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  1. I have tried, it so much more problems than graphics with some cerian cars. Why it is no problem to driving other cars and the original game without any issues? I coud play my first 10 hours with other cars without any issues.
  2. Hello, First I want to say I realt appreciate the TDU Platinum and have already well over 35 hours with a lots of problems and now its unplayble and wonder if somebody know the problems? They are way to many problems to count, but some crucial problems I realy want to be solved: The game is getting totalt fucked up driving the R34 mines (see picture below) and the delivery mission is not possible to get finished, once I finish the game crashes, same thing with AE86 mission and 5-6 races including tour the island is not even possible to start and the game will just crash. But without the platinum it start without any problems. Also the traffic cars and the trucks are very buggy. I have tried a multiple of vanilla versions of TDU but the problems are similar, with some differences.. for example some race/delivery was possible to drive.. the R34 mines delivery mission the game will always be fucked up at the exact same location, 17km on one version and 23km on some other. Even driving the car its self will the game sooner or later be fucked up.. but driving many other cars is no problem . It is any possible solution?
  3. I just tried, no difference at all, both the complete tdu and the Platinum, both is just complete folders and no installation
  4. Hello, first iam really happy to play tdu again after all these years and really appreciate the mod! I had some trouble to make it work, but now it does, but when I will start the tour of the island race the game will always crash, it is possible to start a single test drive of the race, but when I want to start the race ut always crash. Any solution or tips? I use the latest mod, but it was not possible to just copy all the files cos the game wont start, so I did the same some reddit guy did and just replaced some files direct form the 1.21 mod to get the game to work at all I otherwise dont have any problems except very buggy traffic cars
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