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  1. Zenvo ST1 Zenvo TS1 GT Zenvo TSR-S McLaren Elva McLaren GT Noble M600 Wiesmann GT MF 4/5 TVR Griffith Spyker E8 / E12
  2. I'm Ztryka, from The Philippines, 24 years old (about to be 25 this May) I played TDU1 Platinum back then in 2019, and just this year (2021) I started to play TDU2, about how long do I drive in TDU games? Like I was obsessed with finding all the roads on the island, like that much, every nook and cranny hehe. For TDU2, I found all the roads of Ibiza in two separate playthroughs, it gets easier overtime because of road planning, aside from the best moments of finding all the roads, other best moments I have in TDU games are marathon races where you drive around the whole island. (Tour of the Is
  3. Please  share 100% Save file for tud2 of u have them

    1. Ztryka531


      Hello, good day, I am working on it. 🙂

  4. This is playlist, dont worry it aint one song.
  5. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Hed-Kandi-Classics/release/865562
  6. Pretty much good design overall, if the guide is in PDF format, the fonts will adjust by themselves through zooming anyway. Contrast colors are good, pretty much readable all throughout. Maybe sample images from game files in folder can help visualize the guide more.
  7. Hello, there is an available mediafire mirror link, that is a rar/zip file download above. I'll send it here as well. Mediafire Mirror Download Link Available: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8l9bjt2yf3g1sae/TDU_Radio_Stations_%26_Music_Mod_Pack.rar/file
  8. Thanks Milli! This is actually I need to create factory colors for my new cars.
  9. Thanks man! (If only there's a preview option in the program that allows look into wheel and color designs before publishing, my life would have been much easier designing car wheels/rims and color with correct paint type like metallic)
  10. Hello, is there any car database that is useful for configuring the car's stats to real life specs? There are some data in tduf (suspension, ride height, overhang measurements, etc.) that is hard for me to look for and I want the cars to drive as close to real life as possible. EDIT: Sorry if I did a double post.
  11. Oh yea, I got a Rocket Bunny FD3S RX-7, just didn't use that much, but I did noticed a bit during the race.
  12. I need mazda 787b sound on my rx-7, that would be freaking awesome!
  13. Thanks for the guide on how to fix this, and right now the app goes back to normal, I will be working on a new car's stats very soon.
  14. dopest official remix I ever listened to.
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