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    • New York Auto Show 2022
      New York Auto Show 2022
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    • OMG! Is this news?!

      Yeah, we know it's been a while since we've done a proper news announcement. We're often extremely busy!
      Let's begin shall we?
      What is going on with TDU World now?
    • The mid year duck party 🦆
      Introducing my latest creation (insert evil villain laugh): a filtering tool for subReddits https://reddit3.com/

      This tool allows user like you (yes you) to filter posts by amount of awards, title text, number of comments / crossposts, and many other conditions.
      In other TurboDuck.net news:

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    • Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown - Head to Head (Teaser Trailer)
      NEWS // 21 April 2021

      KT Racing + Nacon have provided their second glimpse at the highly-anticipated third installment in the Test Drive Unlimited series.  The brief trailer teases the lifestyle players can expect to experience...
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    • TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series #2
      Hello everyone, this is the first time we use a Calendar Event feature of the Club to start off the next week's community challenge. The information of the races are to be announced soon, around by the end of this week along with the awards ceremony for the weekly challenge, as the team of challenge organizers and I will discuss about the future's community challenge week.


      Here are the details to be expected to happen next week's community challenge:

      - There will be four (4) races that will be announced and will happen throughout the week.

      - We will improve the start and end times of the next week's community challenge by incorporating the 24/7 event approach to all races.

      - We will announce the same weekly challenges to several TDU related Discord servers to allow more participants to join!

      - Possible new awards and rework of the awards for the week-end award ceremony (still to be discuss by our organizers).


      Update: Here are the new races for TDU Platinum Week 2's Community Challenge, please click on the links below on each featured race for more information, the rules and submission format.


      Race #1

      "The Branchu Loop" (No Class Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Amateur)



      Race #2

      “Alone Against the Clock” REDUX 1 (E and D Class Time Trial Race, Rank Pro)



      Race #3

      “The Road to Victory” (Cars Only Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Amateur)



      Race #4

      “The Road is Mine” (Cars Only Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Pro)



      All race submissions will be allowed after the start time (12AM EST Time/4AM UTC) has passed.


      Hope that you'll be able to enjoy the challenges and at the same time being a good sport racer, may the best racer(s) win!

      - Ztryka (Discord: @Ztryka#6271)
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  • [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. TDU Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go. The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible w

    Tools / Others Mod 2757

    Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

    First community patch (1.67) was born 5 years ago. And from version to version, it provided more and more features on our beloved game. Now again, things have changed. Exciting things have been discovered lately and are always in progress. So I thought it could be cool a new patch exists to set up a clean TDU - setting a new base for the future. Remember, Community Patch is the first thing to install after good old 1.66 Megapack :nuts:, isn't it ?   So 2.00A is the first revision

    TDU - Support 447

    project paradise tdu pc

    What would cause my profile to suddenly lose all motorcycle races on the map and change my game progress? When I launch project paradise last night all of these progress notifications started displaying from back when i started the game, now all of the motorcycle races disappeared from the map

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    CLK DTM SuperCharged Sound Mod

    Here Is My First Mod Ever Please Replace The CLK DTM Original SoundCLK_DTM_audio.bnk

    Gab Ani
    Gab Ani
    Driving & Racing Games

    [TDU Platinum] Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Sound Mod!

    View File [TDU Platinum] Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Sound Mod! Hi! Made with a lot of love , I hope you like it!     ⓞ-------------------Credits-------------------ⓞ Samples by Kunos Simulazioni. Page: http://www.kunos-simulazioni.com/main/ Game: Asetto Corsa ⓞ--------------------------------------------ⓞ   ⓞ----------------Information----------------ⓞ This is a sound mod for Test Drive Unlimited with the Platinum mod.

    Vehicle Mods
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