum version, because there is no  458_Ita_audio in there. But ok, i rename the final mod like so. Edit : It was the  F612_audio.bnk  , lol. Many game restarts later. That's part of modding.
    • I found my favorite car of all time in this game!!! All with really good shape and model! ✌ For those people who wants the model, you can download it in: https://hf-garage.ru/files/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/dodge/dodge_viper_srt10_quot_03/75-1-0-304 To download the mod in that russian page you have to click in one of the green buttons. (Tutorial on screenshot attached) or if you don't want to download such a unreadable page, you can download it from my link on mediafire or Mega: Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n1dxa9lkp1efrgt/304_Dodge_Viper_SRT_FM4.rar/file MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!MgkQhKJT!y_o94OjGKATwM9VyhnueKchYMxJU6kKE8sfWSbgEv24 File Size: Rar = 4.4 mb / Uncompressed = 10.3 mb ESPAÑOL: Si quieren descargar el auto Dodge Viper SRT-10 Convertible, háganlo desde el link de mediafire o mega que esta en este mensaje porque he incluido las instrucciones a instalar en el archivo léeme.txt The model is from Forza Motorsport 4! Author of this mod: MIHA2795 Enjoy the mod! / Disfruta del mod! 👍🚗
    • Hey. I need to know the bnk file for the Ferrari 458 Italia  , as i continue working on its sound. I could not have a look into the latest content of this mod. I am too scared to install anything at the moment, because i don't know what will change all. I only want to know the bnk name for the latest version of this mod , so i can give the final mod the correct name for Platinum users.  I will stream my work with future mods on Twitch.  Why i didn't install the latest Platinum mod yet ? I have so many cars, of course modded. I am happy having been able to not loose any accidently after installing previous versions of Platinum, and having been able to restore changed content successfully. Of course my textures and weathers and more are modded. I am not yet in the mood controlling everything is there after installing the latest version. Also my game can not play the radio stations anymore, nore the ingame voice works now. Not even my own mic is hearable when i activate the voice feedback function. Are these things working now again ? I don't remember anymore, if the Paradise mod or the Platinum mod changed this. Well at the moment , i only need to know the F 458 Italia .bnk name. I don't even see a f458.bnk or similar in my older Platinum version, but i have the Ferrari Italia cabrio ( can't find the version with roof somehow 🙂 )   in the game. Can you tell it to me please ? Tnx.
    • I am confused. When i start TDU with the -offline tag in exe target rightclick on desktop shortcut , it loads my modded textures. But when i start TDU in online mode, it seams to load vanilla tree textures. Or is it another weather , that makes them LOOK more vanilla again ? I don't get it.
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