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    • Sorry if I reappear this late.   Nice to see that also someone else experimented with the values.   I wanted to change it because I am used to do so in sim racing, and if I wanted to give it a go in using the wheel again in TDU, I wanted to set the correct FOV based on my monitor setup.
    • thats why people should use paypal business transactions only in cases like this. and never ever agree on any other payment method.
    • So i ordered a mod for more than a month ago from Johny01 or in VK known as Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] and the person nor hasnt completed the mod nor did they bother writing me back on details of their work or if they had any life problems and couldnt finish on time and ofcourse didnt refund any money. I am making this thread so anyone will know and wont waste time and money with certain people like it happened to me, Have a good day folks.
    • Hello how to add custom cars without crashed to start game for what to put custom car performace the game not works 
    • Hi Please could someone assist me with Platinum crashing directly after the menu is displayed? I use an original TDU disk to install and copied over all the Platinum folders. I am using the saved game form the original TDU. I see the screen with the red NSX, thereafter the menu screen is displayed and is supposed to show the character sitting in the last visited house.   Instead the screen is completely white but I can leave the house, the animation of the character driving out is not shown and instead the car is placed in an empty field but the background colours ,clouds, the aeroplane are all working fine. The car cannot move and the mini map is just blue showing where the car is with lines showing the road.   Please advise as I could play Platinum perfectly previously but now that I reinstalled Windows 10 and TDU,  platinum just crashes. The original TDU works fine though.   Thank You Umang
    • Hi, 1. Are you launching from the Project Paradise .exe file? I know it's somewhat of a dumb question, but when I tried TDU Platinum for the first time, launching from any other .exe TDU files usually caused problems for me in my experience. 2. Did you check the GameSpy ID checkbox? You need to do that in order to play online at all. If not, there's a video showing how to convert your offline profile to online. I would link the one I used, but it also includes a hacking exploit that I don't think would be supported by the forums here. Just type on YouTube TDU Unlimited - How to install and play online and you'll find multiple results. 3. Are you playing on the most up-to-date patch? Updating your files from the latest patch may help. 4. If all of that fails, I would say back-up/copy your profile data, and then completely re-install the game fresh, and then apply TDU Platinum's latest patch and try again.
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