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  1. Guys, thanks for the reply. Apparently I managed to solve it, but I had to format the pc, it had been a long time. I did a clean format, the one that takes the longest, reinstalled windows 10 and left the original windows nvidia drive, installed TDU2 with the DLCs. Somehow the game started to warn me about the problems (before that didn't happen, only through the windows log). The first problem was the absence of "XINPUT1_3.DLL", then I started the game and it gave the following error, "0xc00007b", I went and installed "directx_Jun2010_redist" and the game worked. It's running perfectly without "leg" or "crashes", before even the old version that I could play gave light crashes. The curious thing is that these files that I installed now (except the "XINPUT1_3.DLL") I had already installed previously. Not sure but my problem was nvidia drive or windows restore not perfect, leaves some records unrepaired. but this is just speculation.
  2. I've already used the two methods you suggested, they didn't work. Even so, I thank you. I did some tests here, I managed to run the game in an old Build without the DLC's, the game ran fine, but when I install the latest version the game closes by itself.
  3. I understand, At first, my TDU2 even ran longer, now as soon as I press play, a few seconds pass and it closes. The windows log says he has a problem with "KernelBase.dll" , but I've already repaired the windows in several ways and it didn't work. I have an nvidia GT 1030, 12 gb of RAM, windows 10. I don't know what else to do, in the past I could play games. My TDU2 is not original, on Steam it is no longer available for sale.
  4. Hi guys, sorry for my english, my TDU2 starts and a few seconds later it closes without warning. I have a more modest pc, GT 1030, 12 gb ram.
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