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  1. GooD car But I need Pack of Porsche to remplace RUF cars pleas give me pack porsche ok bro
  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo its the best Car in the word BMW is The best and you the leader Ok Bro !!!!:hiya: --- Post Updated --- Can you make that car replace audi TT pleas Bro
  3. Thanx all DonnieBrasco To Your help u the best
  4. GIve me your setting Control
  5. I Play Whit Keyboard So Give Me Your Control Setting Pleas SS=ScreenShot
  6. Hii All I Need Control Fix of TDU 2 It's Hard To Drive cars :confused:anyone can help me PS:send me SS=ScreenShot Good DAy To All :)
  7. No One Understand My Lang ? --- Post Updated --- Hey Guys ? I need BIke MOD
  8. Hey NooBy i am dont speak eng well my idea i downloaded patch 0.4 but were is kawazaki ? if there is not give me Moto=Bikes=motorcycels
  9. Hii all Today i need Motos+Motos Dealer For PC - I am Downloaded Patch unoficial 0.4 -i have Downloaded Kawazaki ninja and i add it to Bnk**Vich..... Pleas give me Moto MOD
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