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  1. I would like to say its amazing that people like Milli are doing so much for us lovers of racing in particular TDU1. Can i also say not every one is young and adapt at installing mods. can you please help people like my self who are seniors and still enjoy these games. I tried today to install the patch update 1.1xxx there are three files and no info as to how to install. I tried and messed up my game and had to reinstall . Also I have installed the Platinum patch but i fail to see much difference I have the new cars in the dealers cant see much else has changed.
  2. after you apply the platinum mod what should be the next update to install and can we please have instructions on how to install the update please
  3. Hi guys. I played TDU 1 way back when it was first released and loved the game its brilliant. I no longer have my game CD and have downloaded the game files and run the game then installed the Platinum mod and copied the modded files into the game files as instructed I can run and play the game using the Paradise launcher but the game starts from the very start and no mod working. Do you have to have the CD mount and install the game properly into your PC or should the game files work with the Mod. I have run the redist , checked all the patch files in place and just left t
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