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    • @Djey I know tdu 2 physic are crap but please make mod for this game not only tdu 1 please... not only car, gameplay, map mod etc...
    • Общие данные/ Total information Модель Model Lamborgini Urus 2018 Заменяет Replaces Pagani Zonda Cinque Для игры For game Test Drive Unlimited 2 3Д модель из          3d model from TDU1 Автор исходника Source Author RULEZZZ Автор Конвертации Author of Conversion Руслан Винник / Ruslan Vinnik   Особенности / Features Качество модели Quality of the model +++++ Качество кузова             Body quality +++++ Качество салона           Interior Quality +++++ Функция окон Window function + Функция дверей Function of doors + Рабочая приборная панель Working dashboard + Рабочий навигатор GPS Working GPS navigator + Индикатор поворотников Indicator of turn signals + Освещение автомобиля Car lighting + More Car mods for TDU2 in FaceBook   Good time friends. Many people ask when will the releases be? We answer without any secrets and secrets, only cleanly and only transparently. RELEASES we organize accordingly with a certain amount of DONATE, namely every $ 50 raised, guarantees a RELEASE. More DONATE MORE RELEASES! Confuse through a pinned post or click on this link: VK DONATE You can also pay to Pay Pal account and write a comment: Donat for release and write a car brand. Most of the comments with a specific car will be released.  The collected funds will first of all show your gratitude to our project, and will also help in the development of our project for which we have set up a separate group, by the way, here it is VRS IMPERIUM © PROJECT - Mercedes Benz S500 W140, if you wish, you can subscribe and watch the project, of course there isn’t much information there, only superficially, but as soon as we pick up the Mercedes s500 V140, there’ll be a lot of posts Thank you for your attention, as well as understanding, with respect VRS IMPERIUM © P.S: Kia Stinger in the photo is not a release vehicle, but if you wish, under the conditions mentioned above, it will be released!   More donat on PAY PAL: [email protected] more releases friends DOWNLOAD
    • any chance soon for a street to track conversion? stuff like LaFerrari to fxx k Mclaren p1 to p1 gtr? 
    • Hi dear TDU Modding Community. I love the Platinum Edition so much. I want to drive the Bentley Speed 8 2003 in an open world with traffic - TDU 1 is ideal. Is somebody interested to make this car mod for me and the community? That would be amazing. Hope you learn to love this car, too. Greetings
    • This they most likely make cars like mine))) Since I got Stinger in May) And they have them in June))) Well, our 3D models are different)))
    • why U and Irina Raevskaya always make same cars ?
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