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織田信奈の野望 - Oda Nobuna no Yabou




Originally from a light novel

Oda nobuna

General ★★★★★

Recommend to those who like me love war genre and battle strategies

The anime sometimes popup some event image as mentioned by our main char(monkey) are from the game Nobunaga no yabou (did Koei(the game maker) dropped some money into it for advertise? I don't know)

the wars make my heart pounding and wanting to play the game again (yes I have killed some great deal of time with it before, it also taught me a lot of sengoko histories) unfortunately it's been sometimes since previous version, no new work yet (sob

Story ★★★★★

Unique and interesting course of events while respecting the historical ending of the Japanese Sengoku era

However, our main char who is from the future, and in favor of Nobuna he prevented some bad events from happening, e.g rescue of Saitou. his move should slightly change the history as we later started seeing some unique events

Most famous characters get female forms in the anime and eventually turn into a pattern when you see a cute enemy, then you know she is gonna turn into our side (or our main char's harem?)

Design ★★★★★

Another thing I love is the illustration and design done by Miyama zero (one of my favorite artists)

Fabulous costumes, character designs and art style

CG ★★★★★

Very nice graphic to set off battle scenes, costumes

as well as keeping the art style with detailed motions

Music ★★★★★

Awesome song and BGMs

OP - "Link" by Aimi

and ED - "Hikari" by Mizuta Makino

Just by looking at the enemies that are still there, there is a lot of room for new season

and I will be glad to see if there is one coming


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