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  1. User DMed me, but for reference if anyone else has a key issue: Revocation issues will say they are happening. TDU2 keys don't have usage locks. ensure the game folder has paul.dll and if it does and it's still not working, remove it and try again. If that still doesn't work, please ensure that you're entering the CD Key as "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx", else, contact securom support to have them reset the key.
  2. Is something similar planned for TDU1? Thanks


    1. Just wondering, the August update of TDU World says (If I recall correctly) that it will emulate buying the DLC cars. Can you please tell how it will be emulated? Thanks man.

      1. TDU World News: August 2022 Hello Everyone! Yes we know it’s been a while however Team TDU World has a whole lot of news to cover, so let’s begin! What’s going on with Team TDU World? The first half of 2022 has been a bit of a crazy time for Team TDU World, and we're aware that there've been lots of rumours, controversial moments and changes both within our Team, and across both the TDU World and general TDU2 communities. For those of you who haven’t been following the news as it happened across the TDU World Community Discord here’s the rundown: April 2022 saw Team TDU World experience a significant change in management and staff: A discussion was held internally which raised some important points within the team, primarily around management and timings, but also around the work being carried out at the time since it was quickly becoming a point of contention. Unfortunately, whilst an agreement was extremely close between the team as a whole, plans fell through and some of the team decided to part ways. This meant a majority of the talented members working on the Website, Game Server, Launcher and the ModPack had moved on to form various groups of their own, which have now subsequently become competitors within the TDU2 Community. This change ultimately reduced the amount of time the team can put into the project as we now have the same workload but a smaller team, however we are still well invested into the project and are keen to deliver on our promise to the community: To provide an improved experience for the TDU2 Community that provides the most stable and secure Game Server, a fluid Mod Pack with some of the best hand picked mods, reinvented physics/handling and much more into the future, and a well rounded Launcher to provide a quick and easy solution to manage your game. The remaining members of Team TDU World came together, reformed under the same name, and currently consists of the following members: xXBeefyDjXx - Founder of TDU World, Launcher/Server/Website Project Manager + Developer Xarlith - Co-Manager of TDU World, Mod Pack Project Manager + Developer GeeTee - Beta Project Manager Esurient - Website Developer/Design Manager Introvert3D - Mod Pack Clothing Designer Kurya - Mod Pack Vehicle Skin Designer 25 Beta Testers and counting! So, What has Team TDU World been working on? We’re pleased to say that over the past few months the team has been hard at work across all areas. Whilst this is not quite ready for release, we’re getting ready to move a significant amount of changes to Beta shortly and anticipate that testing shouldn’t take too long. Without further ado, let’s get stuck into one of our biggest updates yet! TDU World Game Server for TDU2 Current Status As of right now, the following is available on TDU World’s Game Server: Free Roam (Port Forwarding 8889 Required) Friends including searching for players to add and basic presence Basic Multiplayer Racing (Known bugs, start ASAP to bypass issues) Whilst we are well aware that this seems a little basic at the moment, Team TDU World are pleased to announce that our resident developer Beefy has been hard at work over the past few months and the following will be coming out of Beta in our next update: Lobbying 2.0 Lobbying 2.0 has been in release status since April, and since then we have identified the remaining issues, which have been related to the current version of the TDU World Launcher. As such, the next Lobbying Update will be released, and subsequent improvements will be worked on after the launch of the new TDU World Launcher later this year. Free-Roam Lobbying has been improved and should be more reliable. This will further be improved by the release of the new TDU World Launcher (explained below) Racing has been overhauled: Matchmaking has been overhauled and now completely works as intended for Public/Private Races and Mini Games such as Follow the Leader. Map Tracking has been improved and should no longer result in random game crashes caused by tracking players who have gone offline Support for 32 Player Casino Lobbies has been implemented in preparation for the release of TDU2: Casino Online DLC Clubs We’re also pleased to announce that Clubs in TDU2 will finally be making a return! As of this news release, players in Beta have been testing out the Club features and we’re able to confirm that creation and management of Clubs in game is working as expected. In the next update you will be able to: Create and Manage your Club as the president View your Club Statistics in detail and compare with others Invite up to 32 friends to join your Club (Max Level Clubs only) Search for and Join or Switch between a Club if you’re already a member elsewhere Manage Club Ranks for all members Earn XP and Donate to your Club Upgrade your Clubs once you earn enough XP and Donations Purchase all 4 exclusive Club vehicles with enough donations at Level 3 We haven’t yet been able to confirm if we will have Club vs Club Matchmaking ready in time for the next update, and know that there is also work still to be done to ensure the appropriate news notifications pop to Club Members, however we will keep everyone updated as soon as we have more information. DLC The DLC Service on the TDU World Server has been overhauled however we are still experiencing issues with DLC Vehicles unlocking on players running DLC2 v034. As a work around until it is resolved, all DLC Vehicles will be unsupported by the server, meaning that they will show as regular vehicles and will not turn into Miami’s Mustang if purchased. The Casino Online DLC has been fixed, and will be available in the next update. TDU2: Casino Online TDU2: Casino Online will finally be opening its doors on the TDU World Server very soon! We have been hard at work with our beta testers to ensure that the Casino Slots Games are working at their best, with multi line bets, variable payouts, winning animations and more all now working as originally intended by the developers. At it’s launch, the TDU World Casino Server will be able to support up to 32 players per Casino Room, however only the Casino Slots will be available. Roulette, Poker and the VIP Tournament area will be locked upon the initial release, and will open up as soon as each game mode is ready. Work in progress, showing final Beach Slots, and the rest of the Slots Games being tested during development can be found on Beefy's channel here More Features As of this news release, we can also give some more updates about some features that won’t be ready for the next update, but progress is being made… MyTDULife/Statistics Unfortunately we haven’t yet been able to get MyTDULife working stable so this is currently on the backburner until further notice. This means that at the moment, only very basic statistics in the game will work, such as Player Money, and Vehicles/Houses owned. On the subject of Statistics, we have managed to get the Leaderboards working in game; as of the next update, all the Leaderboards will temporarily show a placeholder until we’re sure that the appropriate anti-cheat measures are in place to avoid people cheating their way to the top. Official/Community Racing Centres Whilst they will not be opening their doors on the next update, We’re pleased to announce that solid progress is being made on the Official and Community Racing Centres. As of this update, we’ve been able to successfully upload races to the Community Racing Center and browse the available challenges, however downloading Challenges has not yet been completed. So close, yet so far! The lack of ability to download races means that we’ve been unable to test out the Official Racing Center yet either, however we’re anticipating this can be fixed up relatively soon. Leaderboards will spring into life alongside the Statistics update for general races in game, however the same issue stands where we must ensure that appropriate Anti-Cheat is in place before the Community Racing Center can be opened or this will have a negative impact on the competitive aspect of this feature. In Game News Progress has been made on In Game News and we are hopeful that towards the end of the year we will be able to fully implement this feature. It will cover quite a few online aspects including Clubs as mentioned above, several reports for the Racing Centers and in the future, custom news for TDU World. Most notably, it will be used to push notifications if the game server is due to reboot for an update, as shown in the sneak peak below TDU World Launcher Team TDU World have been hard at work preparing the next major update for the TDU World Launcher and we’re pleased to announce that in the next update, the following will be coming: A new, improved and simplified Installation experience Support for Automatic Updates to the Launcher Improved NAT Detection to improve support for newer/locked down network devices TexMod support Improved Settings: Offline Mode, and the ability to switch between Game Servers Improved Discord Presence In later updates, we will be implementing even more options into the TDU World Launcher such as a dedicated Troubleshooting tool, Mod Manager supported by TurboDuck, and even support for launching the original Test Drive Unlimited. Stay Tuned for more to come later in the year! TDU World Website After months of long work between Beefy and Esurient, we’re pleased to announce that in the next update, We will be releasing the new TDU World Website to the public! Whilst our current website gets the job done whilst looking rather sleek, we’re very quickly outgrowing the current back end that runs it, meaning we’re having to spend longer working on making sure that everything on our Launcher and Server works with the current Website code. Rather than stretch development time and make the community wait longer for a release, we went back to the drawing board, completely rebuilding the Web Server and planning the Website Design from scratch. The rebuild has helped us to move forwards at a significant pace, allowing us to incorporate a more interactive experience between the Website and the Game Server. For players, this will come in many ways, including but not limited to: Quickly and easily manage your TDU World Account and Game Profiles Get Password Resets, Email Changes and Recovery Requests faster Improved API Support for Game Server Status, Launcher Updates + Mod Downloads View Leaderboards and Statistics across the TDU World Community View Photos taken in game online and export them Manage your Friends, Clubs and Community Challenges (Some features will be released once the appropriate feature is released on the Game Server) For Moderators, support for In Game Reporting and General Management will also be improved significantly, making sure we can provide the best experience for our community where clean competition is strongly encouraged! TDU World Mod Pack Since we launched the TDU World Game Server for TDU2, we promised to develop the ultimate modpack/expansion this game deserves. It's a big responsibility and not an easy task. Over the last 2 years, we started three times from scratch. For many reasons. The former team did not have much experience at modifying TDU2. Our internal tools were also acquiring more and more new functionalities, which meant that what we created earlier was not as good as it could be now. New modders also joined us, The concepts have also changed, and not everyone was keen on that which presumably became one of the reasons for the original team disbanding, so on and so forth. The bottom line is that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Currently, the work on the mod is at an advanced stage and we are very proud of the outcomes. Thanks to our efforts, the game looks and feels more polished than ever and soon its condition will allow us to just freely focus on expanding the vehicle selection. Current Status Better physics, better tires & better steering assists Thanks to the experience of our modders and the effort they put into learning how physics in TDU2 actually work, we managed to overcome many of its shortcomings while maintaining the spirit of TDU2. By selecting full assistance and default settings, the driving experience is similar to the original but by choosing hardcore the physics changes dramatically, is more challenging, much less grippy and unlike original it actually allows you to have some control over the car while drifting. Yes, with some practice, drifting/power sliding is possible. It's a tribute to the TDU1 fans but of course, due to the engine limitations it is not the same, one would say not even close. Anyway, we are having a lot of fun with it and hope you will have also. It is not only a global change. Each of the 180 cars have been tested and tweaked accordingly! Real-world performance of all vehicles First, with the help of our beta testers, we did a huge amount of research and collected very detailed info about the in-game vehicles such as stats and real-world performance tests from reliable sources. Then, within the game's limitations we did our best to reproduce that. No more artificial speed limiters, no more weirdly fast or slow cars. No more underperforming gearboxes. Balanced vehicle classes Our top tier beta testers thoroughly tested the vehicle's performance and with a help of a well thought set of rules we reorganized the vehicle classes. If you are curious how we are doing this here is a sneak peek from our testing sheet. We did censor some stuff and won't show the new vehicles because we don’t want to reveal all of them just yet. After all, the best part of the new stuff is first hand discovering which car is the best and what's at the dealers. Balanced time trials and harder AI opponents We have spent time playing through all the events in the game, including driving schools, cups and championships to make them more challenging but fair. Forget about difficult license tests and boringly easy championship time trials. We made the AI opponents significantly faster. Winning is not a piece of cake anymore. A little sweat won't hurt while winning those millions, right? New vehicles TDU World's Modpack will be modest in the regard of the amount of new vehicles but that will change with future regular content updates. Modest means over 40 hand picked additional community sourced vehicles with our tweaks at your disposal (including vehicles introduced with the Unofficial Patch) right after the release. Here's a selection of the vehicles that you should expect to see in the upcoming pack: Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Jaguar XJ220 Mclaren F1 Porsche Cayenne GTS Jeep Wrangler Koenigsegg CC8S Pagani Zonda R Porsche Cayman R And many more Optional graphic overhaul mods A set of optional graphical and ease of use mods will be adapted to work flawlessly on top of our basic, mandatory patch. Mandatory because we do not want you to experience any injustice in competitive play modes. Thus each of the players will have to run the same TDU2 version to be able to compete. Optional mods are optional because they do not interfere with the vehicle's performances. So, Release when?! We hear each and every one of you who come by to ask when the next update is coming to TDU World. We’d absolutely love to promise a specific time frame for the next update however due to the limited resources of the team and the amount of work required to squash the final bugs that we may find, we cannot do so quite yet. We’re hopeful that we can provide a major release by the end of the year, we’ve smashed out a significant chunk so far and believe that this is easily achievable. As always, continue to stay tuned here on TurboDuck, and on Discord over at the TDU World Community for the latest updates, we promise we will provide future news on a semi regular basis! Patreon A huge thank you to anyone who still continues to pledge as a patron to Team TDU World! Without our Patrons, Team TDU World would be in a completely different situation. If you can, consider becoming a Patron today to show your support for the team, it helps us to cover the costs of hosting this project and continue expanding to ensure that we can provide the best experience. All Patrons get access to “The Quiet Zone” on the TDU World Discord where you can chat to fellow Patrons, have direct chats with Team TDU World, access to the TDU World Beta including early access to the newest features and TDU World Mod Pack. Super and Ultra Fan Tiers also get merchandise, A Sticker and a TDU World T-Shirt as an extra thank you! Click here to visit our Patreon Page
      2. You're missing .NET 6 Prerequisites if the launcher will not open. Download here https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-6.0.8-windows-x64-installer
      3. Hi there everyone! My Apologies this is late to TurboDuck and was probably missed by anyone not in our Community Discord. Going forwards, I will continue to cross post updates. I've also updated the TDU World Website so the latest status of any features, including confirmed server issues, can be found over on the Status Page TDU World Server Update: April 2022 We're pleased to announce that after a longer than ever expected period, there is finally a update to the TDU World Server! The following is now out of Beta: Anti-Piracy has now been turned OFF! - Players using keys shared by the community will now be able to play TDU World Online. You asked, and we have listened. Notice: You will NOT be able to play TDU World with a cracked EXE. You may find a clean copy of the game on Internet Archives, Install TDU World Launcher, it will update your game as required, then when prompted, activate your game using the Key you have sourced from the internet. We cannot provide support for any cracked copies of the game, so please don't ask us directly or in troubleshooting about cracked editions of TDU2. Lobbying 2.0 - Finally Live! We're still looking into various flaws in the system, however Lobbying has been improved and should be more stable. If you're having issues, make sure you've opened Port 8889, as this is very important to being able to host and join players! Some Lobbying issues are due to the launcher being unable to properly detect NAT. A Launcher Update is coming soon, so please be patient with us. Races - Thanks to Lobbying 2.0, we're pleased to announce that public testing for Races is now under way. Please note, we're aware of a bug that may kick players from joined race lobbies with a "no game found" message. This can be bypassed if the race host starts the race as soon as you join. We're working to resolve this as quick as we can. Friends - You may now send and receive Friend Requests, Add users by Username, and Join Friends if they're online! Friends online, will show notifications when they join or leave your lobby. This is a little bit of a bug, however over time we're hoping to improve this so real time notifications will work again in the longer term. Map/Joining - We're still blowing some cobwebs out of these functions, however the Map should now start working properly once you're in a lobby, and Joining Friends, Recent Players, and teleporting to players in your Lobby, should now be semi-functional. We are aware that occasionally, Map Updates behind the scenes may cause people's games to crash, we're working on resolving this as quick as we can. Statistics/MyTDULife - At this time, basic stats such as Money, Vehicles/Houses Owned are now syncing again, however MyTDULife is not functional until further notice. We hope to have an update for this soon. Leaderboards - We're still working on implementing leaderboards, so for now you will only see a "Coming Soon" entry. No Times or Scores are syncing to us yet. Dealerships - We're now able to control what vehicles appear in any dealership. At this time, only the standard vehicles will show in each dealership, however in the future we hope to utilize this feature during special events. Casino - Until further notice, Casino is joinable, however all the functions are disabled so Casino Games, the Audi Race or the Bar are NOT accessible yet. As soon as each part of the Casino is ready, we will open each game mode up as necessary. Expect an update very soon. Racing Centers - Until further notice, Racing Centers are NOT accessible on the TDU World Server. As soon as they're ready, we will open them up. Clubs - Until further notice, Clubs are NOT Accessible on the TDU World Server. As soon as they're ready, we will open them up. Expect an update very soon. If you have any issues whilst playing on the TDU World Server, please post in troubleshooting and we will investigate. At this time, we are working almost daily to produce bug fixes and prepare more features for release, your input matters! Team TDU World are still working on the TDU World ModPack. Xarlith is now our Mod Pack Manager, continuing to work extremely hard on the pack alongside the rest of our team. As always, please do not DM TDU World Staff regarding updates etc. We will provide news when we're ready! Thanks to everyone who continues to support TDU World, we're very keen to continue working hard to ensure we bring you the best TDU2 Server, and eventually Mod Pack too.
      4. Hi @Avatarzan, As of yesterday, the TDU World Server has gone through a period of updates. We're aware at the moment there is an issue with the game crashing for multiple users both in free roam and when racing. I'm currently working on reproducing the issue and resolving in a new update which will go live as soon as it is ready. The Casino and Club are currently Disabled on the TDU World Server as they are not yet ready to play. I encourage you join the TDU World Discord for the latest news and real time troubleshooting as I am most active there, as are the rest of the TDU World Team.
      5. OMG! Is this news?! Yeah, we know it's been a while since we've done a proper news announcement. We're often extremely busy! Let's begin shall we? What is going on with TDU World now? TDU World and its staff have not gone anywhere, in fact in the last 6 months we've grown to almost 50 members including our Beta Testers! We want to assure the community that there is almost always something being worked on in the background. If we're quiet it usually means we're working on something major. Unfortunately, a project of this scale means that now and again, we have to re-evaluate our work to ensure we're on track to release good quality content per our promise. With this, we’re announcing that there will likely not be any updates coming to the Public Servers, at least for another 3 months. We have had to rewrite a lot of fundamental features in the last 6 months including but not limited to Lobbying to ensure they work as planned, with no issues that may restrict other features as we expand. This work is still ongoing, as discussed later in this announcement. Remember: As long as you are patient, we promise the wait will be worth it! Our promise to the community as always, is that when things are ready, we will release them. This is never going to change. So, what's been worked on? Between the Server Developers and the Mod Pack team, the following has been worked on: Server News The TDU World Server Development Team have been extremely hard at work over the past few months, implementing new features and expanding currently implemented features. Here's a run-down of the current status: Public Servers: Over the last few months, we've made many smaller changes behind the scenes to improve the Public TDU World Servers, most notably when we accidentally broke our Server Status page moving over to Linux. We're well aware that TDU World hasn't received any major public updates since release in February. Despite our best efforts to try to release content, it has become an increasingly difficult task due to many factors, most notably how busy our teams can be at any moment with their own lives. Remember, there’s only 4 of us working on the server at any given moment and we not only have to create the server, we have to pull apart the game’s inner workings first and this is no easy task. The following is Live on the Public Servers: Freeroam: Including Co-Op Driving, and Police Chases No other features are currently due for release yet, and until Lobbying 2.0 is ready there won’t be any further Server Updates. Coming Soon: Lobbying 2.0: One of the biggest and most important changes to TDU World's Servers is Lobbying 2.0: Lobbying 2.0 will bring better, faster in game lobbies, no more false sessions, no more dead lobbies. Multiplayer Racing will make a return too, including head-to-head, all mini games, and Matchmaking. (Support for Clubs, CRC/ORC and Casino Races not included) Lobbying 2.0 will also bring with it better user tracking on the Map, and improve the ability to join player’s sessions on the fly. Friends: The ability to use the Friends List will be making a return soon. The team have almost completed work on this with just a few bugs to iron out. DLC: We're pleased to announce that work on the DLC portion of the TDU World Servers has almost been completed. TDU World Players will be gifted the total amount of TDU World Tokens to unlock every DLC Item in the game, including Casino once we release support for it. As we have warned in the past, if you haven't unlocked the DLC after this update and you sign in to a profile with DLC Vehicles, they will be reset to Miami's Mustang! You do not have to sell your vehicles though. We will release a workaround when we release the DLC Update. Weather: Behind the scenes, a lot of testing and trials have taken place to test out new Weather code for the Server. Whilst there has been improvement, this is still a while away from completion and may take time. Once finished, we hope to tinker with the timings to allow players to unlock the photo achievements whilst online. In the meantime, if you really want to unlock the photographer awards, please launch TDU2 offline for the best results. Stats: Player Stats including Leaderboards is currently undergoing a complete rewrite. The original code simply wasn’t working as expected, and considering stats covers almost every single function in the game, this is a large task to complete. Due to the complexity around Stats, we cannot promise this will come soon. Other Features: Clubs, Casino, and the Community/Official Racing Centers are continually being worked on, features such as MyTDULife (Photos), News, and other smaller but equally important features are also being worked on in stages, however these are all a long way from completion. Over time we hope to continue getting all these features working and will be posting more updates soon. The TDU World Mod Pack for TDU2: Yes it's still being worked on! In order to bring the community the absolute best we can, some of the Server Development Team Members and our Mod Pack Team have been working to produce brand new and exclusive tools for TDU2 with the aim of achieving complete control over the game’s content. We're pleased to announce that we will be releasing further news regarding the initial release of the Mod Pack within the next 2 months. (And yes we mean within 2 months, We're confident as a team that this goal can be achieved!) For now, here’s what you can expect in the first TDU World Mod Pack release: Approximately 30 vehicles including officially unreleased, and a handful of vehicles chosen by the TDU World Team Misc bug fixes TDU World Launcher with TexMod support + lots of bug fixes and improvements The Mod Pack will be updated on a regular basis to include more content including: More vehicles: Themed Packs will be released on a timely basis. Improved Physics: General world physics and a complete rework of all current and future vehicles. Unreleased Content: This isn’t a promise, but the more we’re tearing apart the game, the more we’re seeing the Auction Center and new buildings such as Night Clubs being a possibility. Over time as our tools improve we will see what we can do about potentially releasing these features depending on how much work they need to finish. Alongside this awesome news, we've got some upcoming features for the TDU World Launcher: We’ve gone back to the drawing board with the TDU World Launcher and it has undergone a major transformation. The next release of the TDU World Launcher will provide: Better loading, no more “UpLauncher” errors! Better support for Offline Play Improved NAT/Port Forwarding detection A working Server Status indicator TexMod Support New and improved updater for the Launcher, Base Game and the Mod Pack The new TDU World Launcher will make its debut alongside the Mod Pack, of which the release date will be confirmed within the next 8 weeks. Finally, We'd like to thank our Patrons, new and old for supporting us with your donations. We're extremely thankful there's still so many dedicated fans to the TDU Franchise and cannot wait to bring the TDU World Community more content as tome goes by. Our promise to all patrons is to continue providing more early access news releases as a way of saying thanks, and as always you will receive merchandise if you're a Super or Ultra Fan. If you're not already a patron and would like to see more details, please follow the link below: https://www.patreon.com/OfficialTDUWorld
      6. Parts of Unofficial Patch will make their way to the TDU World ModPack, though it will be heavily modified in line with our plans.
      7. Hi, This was fixed in a patch that went out March 2021 alongside several Profile related fixes.
      8. Official Stance: Read our rules! We do not allow any other modifications, cheats and such on TDU World besides our planned TDU World Mod Pack. Anyone found cheating money, vehicle stats, garage vehicles, DLC etc will be subject to a ban.
      9. It's not yet confirmed if this is a bug or a patched out feature. Please keep an eye on the news and Discord posts for any updates regarding bugs/functionality updates.
      10. Whilst it's possible to reuse an existing (atari) profile on TDU World, we strongly suggest not doing so because there's an extremely high possibility your saves will corrupt. If you're absolutely sure you wish to do so, as above, you just sign up using the exact same name you did for your Atari Account, and then log into the old save with your new login details.
      11. I don't always check my TurboDuck Account. If you have Discord dm me xXBeefyDjXx#2383 We are fully GDPR compliant in the sense that should you wish to have all details removed, it can and is done when requested. Just because you as a user can't do it in a one click approach doesn't mean we aren't compliant. Most companies make you fill out forms to do such a thing.
      12. Version V1.01


        Introducing the first Community Multiplayer Server for Test Drive Unlimited 2! ------ Current features Online Profile Support/Logins Free Roam across Ibiza + Hawaii Includes Instant Challenges, Online Police Chases, Vehicle Livery Syncing + In Game Chat (Text + Voice) Public and Private Multiplayer Racing (including Matchmaking) Friends (Search by player name and adding recent players) Invites/Joining players (partial, may occasionally fail) Moderation: Reporting Players In Game ------ Features coming soon: DLC Support: Emulates the experience of buying the DLC In Game TDU2: Casino DLC MyTDULife (Profile Statistics) Clubs Official Race Center (With weekly challenges!) Community Race Center (With anti-cheat and moderation) TDU World Mod Pack (Featuring bug fixes, a curation of the best vehicles, graphics mods, and much more!) ------ Known issues Weather/Time may intermittently cause issues and does not work as expected. Map may occasionally cause hard crashes. This is an issue with new DirectX 12 GPUs. Lobbying: You may not see anyone when the player count is low. This version does not include the TDU World Mod Pack. This is due to be released soon. How to install (V1.01): Important!: TDU World DOES NOT support unpacked or otherwise cracked or modified editions of Test Drive Unlimited 2! Unfortunately for now this does mean that players cannot use any mod packs or custom mods, however Unofficial Patch is supported and can be downloaded here Step 1: Installing TDU2 Perform a clean, standard install of Test Drive Unlimited 2 either from Steam or DVD/Digital Download You must use a completely clean download if you do not have the Steam or DVD Edition. Repacked/Cracked editions are NOT supported! Step 2: Preparing TDU2 Before you install TDU World, please run the game at least once to ensure that the game works and is registered correctly. Make sure you have a text file named "key" in the game directory. Without this, you will not be able to access TDU World! If the key.txt file does not exist in your directory, create the text file yourself and paste your CD key inside. Note: The CD Key is NOT your Steam Key! Steam will give you a separate CD Key. Right click the game in your Library, select Manage, then CD Keys. Step 3: Installing TDU World Go to TDUWorld.com & register an account by clicking the orange "Sign Up" button and activating your account. You must use a legitimate E-mail address! Unactivated accounts are not allowed online. Once you've registered and activated your TDU World Account, click the Download button on this page to download TDU World. Run the installer. When the Installer asks you to select the folder, select the "Test Drive Unlimited 2" folder your game is installed in. Optional: Tick the Shortcut box to put a cool TDU World Shortcut on your Desktop to easily play TDU World. The installer will then ask you if your game is up to date: If you know your game has DLC2 V034 installed, click "Yes". If your game is installed via the original DVD or Steam installation, press "No" and the installer will download the latest Official Patches for the game! (Note: Russian Versions of the game are currently not supported by TDU World's Updater, sorry!) The Installer will then ask you if you wish to proceed installing TDU World. Press "Yes" to proceed. Once the installer is finished, remove any existing save files in "Documents\Eden Games\Test Drive Unlimited 2" Open the game and register a new account using your TDU World credentials. (Nickname = Profile Name, TDU World Account = TDU World Username, Password = TDU World Account Password) Congratulations, you can now play online! Have fun! Credits Founder xXBeefyDjXx Project Managers Xarlith xXBeefyDjXx Server Developers xXBeefyDjXx and formerly MeFisto94 Redd Kuxii Website Developer xXBeefyDjXx Esurient Design Aquarious Esurient Special thanks to Atari Eden Games TurboDuck.net TDU2 fans all over the world!
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