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  1. Parts of Unofficial Patch will make their way to the TDU World ModPack, though it will be heavily modified in line with our plans.
  2. Hi, This was fixed in a patch that went out March 2021 alongside several Profile related fixes.
  3. Official Stance: Read our rules! We do not allow any other modifications, cheats and such on TDU World besides our planned TDU World Mod Pack. Anyone found cheating money, vehicle stats, garage vehicles, DLC etc will be subject to a ban.
  4. It's not yet confirmed if this is a bug or a patched out feature. Please keep an eye on the news and Discord posts for any updates regarding bugs/functionality updates.
  5. Whilst it's possible to reuse an existing (atari) profile on TDU World, we strongly suggest not doing so because there's an extremely high possibility your saves will corrupt. If you're absolutely sure you wish to do so, as above, you just sign up using the exact same name you did for your Atari Account, and then log into the old save with your new login details.
  6. I don't always check my TurboDuck Account. If you have Discord dm me xXBeefyDjXx#2383 We are fully GDPR compliant in the sense that should you wish to have all details removed, it can and is done when requested. Just because you as a user can't do it in a one click approach doesn't mean we aren't compliant. Most companies make you fill out forms to do such a thing.
  7. TDU World have good faith that Nacon (The developers behind TDU Solar Crown) will deliver in due course. They have their final WRC game to get out the door first and a fairly large task on their hands delivering something the community would be happy with. Remember this is the first time a developer other than Eden Games (RIP) have worked on a TDU game and Nacon are well known for delivering some quality games with the community in mind.
  8. Thanks! If you have a Discord We'd be extremely happy if you wanted to hop on board and join us with our project, there's lots going on not just on the code side but lots of REing and modding for our pack.
  9. The time has come for TDU World to expand their team. We are looking for a software developer who has experience in Server Development to volunteer their time. Ideal Candidates should be efficient in: Visual C# Coding (Server instances and services, which use end to end encryption) SQL Server (Scripting and or Database Management) Have at least some knowledge and understanding of load balancing proxies and request brokers You should also have understanding of memory debugging, reverse engineering and Packet Tracing/Analysis. The TDU World Server Project is still in it's infancy, however with enough brain power this will change quite quick! Please contact me, @xXBeefyDjXx via DM for more details.
  10. Hi, The way that TDU2's Online Multiplayer services work are Peer to Peer for Free Roam, Hosting Custom and Matchmade lobbies etc, however they require a main "Proxy" server that connects them together, much like GTA V does. Things like Leaderboards, In Game News etc also require a hosted server. TDU World will NEVER require users to pay a subscription/monthly fee to use the Multiplayer Servers once they are up and running, however we'd appreciate it very much if anyone wanted to buy us a coffee or contribute to the running costs. This will of course be discussed in further detail before we go live, so expect more news closer to launch. :)
  11. Hi everyone, As part of the "TDU World Multiplayer Mod Pack" I am hoping to introduce either replacement Radio Stations with specific genres, or to update the existing set of stations to improve the game. What music or new stations (if possible) would you like to see in game? If someone's already posted a track or genre, please give it a thumbs up, the most popular ones may well make it to the final release of the Mod Pack! (For Legal Reasons, We can only implement songs that are copyright/royalty free, Think "No Copyright Sounds" and the likes on YouTube!)
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