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Just reached Legend yesterday, posting decks and card choice strategy




Legend Proof and deck list plus win-rate against all class graph: http://imgur.com/a/VYC90 (all games are recorded in ranked)

According to the record, it took me total 300+ games to reach legend (-_-)/~~~ピシー!ピシー!

Just to clarify, I did not make the deck myself

Warrior deck credit to Sjow's original deck

Druid deck credit to neviilz2 made that post just couple days ago

So why only showing 29 cards?

Yes, I find most people post complete decks

I think this can create a completed figure for the players trying out new deck and they maybe scared to modify them

guides on how to mulligan is all over the internet so I'm not going to talk about them

but I'm going to show you card choices based on current meta due to time shift

that's why I leave 1 slot for you to adjust, and it is easy to understand

but when to tech cards in/out?

I switch cards base on the opponents I see at the time when I play

for example, I play 8 games in the afternoon, 5+ of them are aggro face rush, I will tech in aggro counter cards

and then at night, I find 5+ of them are control style, then I will tech in e.g black knight

the key is find the right card that can help you beat most decks you see at the time when you play, not try to win all of them

to find out which one is the right card to swap, see below

Let's start with warrior (got me from all the way to rank 2): deck / win-rate

when facing a lot mech heavy decks e.g mech mage, mech druid - add mind control tech or second brawl

to better understand the card choice, let's look at their objective, in this case is to flood the board with minions that are not cheap enough to be removable by whirlwinds

when facing a lot hunters / zoo / paladin / most aggro deck - add whirlwind

creepers, muster for battles, imps, all the 2/1s, snakes

when facing a lot warrior / handlock - add second big game hunter

eh... kind of obvious

when facing a lot control-ish / midrange decks / especially druid - add black knight, considerable swap iron juggernaut with sylvanas

black knight chop chop (゚Д゚)ノ

bad match ups: priest, mech mage

Now let's talk about druid (got me from rank 2 to legend): deck / win-rate

when facing a lot of mech heavy decks / paladin / zoo / hunter / shaman - add second mind control tech

the nature of this deck is taunt up and have your opponent to do the trading instead of pointing your face

these flood the board type of deck is basically free minion for you to grab

plus it is not bad against others as well, I find a lot of people overlooked the second one (*´ω`)

when facing a lot warrior / handlock - same

the rest - add black knight

since now a lot of people carry it due to rise of druid

even it is not druid, belcher is more than good enough, and chopping a giant is the dream \(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

this card is also very important when playing against

you always want to drop your cheaper cost taunt first to bait out black knight to save your ancient of war

why no dr.boom in this deck?

this card is certainly a very popular choice nowadays for most decks, therefore the increased number of big game hunters

if you look back at this deck, we have no card that is above 7 damage, so screw bgh haha, jk

back match ups: freeze mage, handlock, the summon a lot of copy mage from echo and duplicate (don't know the exact name, it is not really miling tho)

again, I encourage you to modify your deck to better adapt to the environment

there are numerous tools that can help you track your games, the one I'm using the hearthstone deck tracker

you can look back at the record to see what kinds of decks you're facing the most to adjust your cards

My stream: http://www.twitch.tv/eudemon

I don't have webcam right now, but I plan to adding one in the future

for now you may enjoy my play and my anime music collection (*'ω'*)

Good luck on the climb!



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