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  1. sorry...did not know trainers were not allowed. Guess I will try with Enzo!
  2. witch trainer will help most with tour of the island race...I do not play online...
  3. found the mods here on the forum (one I am interested in is the one that changes the environment)! How do I use it?
  4. Glad I found this forum! Got quick help on a stupid mistake I was making in a game! Know I am going to love it here!
  5. ...OK no laughing at me! Would have helped if I would have STARTED THE CAR! Seems I did not used to have to do that...maybe there is a setting that auto starts engine when you step on the gas...been awhile since I played
  6. Its not the wheel...changed accellerator to keyboard and still will not work.
  7. Whats weird is in control panel all logitek stuff seems to work fine...will try your suggestion and post back...could be tomorrow. THANKS for quick replies! Think I picked the right forum! --- Post Updated --- tried all...no help! Now pedals will not work at all! Brake lights come on when I step on brake/reverse pedal
  8. never had to on previous installs...never liked the patch much...will try it later. may wait for other suggestions. Thanks for replying
  9. Just re-installed game to replay and never had this problem before. Accellerator and brake/reverse work right after leaving home, but if I go to the map and back to road they stop responding(steering and all other buttons on wheel work). I am running Win XP and have not patched the game (yet)>
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