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  1. Free

    TDU World: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiplayer Mod

    Introducing the first Community Multiplayer Server for Test Drive Unlimited 2!
    Important Notice
    Important!: TDU World DOES NOT support unpacked or otherwise cracked or modified editions of Test Drive Unlimited 2! 
    NO mods other than the ones provided via our Launcher are supported.
    Let us know if you'd like to see a mod come to TDU World and we'll see about making it happen!

    We are aware there are no longer CD Keys for TDU2 at a reasonable price given the "abandonware" situation.
    A clean copy of the original DVD installation can be found on Internet Archives here:

    If you do not have a CD Key, or can't find a working one online, you can use 80_PA to "fake activate" TDU2.
    The latest download can be found here, you need the 7Z release.
    In order to use 80_PA, simply open TDU2, when asked for activation enter "1234-1234-1234-1234" then when prompted for invalid key, use offline activation.
    Launch 80_PA.exe in the zip and paste the "Unlock Request Code" into 80_PA.
    Click Generate Unlock Code. Copy/Paste the Unlock Code into the TDU Activation Window, then play as normal.
    We're expanding!
    Team TDU World are looking to expand their team.
    If you are experienced in reverse engineering, C++, C#/.NET, please get in touch via Discord.
    Current features
    TDU World Mod Pack (Featuring bug fixes, a curation of the best vehicles, graphics mods, and much more!)
    Free Roam across Ibiza + Hawaii
    Includes Instant Challenges, Online Police Chases, Vehicle Livery Syncing + In Game Chat (Text + Voice)

    Public and Private Multiplayer Racing (including Matchmaking)
    Friends (Search by player name and adding recent players)
    Invites/Joining players (partial, may occasionally fail)
    Moderation: Reporting Players In Game
    DLC Support: Emulates the experience of buying the DLC In Game using Tokens
    Unlocks exclusive avatar clothing for some vehicles

    TDU2: Casino DLC:
    Slot Machines and Time Attack are open to all players.

    Club Houses:
    Create + Join Clubs

    Leaderboards enabled for Single, Multiplayer and other special events.
    Features coming soon:

    MyTDULife (Profile Statistics)

    Official Race Center (With weekly challenges!)

    Community Race Center (With anti-cheat and moderation)
    Known issues
    Map may occasionally cause hard crashes.
    This is an issue with new DirectX 12 GPUs and can be resolved by installing DGVoodoo.
    Lobbying: You may not see anyone when the player count is low.
    How to install
    Step 1: Installing TDU2
    Perform a clean, standard install of Test Drive Unlimited 2 either from Steam or DVD/Digital Download
    You must use a completely clean download if you do not have the Steam or DVD Edition. Repacked/Cracked editions are NOT supported!
    Step 2: Preparing TDU2
    Before you install TDU World, please run the original UpLauncher.exe at least once.
    You do not need to start the game with the original launcher unless you want to make sure your game is installed properly.
    Failure to do so will result in TDU World failing to find your game!
    Make sure you have a text file named "key" in the game directory. Without this, you will not be able to access TDU World!
    If the key.txt file does not exist in your directory, create the text file yourself and paste your CD key inside.
    Note: The CD Key is NOT your Steam Key! Steam will give you a separate CD Key. Right click the game in your Library, select Manage, then CD Keys.

    Step 3: Installing TDU World
    If you haven't already, go to TDUWorld.com & register an account by clicking "Register" and activating your account.
    You must use a legitimate E-mail address!
    Inactivated accounts are not allowed online.
    Once you've registered and activated your TDU World Account, click the Download button on this page to download TDU World.
    Run the installer, It will automatically find TDU2 as long as you have a supported version installed.
    Optional: Tick the Shortcut box to put a cool TDU World Shortcut on your Desktop or in your Start Menu to easily play TDU World.
    The Installer will then ask you if you wish to proceed installing TDU World. Press "Yes" to proceed.

    When you first load TDU World you will be required to download and install the TDU World Base Pack,
    as well as the latest version of the game if you haven't already got an up to date version of TDU2.
    You can also find other mods available using the Mod Manager.
    Open the game and register a new account using your TDU World credentials.
    (Nickname = Profile Name, TDU World Account = TDU World Username, Password = TDU World Account Password)
    Congratulations, you can now play online! Have fun!
    Project Managers
    Server Developers
    and formerly
    Website Developers
    and formerly
    Special thanks to
    Eden Games
    TDU2 fans all over the world!


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