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A new headphone



Beats Studio 2013

IMG 0412

IMG 0347

And the old one I had is Bose AE2i

This is my first time trying out a noise cancelling headphone

At first I was not used to the hizz sound made by active noise cancelling

but it only lasted a day, plus, if you listen to music, you won't be able to hear that sound at all (unless you turn it to very low)

The battery will run around 10+hours, I am a pretty aggressive music listener

and it can last around 3 days withou charging it again :18:

The other good part of having a built in battery is, it doesn't drain my iPhone's battery when playing music

but drawback is once the battery power is out in the headphone, it will no longer function until I recharge it

Let's talk about the most important part that caused me to buy it

when putting it on, it immediately cancels around 75% of the noises

sometimes when I try to sleep in the school's library I like to just put it on for a better sleep quality

and when I am on a bus or somewhere with loud noises, I noticed I have 20% less volume than using my old headphone

(you know when you're in a noisy place, you need to turn the volume up to hear clearer sound)

what I like about my old is the surface that covers my ear

I wear glasses, while the beats headphone does pretty good job on confortness than most other on-ear headphone

my old bose headphone was even better

Lastly, since I always have this on my neck, I can feel a lot of sights of people looking at me :10:

(those who know me in personal know that this has became my symbol, I have been having an on-ear headphone around my neck wherever I go for more than two years now)


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