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Found 45 results

  1. Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron is a vertical scrolling shoot em up game on the Playstation 4. It has quite an in depth upgrade system, amazing boss battles and 4 player couch co op.
  2. While I did own the original CB and played a bit of the first world, I was probably too young at the time and found it pretty hard. I was a big fan of Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash on PS1 however. Even owned a multi-tap for 4-player split screen. Anyway the original trilogy is coming in a few weeks and you can see a preview and comparison with PS1 below. Overall they seem to have done a good job. Anyone planning on picking this up?
  3. If you're a PS4 user in the UK and have recently made a PSN purchase with Paypal, you might be in a spot of bother at the moment while Sony and Paypal work out who's stuffed up and how to resolve the issues. Basically, what has happened is that many UK PS4 players have automatically received Paypal refunds from Sony for recent purchases. Since players still retain the content that was purchased, many player accounts/wallets have a negative balance, and as a result have been automatically banned, meaning that users can't get their consoles online, nor can they even log into their PSN accounts on the Sony website in order to top up their wallets in an attempt to reverse the ban. Have you been affected? UPDATED — Paypal Just Did a Mass Chargeback on PSN Transactions | Kotaku UK
  4. [headline]PlayStation 4 Update 3.50 Available Now[/headline] As well as being hard at work closing down studios, Sony have also been hard at working further improving the PlayStation 4. Here are the 4 most notable features added/improved in 3.50: Appear offline Friend online notifications Remote Play for PC and Mac Custom Scheduled events Appear Offline Have you ever been on your... Read more on this...
  5. So I'm sure this one took a few people by surprise. What we thinking about how this one looks to play out? I think I remember hearing something about it being "first-person" so already my curiousity is well and truly piqued! DriveClub announced for PlayStation 4! | turboduck Announcement Demo thanks to IGN.
  6. Camel

    PSN Is Down Again!

    [headline]4 Days Into 2016 and PSN Has Fallen Over Already![/headline] Well, there's not really much to say about this is there? PSN has gone down again and the communication from Sony/PlayStation has been pretty much none existent with just generic messages on the PSN status page and a single tweer from the AskPlayStation account. It's not the end of the world but the lack of communication from them like every other time doesn't get any less annoying! How hard is it to give a proper update!? [ATTACH]24588[/ATTACH] Kinda regretting renewing my PSN+ a week ago. :(
  7. Do you like getting things before other people? Do you like breaking things? Do you like giving feedback!? Well then, why not try and get into the PS4 update beta to get a sneak peak on the upcoming features before anyone else? They don't usually run beta programs that anyone can enter for the run of the mill software updates. So maybe there are some new features or big changes coming. Enrolment ends on Wednesday at 12PM GMT+1 with the beta update rolling out on 2nd September. If you have any issues, you can roll back to the current software revision at any time. Source
  8. [headline]PS4 Update 2.50 - New Features[/headline] Sauce The suspend mode looks like it might come in quite handy for games like pCARS and GT7 with their amazingly stupid long races.
  9. Something for y'all to ponder over: It appears there was another PSN outage on Sunday for some users, after the hacking, other outages, and general lack of 'WE PROMISE IT'LL GET BETTER' on Sony's behalf, is it time to change allegiance (To those that use PSN?)? Or are you happy with the level of service you get for the price you pay? I know we're mainly a PC/XB1/360 community but I hope some will be able to give an opinion on this article I saw on twitter by Time Magazine: Read the rest of the article here: Is It Really Time to Abandon Sonys PlayStation Network?
  10. [headline]PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition[/headline] How cool is this!? Sony are releasing an original themed PS4 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PlayStation. Who could ever have thought dull grey would be so appealing and highly-sought! Limited to only 12,300 units worldwide, the commemorative edition comes in a very sleek looking box and has original PS accents, logos and 20's placed around the console and it's peripherals. Just take a look at the vids below and let the feels wash over you. :lol: [subhead]PS4 20th Anniversary Video[/subhead] [subhead]PS4 20th Anniversary Unboxing Video[/subhead] Sauce: PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition revealed - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
  11. [headline]Playstation 4 Update 2.0[/headline] The main features in this update include: Upload clips direct to Youtube rather than just Facebook Shareplay - let a friend play your game for upto 60 minutes or play the game with you. They don't need to own the game themselves USB music playback Playstation themes Various broadcasting improvements The update takes roughly about 5 minutes to download and install. The menus also feel a lot more fluid than before even when a game/app is running in the background. Head over to Eurogamer for an in depth look
  12. PlayStation is due a BIG update in the form of 2.0 or 'Masamune' as it's being called and one of the biggest anticipations about it bar the themes and USB music player is Share Play. Share Play is a feature that allows a player to invite other players to watch their gaming session, now this may not sound too enthralling but wait, you see they can also virtually hand over the controller to the watcher and then for 60mins they can play the game as if it was on their own system! Not only this but you can even invite players to participate co-operatively or against you again for the same time limit in the likes of FIFA as the video shows even if the other person DOES NOT own the game. PS Plus is needed for some aspects and not for others which will no doubt be cleared up later. Does this seem like a big thing to you or do you actually wonder what is the point? :hmmm:
  13. Update 1.70 just went live for PS4 owners to download. Numerous new features and subtle enhancements are included, but the big news is the release of SHAREfactory The question to ask is, how many game devs will be forthcoming in adding their own branded 'themes' (Intro/Outro clips and transition effects) for use, and can you use these themes for other games. In any case, the tool does come with its own generic effects. Does this feature swing any potential Xbox One owners here?
  14. The silence surrounding DRIVECLUB was never seen as a very bad sign as there was talk about it maybe being delayed due to being a showcase for Sony's Oculus Rift alike VR display system, which itself was rumoured to have been delayed too. At the end of last year we were treated to a few short clips of the game looking amazing and those of us in the UK got to see those clever little 4 idents which used them game and showed off some impressive visuals. Even as recent as a few days ago there was apparently a tweet made on the DRIVECLUB feed that showed a date of 9.4.14 which if you aren't from the USA know means the 9th April this year but was very quickly deleted. Now however IGN have spoken to Worldwide Studios executive Scott Rohde who has said that they will going "back to the drawing board and make sure the game is great before we ship it." Thanks - IGN
  15. Those of you with a PS4 may well be watching this game and for good reason too, now a number of us have seen the videos and screens of the game and they have been impressive in not only their visuals but the effects too. And now with this gameplay video from gameinformer, it just shows how amazing this game looks and plays, quite a feat when you consider that this is a launch window title! Seriously can't wait to see what the future brings!! :cool: Incredible job by the team at Sucker Punch! Warning: Slightly NSFW Language within
  16. The PS4 train continues to steam along and nothing appears to be in it's way as reports say that it's launch in it's home of Japan has passed the 320,000 sales marker in just two days! That's a big difference compared to it's bigger brother the PS3 which sold close to 90,000 (blu-ray issues constrained that though) on it's launch weekend. Japan was a bit of a worry for people to as they seem to be more aligned to smartphones and handhelds such as the Nintendo DS but if this shows us something it is that Japanese gamers still love them some home console gaming action. PS4 has more than likely now sold over 5.5million worldwide since it's launch in November 2013 and Sony has said that low stock will probably remain until at least April. The overstay of the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation certainly seems to have made people's hearts grow fonder for this new generation of console gaming and the sales are just going to continue to come, now all we need is the games!! Though with inFAMOUS Second Son and a rumoured VR device - that's on-par with the Oculus Rift - Sony certainly has a very cool gaming future ahead of it and so do its current and future PS4 owners. Thanks - News: Japanese PS4 sales hit 320k in 2 days, report claims - CVG UK
  17. Analyst group Baird Equity Research believes that Take-Two is hard at work on a new Read Dead Redemption along with GTA V for the next-gen twins and PC. It's probably no surprised that either of these was going to happen but it doesn't stop it being any more exciting, especially a next-gen RDR!! :drool: Thanks - VG247
  18. Saw this was posted on reddit via twitter and thought it was worth a post. DRIVECLUB could be coming quicker than we thought! There was already an inkling that it was close as there was rumblings that the game was going to be available for the Japanese launch of the PS4, which if you don't know is happening on February 22nd. The game will be available as a full-price title as well as being FREE to PSPlus Members via a 'PSPlus Edition', which is a slightly cut down version with less cars and tracks. Those people wanting the full experience though, can pay to upgrade to the complete version. Thanks reddit (PS4)
  19. All you have to do is: 1) be Australian 2) be 18 or older 3) vote for your favourite user-submitted commercial for Just Car Insurance ... or you could make and submit your own ad for a chance to win $10k, but that requires effort, so meh :p Check out the link below for the FULL details! http://www.justcarinsurancereeldeal.com.au/prizes?cmpid=JCI:GI:PI:CAR:DIS:20110701:078
  20. Paladin Skylark

    Top 20 PS4 Games of 2014

    Click if the video doesn't show. PlayStation Access shows off 20 games for the PS4 in 2014. I'm getting rather excited.
  21. Any of you guys seen these yet? The DRIVECLUB one is very cool and shows the game off brilliantly! :cool: PlayStation has paired up with Channel 4 to deliver an exclusively tailored and engineered launch campaign starting November 22. KentLyons were asked to drive innovation within ad breaks and plant PS4 in the minds of viewers in the lead up to it's launch. To emphasise the pairing we created bespoke versions of Channel 4's iconic on-air marketing idents using gameplay from exclusive PS4 games Killzone Shadow Fall and DriveClub. KentLyons and 4Creative worked with the game developers (Guerilla Games & Evolution) to generate the idents from within the game-engines themselves. They will feature at the beginning and end of selected ad breaks from November 28. [media=vimeo]80618520[/media]
  22. If you've already run out of games to play and things to do on your new PS4 console and are a bit bored perhaps you may be interested in trying to take it apart and put it back together (which is not the craziest thing you could do)
  23. But we already know how to share PS4 games... ... well, maybe. But the American version of the PlayStation website has decided to post a more elaborate list of Frequently Asked Questions that addresses digital sharing, a subject that Microsoft is probably keenly interested in perusing. You can find the FAQ here. [headline]UPDATE - 1st November 2013[/headline] Sony USA have just shared this "Ultimate FAQ": PS4: The Ultimate FAQ PlayStation.Blog erm, what?
  24. Now that the console is out in the wild and the mandatory software updates have been installed we can finally see what the console is like to use: Post your thoughts and critiques below. Does this change anything as far as what you think about the console and chances of you buying one?
  25. The USA gets the PS4 tomorrow (well midnight) officially, but as is the norm these days some people have managed to get their hands on it earlier. Most of these people of course are playing and streaming their fun on twitch and sharing videos on facebook and youtube... then you have this guy, who decided the best way to play his brand new PS4 is to shoot it with .50 cal rifle. Each to their own I guess! :D