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  1. ooooooo im sorry i thought i forgot something Track List
  2. Couple things your going to need if you don't have them already 1. Magic Audio Converter 2. Djey's TDU Modding Tools II 3. Track List Tutorial Preview
  3. thanks Diablo, i'll definitely get on it when i get enough time :)
  4. i think you have to find a song with the closest time duration with the song your replacing to keep that from happening but i don't have the time or patience to go on that kind of hunt though.
  5. yeah hopefully i don't get why they felt the need to crypt the radio xmb file :( lol
  6. wow lol all the tracks that i put on so far have been cut off with 10 seconds to go or less, then again there are like 30+ tracks and havent been through them all yet
  7. replacing Haribo radio songs
  8. i think it has to to with the setup.xmb file, don't mind the tracks being cut off prematurely to be honest, most real radio stations do that anyway so it gives off that authentic feeling. I'm going to try messing around a bit and see if i can find a way to change the song titles somehow, or if anyone has found a way and is reading this feel free to respond :)
  9. For those that are interested i'll make a little video guide to putting your own music in tdu 2. No point in going through the trouble if no one is has any interest. Hope for some responses by saturday then i'll make the video saturday evening ;)
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