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Dirt Rally PC Game Review

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We have in our previous post talked about the Best Racing Games For PC 2018. Dirt Rally PC Game is one of our favourite and we hope it's the same for you.


Yeah, so we will go into one by one from that list. The first one being Dirt Rally PC Game. Codemasters’ Dirt Rally has surpassed its predecessor, Dirt 3, and is undoubtedly the best PC game Codemasters have created in years. With a much more authentic handling model, Dirt Rally does away with many of the arcady touches that continue to persist in the core series.


Dirt Rally PC Game


That's an awesome feature of the rally game and gamers like us have been waiting to see this for quite a while. Not only that these races happen to be set on dirt(y) tracks with loads and loads of slippery sideways driving, but also you're actually taking part in the kind of endurance racing that rallying is all about. You have to take care of your car through every race stage, which gives an element of strategy and resource management. Now that's not so common in sim-racing.


The Dirt Rally PC Game has been on the stage for awhile now, and has also accrued a dedicated and close knit modding community that regularly put out tweaks and fixes that massively improve the core game, especially for rally aficionados. Everything from gorgeously rendered car skins to the most subtle of weather and lighting changes are available to elevate the core game just that little bit higher.


Although it is not a recent release game, we still love this one of the best ever PC Racing Game and that is why we put up this review. Not only did the Dirt Rally PC Game thrilled us and gave us one of the best racing experiences, it always have a place in our hearts and a game like that is obviously worth reminiscence. With that, we will conclude our today's review of Dirt Rally PC Game.

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