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TDU Solar Crown Release Date and Free Demo
Nacon revealed via a new trailer the final actual yes really honest to goodness release date for Solar Crown, and launched pre-orders for Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series. Gold edition owners can begin playing on 4 September 2024, with regular plebs joining in on 12 September 2024, and the rest of you waiting for a sale sometime in December perhaps. In a surprise twist, an open beta test disguised as a free demo has been launched on Steam today, available to play for 2 weeks until 17 June 2024. Visit the Steam store to begin downloading and read the associated notes.

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New Roads Project: Waialua backroads
Adds the backroads found behind Dillingham airport to Schofield Barracks from tdu2
Not a 1-1 port. There are a few differences.
Also added the runway from an older mod "Dillingham Airfield Resurfaced" to avoid conflicts
Have fun
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TDUniverse :: The Continuity Pack Car Showcase #2
After the positive feedback on the last car showcase, this week we bring you part 2, featuring the amazing Aston Martin DBS Superleggera!
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TDUniverse :: The Continuity Pack Car Showcase #1
As the work continues and the release approaches, we want to keep you updated on our "Continuity" mod pack and the content it will bring to you!

Starting today, we will periodically introduce you to some of the cars coming to TDUniverse Continuity. To kick it off, we introduce you to the 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Happy New Year TurboDuck!
As we enter a new year, let's celebrate our time together.

May the coming year be filled with laughter, love, understanding, and unwavering support for one another.

I wish our incredible community a Happy New Year.

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TDUniverse : Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiplayer Server is out now!
The definitive online mod for Test Drive Unlimited 2 is launching as open beta. Bringing back all online functionality and improving on the original systems of TDU2 to create the ultimate online experience.
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The Crew Motorfest [Announcement 31 Jan 2023]
The Crew Motorfest announced - Welcome back to O'ahu!

After growing rumour and speculation, Ubisoft's Ivory Tower studio revealed their 3rd game in The Crew series.  First planned as an expansion to The Crew 2, the project has grown large enough to warrant a full title release...
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New Roads Project: Mountain Pass
New Roads Project (Wip) Mountain Pass: Adds one of the new roads from TDU2 to TDU1.

Extract the two .rars into your TDU Install directory. Let it overwrite the Bnk files.

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Test Drive Unlimited 1: Map-Editing Walkthough (SHKR, HMAP)
This guide aims to provide the basic "know-how" to get started with map modding for TDU 1. This guide is primarily aimed at SHKR(Havok road physics) and HMAP(Heightmap). Stuff such as Objects and textures will come later. This guide also comes with a .Blend file that has everything you need in the right format. The mod also includes a macro that allows the converting process to be possible AND can be done by anybody quickly.
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TDU Platinum Dealer Update #01: US Independents
-> TDU Platinum Dealer Updates <- 01 - US Independents Dealership Update
Good news! 

I've been thinking about this for a while, and i finally decided to do it so.  Everyone knows that Platinum 2.0 is under development, at a really not desired pace, but moving nonetheless, also, what not everyone knows is my progress schedule. I am working a dealer at a time, so i decided, why not release small updates once i finish these dealers? 

This way, you guys not only will be able to follow my progress closely, how will also be able to enjoy new things without massive waiting times. Although, not everything is good, and there are compromises.  One of them is, these updates are not cumulative and not single picked downloads, if you skip one, the next one might cause bugs and crash your game, so, download all of them and keep yourself up to date! 

I mean, if you haven't downloaded and installed update 01, the following update (02), won't work. You will need to download 01, and 02, install both. 

Another compromise, if you edit the database of the game, your personal changes will not be carried over.


Now, keeping that in mind, download it and have fun. 
-> How to install <-

Just replace the files in the according folders. 

-> 01 - US Independents Update Content <- 

- Updated Shelby Series 1 with stripeless variation added as a tune
- Updated Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition with fixed gauges and new tailight texture
- Updated SSC Ultimate Aero with fixed shadows, new tailight texture, paintable interior and GPS screen







Tools / Others

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TDU Solar Crown Developer Interview (October 2022)
A brief interview with Alain Jarniou (Creative Director at KT Racing) was published by thesixthaxis.com:



The interview does not drop any bombshells but does reflect on Alain's past passion projects (TDU 1 and 2) and reveals that despite the 1:1 map scale, tweaks and adjustments will be made to the game world to suit the types of driving and racing we all expect without getting stuck in traffic jams on very narrow roads.  Alain reassures us that the game is more than just racing, but about car appreciation and enjoyment of (virtual) ownership.

TDU Solar Crown remains slated for a release date sometime in 2023.
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Test Drive Unlimited Platinum Patch Update
TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.01

- Fixed the Caterham RPM gauge, where it went over than 8000rpm.
- Fixed the issue with the BMW M4 Liberty Walk (Livery on) and BMW M4 Liberty Walk Akrapovic.
- AI Bots have been re-worked. 
- New GPS now is displayed on challenges.

New York Auto Show 2022
New York Auto Show 2022
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OMG! Is this news?!

Yeah, we know it's been a while since we've done a proper news announcement. We're often extremely busy!
Let's begin shall we?
What is going on with TDU World now?

The mid year duck party 🦆
Introducing my latest creation (insert evil villain laugh): a filtering tool for subReddits https://reddit3.com/

This tool allows user like you (yes you) to filter posts by amount of awards, title text, number of comments / crossposts, and many other conditions.
In other TurboDuck.net news:

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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown - Head to Head (Teaser Trailer)
NEWS // 21 April 2021

KT Racing + Nacon have provided their second glimpse at the highly-anticipated third installment in the Test Drive Unlimited series.  The brief trailer teases the lifestyle players can expect to experience...
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TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series #2
Hello everyone, this is the first time we use a Calendar Event feature of the Club to start off the next week's community challenge. The information of the races are to be announced soon, around by the end of this week along with the awards ceremony for the weekly challenge, as the team of challenge organizers and I will discuss about the future's community challenge week.


Here are the details to be expected to happen next week's community challenge:

- There will be four (4) races that will be announced and will happen throughout the week.

- We will improve the start and end times of the next week's community challenge by incorporating the 24/7 event approach to all races.

- We will announce the same weekly challenges to several TDU related Discord servers to allow more participants to join!

- Possible new awards and rework of the awards for the week-end award ceremony (still to be discuss by our organizers).


Update: Here are the new races for TDU Platinum Week 2's Community Challenge, please click on the links below on each featured race for more information, the rules and submission format.


Race #1

"The Branchu Loop" (No Class Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Amateur)



Race #2

“Alone Against the Clock” REDUX 1 (E and D Class Time Trial Race, Rank Pro)



Race #3

“The Road to Victory” (Cars Only Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Amateur)



Race #4

“The Road is Mine” (Cars Only Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Pro)



All race submissions will be allowed after the start time (12AM EST Time/4AM UTC) has passed.


Hope that you'll be able to enjoy the challenges and at the same time being a good sport racer, may the best racer(s) win!

- Ztryka (Discord: @Ztryka#6271)
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TurboDuck 14th and Eudemon 11th anniversary!
Our old duck is still alive and kicking 🥰
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TDU World :: November 2020 Update!
Big news from the TDU World Team!
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[TDU1 PC] Online Pursuits up the east coast (Dec 17, 2020)
Online Pursuits up the east coast - join us this weekend!
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Orthophoto for TDU2 - Ibiza
Satellite images of Bing maps for far and very far distances in TDU2.
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TurboDuck Content Update
Continuing on from our previously announced site changes and merger with TDU World, we have more updates to TurboDuck.net to announce:
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Our community just got bigger!
We'd like to warmly welcome everyone from the TDU World community to TurboDuck.net!

The TDU World community forums have been merged with the TurboDuck.net forums this weekend.  This includes topics, posts, users, notifications, private messages, attachments, avatars, status, warnings, reputations, follows, likes, tags... you get the idea. 
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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
Today, we got the announcement that TDU3, or better said, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is actually a thing. It's not a rumor anymore! TDU is back on the field!

It was announced today, at Nacon Connection livestream, their first live event they did, it featured a couple of games they are working on, but really, what we all have been waiting for was some news for TDU3. And we got it in a form of a teaser and information presented by Alain Jarniou, Creative Director at KT Racing Studio and a former TDU1 and TDU2 dev.  Anyways, enough talk, here are the videos: 

This is the whole presentation of TDU Solar Crown. 

So, are you excited? Let us know your opinions, ideas, discussion and give a go at guessing the cars that appear here in this thread. All i know is that i'm loving that Lamborghini Diablo! 

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Coconut Island (Another new island mod)

This mod replaces an empty island off the coast on the east side of Oahu. This mod adds a new racetrack(Not based in RL) Complete with rumble strips, starting-line, Pole position.

This map is a bit smaller than Surfer's island but much more detailed, and more convenient as you can drive there via two bridges.  
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