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  1. Yes I asked my friend to ask to ban me from the server via phone number as I was hacked after I was able to recover my account and changed all the login credentials etc. After someone unbanned me (it should be in the logs) everything proceeded like I said in my original post for asking for help. What I don't understand is why we got banned for asking for help by a different moderator (I dont know exactly who he was but I can ask my friend if he remembers) you can check the very last logs of us being in the server, I got banned 1st then rogger tried to talk to the moderator and he banned him too. The logs that you sent was from when I got hacked, where we got banned should be not too far down about a day or 2 worth of messages.
  2. So me and my friend got banned from the "turboduck" gaming discord' we were just asking for help with tdu installation as we were having trouble for over a week they later said to take help to dms but i didn't know who to dm and when I said "can anyone help me with tdu dm me?" and me and my friend got banned for that. We were wondering if we could get unbanned from the discord as I don't think a ban was appropriate for proof you can check logs and history unless it got deleted. -Thanks
  3. ok so my friend and i have wated over 2 WEEKS and are about to give up we do all the steps we replace all the files in the game with the mod and patch but when we lanunch the game from tdu project paradise launcher it blackscreens and crashes we do everything like vsync and big .bnk and we run it as admin but it wont work i downloaded iso file from archive.org and we ran the iso installed everything we even put in the aditional cd key but it still wont run if u can help ussssss plss
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