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  1. i did the same up for a drive this saturday mate
  2. hi i have got a zonda cinque and i am in the uk could u tell me when the club is and can i have your online addy
  3. well I was going to see the turn out 1st and if it's good there will be a club
  4. Hi This will be the 1st club event Club events list 1.European Cars 2.Classic Cars 3.US Cars 3.Italian Cars 4.British Cars 5.German Cars Club Rules Turn up in the required car drive like you would in real life follow the map (will be uploaded soon) dates of evants will be updated soon thank you Lee PSN (v6lee)
  5. hi sorry but I will not be able to make it because it will be 6:00 am in the uk hope we can do it another time I would have been in my Ferrari 246 dino if you could add me that would great my psn is v6lee
  6. i have a mic hi forgive me but i dont know what est time is but i have a iphone 4 and have a world clock if i may ask what part of the U-S are you from thanks lee and i will add you so we can still cruise if we get the times wrong [mod edit:] Please don't double post, use the edit button, thanks!
  7. i am in tduc 911.turbo psn v6lee where are you from as i need to know when to meet u
  8. hi dont worry i like to stick to the speed limet well i will put my boot down some times :)
  9. i am in ferrari 246 dino (v6lee) where are you from an need to know the time to meet and can we meet at ibiza casino
  10. hi mine works fine install the latest driveer on your pc then try it on the ps3
  11. hi i am makeing a club any car i will be in black ruf rturbo club layout/plan meet up till all players are there cruise down to the drag strip (a long road i like) the a proper rag on back roads rules wait for slower cars when cruiseing dont smash other cars up need a sports/super car no off roads classics are welcom need a PS3 !
  12. hi for some reson i cant post this in mod request any way i am looking to get a 996 turbo (like mine in my avatar) but just cant find one on here can anyone help thanks
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