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TDU 2 (TDU World) Weekly Community Challenge Series #3


Event details


My apologies for the massive delay of the races for this week, but here it is ladies and gentlemen, another challenge week to introduce today, we will downsize the races to only 2 races for this week.

For the theme this week, we will use Mercedes-Benz cars, allowing us to appreciate more of this German Car Company in the game, as it has an awesome household name in the the motorsports like Formula 1 Racing and Nürburgring Hot Laps, they have very good performance but slightly overshadowed by the best cars in their class tiers in-game.

Since the cars are great around corners, these race challenges are all time trials. We will make these races short for more accessibility as well as giving a day of head start/extension. The submissions can be posted immediately as this challenge series is taken underway, deadline of the submissions are on Wednesday next week.


The Race Details are as follows down below:


Race #1
Kawela Road (B3 Regular, Time Attack Race)
Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG Only
Cutting is Allowed
Any Camera View, Driving Aid, Gearbox, Tuning Upgrade Levels


Race #2
Kaheaka Road (A5 Regular, Time Attack Race)
Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG / Tess' SLK 55 AMG Only
No Penalty
Any Camera View, Driving Aid, Gearbox, Tuning Upgrade Levels


The Best or Nothing, this is the embodiment of the quality of the vehicles the brand provides to us. As always, may the best racer take the gold!
- Ztryka


Edit: New Additional Race Challenge!

Race #3: Laie Point (A4 Regular, Time Attack Race)
Suggested by: XephyR (Discord: @WoomyGamingYT#3698)

Get a Gold (First Place) with an Incredible Close Call Time (2'35''43 Target Time, Maximum Time to get Gold is 2'35''42, racers will be automatically become the first placer when the time [2'35''42] is made.)
Any A4 Car
No Penalty
Any Camera, Driving Aid, Gearbox, Tuning Upgrade Levels will be allowed.
If there is a tie for First Place, after the race event duration, there will be a one day tie-breaker, same race, one with the lowest time will win the weekly race challenge.

This Race #3's deadline will be on Friday, June 11, 2021, at 12AM EST Time (4AM UTC), and will be independent from the 2 races above.

Edited by Ztryka531
New Race by XephyR


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