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  1. Yeah it happens on the correct exe heres footage https://youtu.be/X8U8evtxpZg So I guess after talking with Mili, r34 is bugged and r32 is a maybe on stock tune. More testing later.
  2. I get this really large fps drop and then my game crashes, now i did research and came across this, but the way it feels is the 4gb ram patch that 1.12 and after has isnt working, so im trying to find a 1.12 version of the ram 4gb patch. anyone know where it is? So as a update, it most definitely not applying the 4gb ram patch. I went ahead and used the link below, and despite it stating "Patch Successfuly Applied" It still freaks out at around 2gb of ram. Using a R32 and R34. Any advice? I've Tried Compatibilty Mode Too, and Admin mode
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