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  1. My 6-core Ryzen laptop with 1650 GPU keeps having the same issue. I tried all the solutions but it keeps messing up on the map screen. We have to wait for a fix from the developer(s). A permanent fix. I guess an improved installer could fix this issue/these issues by applying the needed patches to specific systems. No matter what, Atari did not leave anything to desire to be lend or borrowed. The attitude with broke game developers is the same as with enriched developers. If I look at the shitty issues a game like GTA5 Online has. I quit playing that game and asked Rockstar to purge my level 400 character. The perspective here is that Rockstar don't give a shit about the players and neither did Atari. Rest in peace! I have other things to do
  2. Heh! At the same time as the Windows update... LOL... I just wanted to go back and buy the Audi in the main hall of the casino. I understand that I can't use the casino. Thank you for the invite to Discord. I tried it, but they keep asking me if I am human. I will get the Discord sorted!! Regards
  3. Hi My system: GTX1060 3GB, 16GB RAM, i5-4670K, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. TDU2 has always run smoothly. No issues. I installed TDU World last week on a clean install of my TDU2 on Steam. The game rarely crashed and I could enter the casino and club. 1. Here a week later (after a Windows 10 update on Saturday 16th) I cannot enter the casino or club. 2. And the game freezes within minutes of launching the game. I re-installed the TDU World Multiplayer Mod. And Microsoft Smart Screen blocked the install (It did not block it during the first install !!). After doing a system recovery the issues persist. I understand that the mod is a work in progress. Maybe you made some changes on the back-end at the same time i updated Windows If I need to look into NAT settings I'll do that. Firewall rules settings too. Regards!
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