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  1. Thanks for information, i use this solution, but with litte change. 1. "- create an account on TDUWorld.com with exactly the same data you used on testdriveunlimited2.com (login name and password)" This step is ok. 2. "start the game and create a profile with exactly the same profile name you used" ,"do the tutorial until the game sends you to get the C4 licence and close the game" Here i use another nickname, a completely new nickname. I play with game few days ago, but today find Your answer in this topic. 3. "- copy everything from your old profile folder into the new one, overwrite everything" I think this step not necessary, because i use these steps. The new profile example we call "Profilehun" In My old tdu 2 save game use this profile name: "ProfileX" I registered on tduworld.com website with this profile name: "ProfileX" I start new game with my new profile "Profilehun". I push ESC button via game, then choose profiles->i use xbox 360 controller, the "selection bar" on the old profile name. Then bottom see "edit" menu, click on. If all correct You see - old profile name "ProfileX" -Tdu world nickname "ProfileX" -Password, here use tdu world account password, then click ok. If You're lucky, the game load and the old save game work again!
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