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Paladin Skylark
Paladin Skylark

Hitman Reboot Will Be Episodic

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Agent 47 Gets A Sitcom... Kinda

No, it's not a TV series but it acts like one. The new installment in the Hitman franchise will be released as “episodes” - with one coming out each month, featuring Agent 47 in a new environment each time. This means one month you'll be in the vineyards of Italy, the month after you'll be on the hard streets of Chicago in America – after that you may find yourself in Morocco or Thailand.


Why like a TV series though? Developer of Hitman, IO-Interactive released a statement from Executive Producer Hannes Seifert: “(we) wanted to release Hitman in increments so that they'll have more time to work on each chapter and make it the best game-playing experience for hardcore Hitman gamers - releasing the video games episodically gives (us) and the players the chance to see the storyline of the famous assassin evolve in an organic way.” If you're not a fan of getting your game-playing experience one month at a time, Square Enix will release a boxed set of all the games for those who would prefer to wait and get all of the episodes all at once.


Square Enix (producer of the Hitman franchise) announced there would also be live events and additional content to the games in-between episodes, which further expand the story of the series.




A live beta is set to release on February 12th for gamers eager to check out what has been done so far, all fan feedback will be taken into account before the game launches so there is time to make adjustments.


Hitman is the sixth installment in the franchise and will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in March of 2016.


Images credit: Kotaku.

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