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More food + recent purchases



Oden, similar to hotpot, materials boiled with soup

IMG 0397

there is a slice fired tofu underneath which tastes best, the pink thing (i believe fish meat) is good too

rest are just average taste, most importantly the amount is not enough for lunch

so I bought a Yakisoba pan afterwards with the intention of trying something new (also becuz it's pretty famous among anime)

IMG 0398

but i regret it... tastes awful..

IMG 0399

later, went to a lion king show after visit to the bookstore


Time square + a notebook of Yuruyuri from my friend

did you notice something? yes the image on the notebook is the exact same place where we standing

after all, here are the purchases

IMG 0401

IMG 0403

my initial target was the dengeki G's magazine, but unfortunately it did not arrive on time

so i picked up bunko(文庫) becuz of the gorgeous gifts (trading figure + collective booklet of short comic from all bunko works + trading cards)

the rest are all manga, i'm not gonna list all the names, just look at the picture


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